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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi So it was suggested by my dermatologist that i go dairy free since it seems to be linked to my acne. my naturopath suggested casein free. is casein the same thing as dairy? I LOVE cheese and cannot imagine not eating it. i dont drink milk so that wont be a problem. is there any good casein free cheese? any advice would be great! thanks! Jess also is there is a way to "test" for a casein intolerance?
  2. Kosher Gluten Free In Nyc?

    thanks jillian! thats helpful
  3. Hi We are going to NYC in december to take my mom out for her bday but our cousins who are coming are kosher and can only eat at a kkosher restaurant. does anyone know of a kosher restaurant that has gluten free? thanks! Jess
  4. Restaurants Boston

    Hi My birthday is next week and I'm trying to find a place to eat out which i dont normally do b/c im scared of getting sick. teh only place we have been is boynton and elephant walk. has anyone eaten at rialto in cambridge or maggaianos? Maggianos told me they dont have a menu be will serve gluten-free pasta? has anyone had an experience there? I also called fireplace in brookline and they said they would email me a copy of thier gluten-free menu. i'm also a vegetarian so its hard for me to find something to eat. it woudl be great to hear if anyone has eaten at fireplace, rialto or maggianos and what they thought! thanks!! Jess
  5. oh my g-d that is so awful. i agree that you should just call the police every time they are out there drinking, doing drugs or making a lot of noise. what a mess!! i wonder how old they are? if they are underage you could also call childrens services and the family could get help through them. it sounds like the family really needs help...
  6. It's Been A Month...

    i defintley felt way worse when i first went off the diet and i was mad because alot hte books/articles falsely say that you will feel better within a week or month. it took at least 6 months before i started to feel better.....i think its normal to not feel better right away. everyone is different. my dad felt better within a month of starting the diet i shoudl also say that i started to feel better when i made the entire house gluten free- threw out all gluten stuff my husbadn was eating and did not allow it in the house- not for everyone but worked for me. i also started taking a probiotic- culturelle which seemed to help
  7. i eat boiled potatoes, rice, bananas, crackers, glutino pretzels, chicken or veggie broth, boiled eggs, chamomile and ginger tea
  8. Nausea

    I know that when i started on the gluten-free diet i had really bad nausea on and off for months. eventually it got better. i tried zofran but it made me worse. i used reglan and drank ginger tea every morning. my nausea was almost always middle of hte night or first thing in the morning. mabye try drinking ginger tea before bed... i hope you feel better soon! nothing is worse than nausea....
  9. i live in boston and am curious waht the resort is called and where it is- sounds great! can dogs stay there?
  10. hi i had blood work yesterday and when i looked up the results online it says my b12 levels are elevated. normal is 240-900 and mine is 1123. ususally im anemic. what does this mean- im really scared. thanks Jess
  11. thanks for thinking of us. within two days of starting the antibiotic she started walking again and now seems normal. shes just going nuts cause the vet says she cant go runnign and playign with dogs for 2 weeks while her leg heals. she said we didnt need a follow up appt which i thought was weird.
  12. we just came back from the vet b/c our puppy started limping yesterday. i assumed it was from her nail clipping but the vet said she was pos for lyme. she gave us 3 weeks of doxycline. im terrified...does anyone have any experience wtih hthis thanks jess
  13. Acne

    my skin is terrible now, since i went off the pill i did find a great line at whole foods called mychelle that is all natural i also use retin a, benzol peroxide wash....nothing really working right now
  14. Hi I was in toronto this weekend and actually had gluten free pizza delivered to my house!!!!!!!!!!!! i was sooooo excited and it was sooo delicious! here is the website http://www.magicoven.com/home.php i should also say i did not sick and am pretty sensitive. my whole family ate the pizza and loved it..... Jess