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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I am 23 years old and am the only person in my family to have Celiac. I also have been recently diagnosed with Crohn's Disease (a type of colitis). My gastro told me it is a 1 in a million chance to have both diseases. I nearly died from them because they caught the celiac first and thought all my crohn's symptoms were from my celiac. It finally took a long hospital visit, blood test showing no BUN (by product of burning energy) and a 2nd colonoscopy to diagnose my crohn's. I suggest taking your son to see a gastrointerologist (SP?) if you haven't already. Ask the gastro about crohn's disease. Don't feel stupid about asking either. If I had to do it over again I would have asked my doctor about crohn's and would have saved myself a lot of pain for 2 years. Just to give you a little hope. I have now got my crohn's almost under control by medicine and am in my senior year of college. Hope everything is okay. Blessings, May9
  3. I'm going to a Penguins hockey game on the 27th. I know how to get to Mellon Arena by driving but I want to know if I can walk from 5th avenue to Mellon Arena. Like is there any sidewalks all the way to the arena? Thanks for any help, may9
  4. This is a really cheap way for all the guests to get to know each other if they don't already. Just get a roll of toilet paper. Have each person roll of a line of toilet paper but don't tell them what it is for. Now after everyone has their toilet paper you tell them that for each piece of paper they have to tell something to the group about themselves. It's really fun, a good ice breaker and very cheap. We also play a clothespin game. The first thing you do is put a clothespin on everybody who enters the door for the party. Then pick an "it". Like maybe if they cross their legs or say the word "Baby" or the Mother to be's name anything like that. You tell the guests the "it" and anyone who catches someone doing or saying the "it" that person gets the other persons clothespin. At the end of the party whoever has the most clothespins wins. We usually give small prizes like stationary sets or a box of chocolates. We also play the envelope game. Items needed: envelopes, buttons, needles, thread, and scrap fabric big enough to sew a button on Seal a button, needle, piece of thread and fabric into each envelope before the party. The game begins when you say go and everyone has to open their envelope and sew on the button to the fabric. The first one to sew the button on stops the game. The winner is actually the one who has opened their envelope the neatest and cleanest way but of course you don't tell the guests this before the game. This is usually a group decision. Another good game I like is "draw the baby" Everyone closes their eyes and is given a piece of paper and pen. They then have to draw a baby with their eyes closed. The closest one to actually looking like a baby is the winner. You can also get some yarn and have everyone pull off a length that they believe will go around the mother to be's belly. Use an original piece of yarn already measured to the mother to be to check everyone's guess. The closest wins. We also play the ad game. Put ads for baby or female items on a piece of paper. Hand everyone a copy of this paper and they have a certain amount of time (we usually choose 15-20 minutes depending on how many ads you have) to write down the item for each ad. For example, "Because you're worth it." the answer would be Loreal. The one to get the most wins. Oh Boy, I didn't mean to write so much. I guess I've been to a lot of baby showers. I hope this helps. Good luck.
  5. Hello, I'm a Junior in college. Assuming you don't have any other food allergies - you may want to try instant grits (I add butter or jam). Also, I eat alot of fruit, dried fruit and trail mixes (so long as there is no granola). If you have a blender you can make smoothies with ice, frozen fruit, sherbet, lemonade and orange juice. They fill me up fast and I can take them with me. I'm not sure how gluten sensitive you are but I had to stay away from rice krispie treats (and the like) because of MSG (monosodium glutamate). Also look out for "modified food starch", "modifed corn starch" and "malt flavoring or extract". These can be hidden glutens in ingredient lists. Good luck. May 9
  6. I've been Celiac for nearly 2 years now but am just now adjusting to the diet. I became very sick because I didn't follow the wf gluten-free diet. I need a support group. If only just to share my story with someone who understands. I also feel I can help those who are newly diagnosed. If anybody knows any information please share. I also would like any information on starting my own support group. Thanks, May9
  7. Thanks that was quick. I was hoping for something with parmesan cheese. I will definantly try that.
  8. Wanted to know... is gluten-free buckwheat okay for a celiac? I was given some hot cereal mix made from gluten-free buckwheat and wanted to know if it was okay? Does anybody have any ideas? Thanks.
  9. I have a craving for zuicchini or some kind of squash vegetable. I need a recipe for it and it must be wheat-free gluten-free. I would love for it to be some sort of casserole. Anybody have any good ideas? Thanks.
  10. I know what you mean about giving up on eating out at least at fast food places. Whenever I must eat out because of time constraints or a sudden need for quick carbs I always go for the salads with grilled chicken. I have never been glutened by Arby's or Wendy's salads. I only get the grilled chicken salads with lite italian dressing. Arby's is my favorite because they put fruit in their salads. I also get Wendy's mandarine orange or fruit cup with yogurt but of course without the granola. When I must go to McDonald's I get their fruit parfait without granola. All of which have never glutened me and still satisfy my hunger when busy or on the road. But we all must be careful and have different tolerant levels. I am extremely sensitive to any wheat-gluten and must be careful about CC. I don't get diarhhea but have severe crippling stomach pain and constipation for at 3-4 days depending on the amount of wheat I ingested. I hope your feeling better. Does anybody know of a good way to lessen effects of being "glutened" when I accidently get something I shouldn't?
  11. Try "Pamela's Products Ultimate Baking and Pancake Mix". I have found it in most speciality food stores. It is good for a flour substitute to roll meat in and fry. It says to add 1/2 cup of fine corn meal to 3/4 cup of the mixture to bread other foods but I haven't tried that yet. It is wheat-free and gluten-free. It has recipes for cookies, pancakes and bread right on the bag using oil, eggs and the mix among other things. All of which are delicious and don't taste wheat free at all to me. They do have a small nutty flavor though. The ingredients are brown rice flour, white rice flour, cultured buttermilk, natural almond meal, tapioca starch, sweet rice flour, potato starch, grainless and aluminum free baking powder (sodium bicarbonate, sodium acid pyrophosphate, potato starch), baking soda, sea salt and xanthan gum. (I have tried my best to ensure these are complete and accurate.) The bag says the product is produced in a facility that produces products with tree nuts, soy and dairy. Here is the contact information - Pamela's Products Inc. Phone (707) 462-6605, Email info@pamelasproducts.com. This product is great and I would swear by it for all wheat-free gluten-free diets. I have had no reaction to it and am pleased with their help. They also donate to celiac sprue research as well as Autism.
  12. I have been on the celiac diet for almost 2 years now with the small intestines just now showing small signs of healing. I have been diagnosed with chrone's disease for only a few weeks and was wondering if anybody else has noticed the connection between the two diseases? My surgeon said it is extremely rare for one person to have both problems. If anyone has dealt with this before could you tell me if there are any foods I should stay away from. My gastrointeralologist says there really isn't and so does my dietician. Just trying to get all the information I can as soon as possible. I know that was my HUGE mistake when I was first diagnosed with celiac. I didn't even try to get information and thought I could go wheat free gluten free on my own. BIG MISTAKE!! Caused a lot of serious damage. Thanks for any help. I so enjoy reading this site but very rarely do I post here. Reading and just knowing that other people have the same problems I do helps me sooo much just to get through those really bad days when I crave a Dominoes pizza or a peice of KFC chicken. Thanks again.
  13. As a celiac I've been substituting my diet with some Thai food because they heavily use eggs and rice noodles in their main dishes. Miko is a company that distributes Thai dressings and marinades. Unfortunately, I've found out that most of their dressings and marinades are made with Kikkoman's low sodium soy sauce and Kikkoman's uses wheat as a base for their main soy sauces. So WARNING to all celiacs... Do not use Miko Thai dressings and marinades. I believe that Wochester (sp?) sauce is still okay for celiacs. Does anybody know any differently?
  14. Thanks everybody for the advice. I believe I will call the company's.
  15. I was just wondering if maltodextrin is wheat free and gluten-free? Thanks for the advice.