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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I did a half ironman last year. On the bike I brought along boiled potatoes w/a little salt on them. I cut them up into smaller pieces and put the in a zip lock and they worked out fine. Pre runs and stuff I do the pancake w/peanut butter OR gluten-free frozen waffles with peanut butter. I also tend to do Snickers minis if it's not too hot outside.
  3. How did you make the buckwheat? I tried the millet in the rice cooker last night. Seemed to work. I read online you can do the same w/the buckwheat . . .
  4. My hubby and I wanted to win a basket SO bad too!! People in front of us and behind us both won them. We decided next year we have a new strategy in buying out tickets!! Melissa Dennis wasn't it? Maybe it was Melinda, either way, you are right. She was fabulous. I went out and bought two new grains over the weekend because I am one those celiacs who immediately went to the "potato, corn and rice" diet and gained way too much weight.
  5. I was there! It was really great. I learned so much and wish I had known about this conference when I was first diagnosed. My DH went too just so I wouldn't have to go alone and he actually learned a lot AND really liked the gluten free beer (so did I). We also ate our body weight in snacks and treats. I felt so ill when I left from all the "free" samples!! Free samples = no calories right?? Either way, great conference and my aunt wants to attend with me next year. Dr. Greene was great, quite the speaker. He makes it entertaining AND interesting. Danna Korn was great too. I have to say though, it is easier listening to a doctor/nutritionist who actually lives with Celiac then it is to just listen to a regular doctor. Dr. Greene doesn't have celiac but there was another female doctor who spoke that lives with celiac (Gayle Phyle I think) and she was great too!
  6. Thank you both (emcmaster and Nancym). I think I am going to really give a full effort. My DH might think I am nuts since I *want* to restrict even more from my diet but I think it might help. I will try cooking the veggies really really well. That does seem to make some what a difference because I notice when I eat cooked broccoli vs raw broccoli . . . I get less gassy. Still gassy, but a lot less. I like the idea of adding eggs in first for protein. I am a runner and I know I will need some carbs/protein at some point but figuring out what really bothers me first is important. So I will try fruits for breakfast (I read apples and citrus are out right?). Veggies for lunch and veggies and perhaps yams/sweet potato for dinner? I read that sweet potatos were allowed . . . just not white potatos. Still will be hard to go w/o my morning tea though. :-) I take it that BEANO is also out huh? I tend to use that when I eat veggies. One thing I have noticed, and maybe this is just me, but have you seen those HANNS bags called Broccoli Salad where it's basically shredded broccoli, carrots and red cabbage? I love those but for some reason, my digestive system really doesn't handle it well and I think it is because it is shredded. Does that sound weird? I mean it goes "in" and "out" exactly the same . . . sorry for TMI. I don't post on here much, more of a lurker, but I am really trying to stick to this diet because my DH and I are considering kids in the near future and I want to be healthy for the process. Thanks again for the tips.
  7. I really want to do the elmination diet but I crave stuff like rice and corn tortillas. I probably eat rice cakes almost every day! I tend to have a lot of difficulty with roughage type stuff (veggies like carrots, spinach, heck all veggies really) and I am a VEGETARIAN (who consumes some tuna). I feel like the rice and corn tortillas "settle" my often upset stomach. So I have some questions re: the elmination diet. 1. What on earth would I eat (remember I am a vegetarian)? 2. How do you stick to it!? Any ideas/suggestions would be great. I am so tired of being bloated and having an upset stomach all the time. The only time I feel "good" is right when I wake up in the morning w/nothing in my stomach.
  8. Thanks. I appreciate your concern and advice. I have started the iron pill again. I do train w/a heart rate monitor so I can keep track of my heart rate while training and I never push it too hard.
  9. Thank you so much for the reponses! I really appreciate it and Bully4You, you didn't ramble. That is the kind of thing I am looking to ask and inquire about. Never thought about Yeast . . . will have to google that I guess and find out what it is in etc. I do eat primarily veggies and such but they tend to be the worst on my stomach. It's hard since I don't eat me. I do eat a lot of rice (white basmati or jasmine - brown is too harsh). I am trying to cut out sugar but I am addicted to candy sometimes . . . lots of small things I know I could do in my diet it is just really hard sticking with stuff since I feel so limited already. I don't feel weak from the lack of iron at all and I get my period so it is just odd that my #s are so low w/o any side affects. No bruising either. Might try the yeast removal after my 1/2 ironman if you think I'll feel weak . . . Thanks everyone!
  10. First a little background: I have been diagnosed with Celiac since 2004 (I think). Have been on and off the diet for various reasons and I have been trying to stick with it since February w/a few minor slip ups. I don't get immediate symptoms just malabsorption, bloating and other stomach discomforts. Even on the diet I have terrible bloating and stomach issues. I am 29 and have never in my life time had a solid BM (sorry if TMI). I am also very active, always have been. I am currently training for a 1/2 Ironman so fatigue was never an issue. I used to be very low in weight but not horrible (5'7" and 120) and since starting the diet (numerous times) I am now 140 (a lot of it being muscle from training). I had a terrible doctor to begin with and later changed insurances & doctors. First doc diagnosed me which was great but wasn't into maintenance and I am stubborn and didn't stick with the diet etc. My new doc is constantly on my case, emailing and calling etc. Which I guess is good. On to my question . . . Recently, I went for blood work. I have severe iron deficiency. I have had a colonoscopy which was how I was diagnosed (very flat villi) and my new doc wants me to do an Endoscopy soon like next week. I am okay with that (though very nervous). My concerns are that even while on the diet, I still suffer even though I know I am being 100% gluten free. I am a vegetarian and vegetables kill me. All foods cause terrible bloating etc. I have lurked and see you guys mentioning Enterolab and other tests. Is there anything I should ask my doctor to do when I see him tomorrow in addition to him ordering my endoscopy? He is also forcing me to take iron pills. He wants it 3 times a day. I am doing 1 a day right now. Thanks for any input.
  11. Introduction

    Wow, Robb, thank you very much for that ".02 reply." I really appreciate it. To answer some of your questions, I am not vegan for political or religious reasons. Mainly because 1. I am allergic to dairy (that was discovered when I was about 5 years old) and 2. I just never really "liked" the taste of meat and so at 16, decided to stop eating it. However, when I first went gluten free a few years back (I have been on and off this diet so many times, trying now for good). I happened to be in Maui at one crucial point in the diet when there was nothing for me to eat, but they had fresh Ahi Tuna Steaks. My hubby and I never liked sea food but both agreed to give it a try. Not bad. So I guess my "vegan" label should no longer apply, just so used to saying it so that restaurants don't mess up & give me cheese or beef. I can safely say, that now I indulge in a little fish (maybe once every other month) and usually Ahi. It makes eating out easier but I cannot do it in large amounts, I think my system isn't quite used to having that type of protein. I agree with your comments about the sugar. I have just started reading a Sugar Addict's Road to Recovery and she recommends a little protein at every meal, especially breakfast. Also, no snacks and lots of water. So, I am giving that a shot. I am trying eat Ahi more frequently and I have started eating eggs (or rather egg whites and egg beaters) more as well. Laying off the carby foods unless I have a big training session or a race. My one road block is I am around the sugar a lot (i.e. at work) so I am doing my best to not be around it as much (such as taking a route not past the "candy desk"). It isn't donuts or anything it's pure candy and not even chocolate. I also think my brain to stomach indicator is um, broken. I need to learn to eat slowly. I am guilty of eating too quickly and often standing up. I really appreciate all your advice and tips. My training has been going okay but for the amount that I do, I would think that I'd be losing a pound if not two. I am not worrying too much about it. Training time is not the time to try and lose weight. But I have been slightly dehydrated lately no matter how much water I consume. I will try the higher protein/fat diet a little more. Too much fat doesn't sit well with my already sensitive stomach nor does too much protein. Baby steps. Have a great weekend! It's been beautiful in Northern CA the past few days!
  12. Thanks! I'd appreciate it. I am always willing to try new recipes and I love falafels. I am sensitive to fat. It never really settles well with me.
  13. No, I have never heard of them. Really? Are they available in any store or just on line? I might have to go google them right now! Thanks! I just checked on line. They are more than 15 grams of fat for 1 burger. I am a little sensitive to fats and I been trying to lose the weight I have gained since going gluten free. Not exactly a good choice. Thanks though, perhaps some day I will get them.
  14. Introduction

    Welcome Robb! I am also in Northern California. Since going gluten free I have gained quite a bit of weight. Weight that wasnot totally necessary. A few lbs were fine but now I am pushing more than 15. I am a runner who has transitioned in triathlons the past year or so. I am doing my first 1/2 Ironman in Aug. I want to do better in all portions of the tri but I find these extra 15 lbs or so are weighing me down. I know I have developed some muscle but I know I have some "non-muscle" to lose and the more I train, the hungrier I get. Any suggestions? I have stopped eating the gluten free foods (except for a slice of bread occasionally). I normally do corn tortillas. My one addiction is sugar though. I can't stay away. I know I must be missing something in my diet to cause these unbelievable cravings. I have recently tried adding more protein (I am a vegan too) to each meal. Is there anything that will help my metabolism. I really feel like it is gone. I am 29 and a female by the way. Thanks!
  15. I have tried. Countless times to make veggie burgers and they just crumble and fall apart. Even tried it with Gluten free TVP etc. I found one more recipe today using kidney beans but I am afraid to try it. My hubby got so mad when my last veggie burger attempt crumble all over the grill and made a terrible mess. I can't do dairy either so I lack the binding agent I think.