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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. My daughter is consistently complaining of pain in her ankle bone. Could this be gluten or even nutrition related? Her diet does not include any grain, soy, dairy or egg so I am concerned about what she might be missing. She is taking a calcium supplement but no vitamins. Have any of you had the same experience and if so what did you do for it?
  2. Wow. It's been a long time since I have been here. You all helped so much when I was battling my daughters father in court when he tried to say she had a failure to thrive. Things went well. I am recently remarried and living in Arlington Texas with my little girl. We have been here for over three years now and I have never found a doctor for her. With the gluten free diet she has been healthy except for the times when, as a kid will, she got glutened. She has become sensitive to more foods though. Originally the "free" diet was gluten, soy, egg and rice. Now she can not have rice or corn either. She looks anemic and is often complaining of a tummy ache. I have been thinking of taking her back to the doctor in Oklahoma that we finally found who understands food sensitivities but They are no longer taking self pay patients. I need to find a doctor, preferably near here, that understands about food sensitivities. Does anyone know of such a creature? One problem I am running into with doctors as well is the fact that she has never and never will be immunized. Today I took her to a dentist. She has some cavaties and I want them taken care of. When I left his office I felt like crying. Felt as though I had been verbal beaten up. His idiotic "30 years of experience" put him into the catagory of someone who thinks he knows everything and that I, who have battled this thing for 6 years side by side with my daughter am certified in knowing nothing. I wouldn't use him now if he were the last dentist on earth but I am still stuck with not knowing where to turn. We seem to have fallen into an every widening crack because we don't have insurance and because I have enough knowledge to seem "dangerous" to the average doctor. I can't spend a fortune doctor hopping until I find a good fit. I really hope someone can shed some light on us.......down here....... in this crevice..........anybody?!
  3. Does anyone know if tinkerbell body glitter is gluten free? DD won it playing pin the tail on the donkey at a birthday party. That was not the afore mentioned success though. The success was how at 3 yrs old she understood why she couldn't have ice cream and cake and she gladly shared her skittles with the other kids at the party. I think she gets it that gluten makes her sick. she just deals with it and keeps playing. That was last week. Tonight we went to a Christmas party for my work. They ate pizza and cookies. We ate before we came and I brought some jelly beans for her for when everyone was done eating. She was intently watching them eat the pizza, I mean watching like they were specimens under a microscope. She had never seen pizza before. I told her we could make gluten free pizza at home if she wanted. She kind of squealed. A man handed her a piece of chocolate and instead of popping it into her mouth she came to me and held it up for inspection. I shook my head no and whispered that it might have gluten ( I didn't even mention the dairy). She said, "No?" and took it back. she came back to me and asked for her jelly beans. I know it won't be this easy all the time but I am very proud of where she is with it right now.
  4. Update

    Thanks everyone for the welcome back and encouragement. It is good to be back here and focusing on what is important to keep the little one healthy and happy.
  5. Columbus Ohio

    Is there anyone with celiac or gluten sensitive in or near Columbus? My stepson is going gluten free and says he has not found anyone there yet who has heard of either one.
  6. Help Me Help My Child!

    Often when a product says it is non-dairy it has casien in it. In the ingredients it might say casienate (I think that is the right spelling). Also, something that I have found helpful with my daughter. We take Wet Ones wipes everywhere we go. Don't get the alcohol free. We constantly wash our hands with them when we get back in our car or before we eat. Gluten is alcohol soluble. I didn't know if it was making a difference or not but we kept doing it. A few weeks ago my daughter and I both had symptoms of being glutened but I wasn't doing anything different. After about a week my other daughter got in the car with us. She noticed that the wipes were alcohol free! After quickly correcting that blunder and continuing with our regular routine the symptoms started going away. Maybe if your daughter took some to school ( they come in packets as well as the cylinder container) it would be easier for her to be on top of it. Not saying she isn't, just a suggestion, just in case. good luck, I will be looking for updates on how she is doing.
  7. I hear people complain all the time about things that can be symptoms of gluten sensitivity. I tell them. I had just about decided to stop telling my mom who hears it every time she complains about health issues she is having. The last time she started she interupted herself and said I really need to try your gluten free diet. She knew I was going to say it! I wonder if people who are hanging so desperately onto their bread could be addicted to gluten. It sets off chemical reactions in the brain right. So it is like telling an alcoholic to stop drinking. It isn't until they hit bottom that they take it seriously. But with gluten most people don't know what it is doing to them. Soooo, the more we say it the more people will be able to refer to is someday in their future. Just a thought.
  8. Cooking For Others

    Only if you ingest gluten. It is easy to contaminate your kitchen with gluten. If you are using flour and it gets in the air and settles on kitchen surfaces it is likely that you will contaminate your food with it. Contamination is on a microscopic level. Other's here are successful at having a kitchen that is not gluten free and I'm sure they will have some goog tips. Personally, in my house we are all gluten sensitive so I just don't allow it in the house.
  9. I haven't been here for a while. Bogged down in forensic physchologist, lawyer, 3 year old and work. I had no time to do anything extra but breath. Yes that was an extra. Good news, though. Some of you may remember my soon to be ex-husband was trying to accuse me of neglect because my now 3 year old was not growing. I found a doctor with celiac disease in Ok. City. He diagnosed her with gluten/casien sensitivity. He sent her to an endocrinologist who diagnosed her with intro-uterine growth retardation (probably due to a small or unhealthy placenta). She will always be around the 5th percentile. Gluten/casien prevents her from gaining weight. She has been gluten free and is gaining slowly but surely. With his testimony and with the forensic physchologist testifying that my husband is unsafe around children things are looking much better. We do not know if he will get a few hours a week supervised visitation from now on or if he will lose parental rights all together. Either way the stress level at my house has gone down to a somewhat normal level. Things are looking up. I look forward to being here on the forum again. Thanks everyone for being here.
  10. My nearly three year old daughter is gluten and casien sensitive. We have known since she was about 18 months. the word gluten is something she hears everyday (well, nearly) and she understands that gluten will hurt her. She knows the difference between baby wipes and alcohol wipes and that an alcohol wipe is what we use when we are out to make sure her hands have not picked up gluten or to clean a surface with to make sure it is free of gluten. If she sees something or is offered something by someone who doesn't yet get it and I tell her it has gluten she knows she can't have it and why. She is very accepting of that, so far. Another thing you might want to consider if you have pets is putting them on gluten free foods. We changed our dog and cat food because it was so difficult to keep them from getting an occasional lick in or to keep her from picking up a piece of food or their dish. Accidents will happen. Plan on it. A few days ago we were visiting a friend. I was in the other room and Aimee was with my friends young teenage daughter. I came to check on her and she was sitting on the floor feeding their little dog bites of dog food! You just roll with it and try to be prepared. I explained to the young girl that the dog food had gluten in it so Aimee couldn't touch it and explained to Aimee that our dog food was gluten free but theirs had gluten in it so she couldn't touch it. We had alcohol wipes on hand for just such an emergency so I washed her up in the bathroom with soap and followed up with the alcohol wipe in case we missed any gluten or in case their soap had gluten. Crazy, ain't it?
  11. Spices And Flavorings

    I think this may be the single most helpful bunch of lists I have seen so far. Thanks! you are taking a lot of wonderfatigue out of shopping.
  12. Driving Me Crazy

    Thanks, I do have Al-anon and they do teach coping skills. I think I have to much going on for to long and getting glutened clinched the inability to even want to cope. It helped a little to rant and then my three year old and I had a few laughs together and that helped. I was eventually able to get a few hours of work done as well. I moved the puppys carrier to a back room so I could hear when she needs out but it is not as if she was sitting on my shoulder barking. Ear plugs huh? I remember once in a meeting of many talking women we were brainstorming about something creative we wanted to do. I had to stick my fingers in my ears and close my eyes in order to stay in the room AND think at the same time. I came up with a great idea that we used but later I found out that some of them thought this was my way of trying to control them. I don't really see how shutting down to much sensory input would control someone else but I guess they had a different perspective than I did. You know..........hmm. If I got earplugs I would still be able to hear but things would be more muted. And less controlling looking. I'm going to try that.
  13. Driving Me Crazy

    I know I have been glutened recently, not sure where or how. I am having all sorts of problems the most disturbing of which is sensitivty to sound. Any one sound seems to scrape my brain. Combinations of sounds are eating my lunch. Dog barking, train going by, my three year old's three wheeler going by on the dining room floor. People talking, everything is very frustrating. I have a lot of demands on me, a lot of stress that has lasted a few years and will last a while longer. It is all piling up. I have thought about seeing someone about depression but their solutions are not for me and as far as counseling goes I have learned through experience that psychologist exist for one purpose, to stick their self diagnosed superiority into my pocket and happily snatch away the food off of my table and extend my bill payments past their due dates, as if I were a peon to be stepped on. Ooohh Doc, you forgot to break my nose while you were climbing up my face. Screw them! I know that much of what I'm feeling is gluten related. I know this because I am bloated and haven't had pop for a while. I feel almost to pathetic to care about gluten. The thought of getting glutened while I am trying so hard not to is, I guess very discouraging. I have to work. I can't! I have to cry. I can't! Soon to be ex who is celiac has been found to be a sociopath. He lives to control in every possible mind tweeking way possible. The judge thinks that in spite of that he is JUST a bad father. Never mind Judge that he has gone to prison for physically abusing his other children and oh yeah it turns out now he is an unregistered sex offender against children. Why can't they just make him leave us alone?! But no, the Judge keeps saying that he will eventually have unsupervised visitation with our daughter. Forget him! Why can't the judge just leave us alone? Anyone? Got anything?
  14. Thanks Ursa and Nicole, Fortunately? Mom has been around for over a year now watching my little one and I go gluten free and casien free. She asks a lot of questions, many of them over and over. She has been supportive of us and seen the difference the diet makes. It will be a lot different for her to actually follow even a casien free diet. She likes her food. I told her there are alternatives, Ice cream replacement and such. I will keep encouraging her to do it. She is concerned enough about him that I think she will at least give it a try to see if it makes a difference. Gloria
  15. My nephew is 8 years old. For as long as my mom can remember he has had large, painful stools. Recently she was talking to me about it because she is concerned for him. She said she thought he was holding it in because it is to painful to have a b.m. and then when he could hold it no longer he would squeeze his cheeks (sorry it is a gruesome but necessary topic) together while going. Trying to control the pain. He makes a mess and he gets fussed at for it. Not by her. Mom thought that maybe he was doing it to try to get attention (which he needs). She cited two other family members that did that when they were young. She said they started doing it after a particular family crisis. Different families, diffirent crisis. I pointed out to her that my nephew hadn't started doing this after some crisis but that it had always been a problem and that it became a more pronounced problem after potty training at about age 4. She said she didn't think it was gluten because his stool isn't like my daughters when she has been glutened. I reminded her that different people have different symptoms and for some it is constipation. She has been encouraging him to try to go once every day. I reminded her that he can hurt himself straining. Whether it is gluten or not doesn't this sound like a food sensitivity? Especially since he has food sensitive relatives? My brother has taken him to doctors twice and they were completely unhelpful. I told her I would ask on here what you all thought. She has him for the summer and she is willing to put him on a gluten free diet to see what happens. I do not have much confidence that she will especially since she has two other grandsons with her for the summer and all three of them would consider such a die-it cruel and unusual punishment. What do you guys think. Gloria