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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. You may want to research mast cell entercolitis. This is what I have and it includes gluten intolerance and problems with tomatoe, vinegar, fermented food, chocolate, coffee, aged foods. I guess it is genetically related to celiac. I am on antihistamines which helps alot.
  2. BMAC, I am very interested in what your Dr. has to say. Mine says it something that can come and go. But personally, I had to obstain from the certain foods for awhile for my symptoms to subside, then slowly try a little after everything has calmed down. Also, if my stomach has been real good, I have been known to be able to eat one of the bad foods. The zantac helped alot too. You can send a direct message to me by clicking on my name. I get this in my inbox right way, otherwise I have to check this posting. Good luck and keep me posted.
  3. Hi, It is good to hear from someone else with this diagnosis. I too had a negative celiac test and assume I have the gene because my cousin has Celiac, but did not test for it. I get the reverse (constipation) and pain, bloating, and even a rash. I took the allergy test and it was pretty much a waste time/money. Nothing showed up, and will only show up it you are severely allergic. It at least put my mind to rest, but I hoped to find something. I am on zantac, zyrtec, and nexium and this is going well. I also take psyllium at night. You really need to stop the coffee and chocolate-there is a chemical that is in these that triggers mast cells-especially coffee. It helped for me. Gluten free helped considerably, but still had symptoms- vinegars, tomato, aged cheeses, red wine really made a difference too. I tryed a little chocolate at times on a full stomach and that seems okay once in awhile, but not on an empty stomach. What foods did the Dr. tell you cause the flare up? Do you live in CO? I did not get put on Gastrocrom. I am interested to see how you progress.
  4. I had an old biopsy by another dr. pulled and the mast cell still did not show up. My Dr said the cells come and go and if he would have taken the biopsy they put your hand in cold water to stress the body and make the cells show up during the procedure. So, despite my negative test results, he is treating me based on symptoms. Just something to consider.
  5. Yes, the zyrtec and zantac helped alot too for me in addition to the nexium I was already taking. I have the celiac gene in my family and asthma. The allergist said that having asmtha or hayfever in family can also lead to other food allergies because I still have problems beyond the wheat.
  6. My Dr is treating me for this disease. It is commonly found with people with the celiac gene and gluten intolerance. I tested negative for celiac but still was having worsening syptoms. I am seeing an allergist now to determine other allergens, but common ones that are triggers are fermented foods, citric, coffee, chocolate, wheat. Does anyone else have this? This is a great website that describes the details: http://www.thefooddoc.com/
  7. This is all great information. I am gluten intolerant and have IC and have also experience the extreme bloating that feels like I am pregnant. I try to figure out if it is my colon or bladder. My GI Dr. put me on levbid for my colon, but it does help somewhat with the bladder. It doesn't seem to help with high acidic foods though. I have the same pulling pain. Can you tell me what the bubble gut is? I have seen this a number of times in the post and I think I have it, but is it related to the colon or bladder? Is it a sign of current leaky gut or is it just inflammation? I noticed this in your signature.
  8. What about for italian dishes when you dredge the chicken such as chicken picatta, limon, and marsala?
  9. I think rice flour works nicely for a roux or making a cream sauce. I have not found a great mix for dredging chicken and sauting (such as lemon chicken). I do not like the Bob Mills all purpose for this. It seems to have a mushy texture. Any suggestions?
  10. Hi, I went to the celiac lecture at Rush Hospital in Chicago this week and they said Carmel color made in the US is usuallly okay, but made outside the US can have gluten in it (example: vanilla). The same case is for citric acid.
  11. Cascade yogurt is delicious. I get it at Whole Foods and Jewel. It says gluten free on the label. It does have pectin.
  12. Does the pectin contain gluten? or is this where it is uncertain? Has anyone tried the plain greek yogurt? It is low in sugar as well.
  13. What is bubble gut and is the cause leaky gut or the gluten?
  14. Can anyone recommend a good Derm or GI DR familiar with Celiacs in Chicago?