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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. missyflanders, After 6months being gluten free I had numb legs and tingly feeling, it eventually spread to my arms, hands and fingers (right side only). Then I began having trouble walking, to the point where I had to use a cane, and I would trip over my own feet . Then began the shaking and the stuttering. I was stubborn, tired of tests that ended with no definate answer, or an accusing stare(32 years of celiac and being told i was anorexic and/or had IBS and told to take a lot of fibercon... ) and therefore waited too long before I went to the doctor. They've done so many tests I can't count them on both hands anymore, yet nothing obvious showed up. This last test was a lumbar puncture (spinal tap). I often wondered if all of this was related to celiac, I've seen some reports of nerves being damaged similar to the demyelation in multiple sclerosis. Right now, in my case, they have ruled out many things, but not multiple sclerosis. It sounds like it may be normal to have the tingling and numbness for celiacs, but if it gets worse as mine did, I definately suggest to look into it. With luck I will know something soon, and if so, I'll definately update, perhaps it will be of help. My issue may not be related to celiac or yours, but then it may be, its good to look at it from all angles. My biggest fear is the big "I don't know" which many celiacs are all too familiar with. Good Luck to you, and don't hesitate to go see your doctor if the symptoms get worse. micky *edit* I just read your other post "is this normal" and am sad to hear that they don't have any answers yet *
  2. It seems like it might be different for everyone from reading all the posts. You say that food goes right through you all the time? I'd say to get tested if you can. Food went through me all my life, then it started to be where within 5minutes of eating everything would be evacuated from my body in a most unpleasant and painful manner. The extreme weightloss and malabsorption seemd to be the ONLY reason they decided to start really trying to find out what was wrong. I was down to 75lb's and they just couldn't ignore it anymore. I've been Gluten free for about 8months now and I stay a 80lbs and can't seem to gain anymore. It may depend on how damaged your intestines are (?), I know that mine were extremely damaged from 32 years of stumped doctors. Perhaps when they heal enough you will begin to gain weight. I'd like to be have some weight gain in the near future also Good Luck micky
  3. Asp

    Hello, Yes I do have sleep paralysis also. I am 32 years old now, and have had this all my life, as a matter of fact, my earliest memories are of this occurring. I was only recently diagnosed with celiac, but have had serious symptons my entire life. I have read about sleep paralysis and how many people "feel a presence" or have nightmare like visions when it happens. I can't say that I have that really though, I'm always at least somewhat aware of whats happening mentally. I am aware that I can not move. The nightmare like quality comes with that realization and me trying to move, to breath harder, to shout help, anything. I hadn't really thought of it being related to celiac, but with the more research I do, it seems there are so many things that can be related. So this could be part of it, or perhaps a symptom of something else, that also arose due to the effects on the body from celiac. The only doctor I approached with my concerns about sleep paralysis had to look it up in a book, and then told me there was nothing able to be done about it. That was that. I wish I could give some suggestions to help, but I have yet to find anything that will relieve the anxiety and panicing when that happens. I will say that I have had less episodes lately, whether this is just dry spell or is related to a gluten free diet, I do not know. Hope all is well micky
  4. How Can I Gain Weight?

    Hi there, I noticed no one answered your question yet, for some reason this doesn't seem to be as much as a problem for people than wanting to lose weight. I am in the same boat as you and struggling desperately to gain weight. I myself weigh 78 pounds now and losing almost 1 pound a day I can't do anything for lack of energy and being light headed. People have suggested to me to eat spoonfulls of peanut butter a day, so far it hasn't worked. I can't gain weight no matter what I eat it seems. I will be calling my doctor on monday to let him now that I am still losing, I'll post what he suggests, though I'm considering going to another doctor after reading the information on these boards. In the meantime hang in there, you aren't alone in your troubles. --micky--