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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi, thanks a bunch for the recipe, I really appreciate it, especially after hearing you're sick! Hopefully you feel better, soon! The link works great, I'll need to stop by my HFS tomorrow to get ingredients. Using lettuce is a great idea, Iceberg lettuce has these large, soft leaves on the otside that I'm sure will work great .
  2. Thank you everyone for your suggestions! Unfortunately I can't eat nuts safely (I do sometimes, but then I pay for it later). A few people suggested corn tortillas - that's really a bummer because believe it or not, the "corn" tortillas they sell here (Czech Republic) are actually a mix of wheat/corn flours! So annoying! I'm visiting my relatives for Thanksgiving in November, and I'm seriously considering just purchasing a couple packages of corn tortillas in the US and bringing them back and freezing them. Wolicky - ditto on soy yogurt, I also find it nasty. I've tried several brands but it's just nasty. I don't think dairy yogurt bothers me that much (just trying to stay away from ice cream, etc.) so I think I'll stick with it for now. Coconut milk yogurt sounds delicious, unfortunately I can't find it where I live. I also love cherry tomatoes, adding them to the shopping list right now . Shess0816 - thanks for the popcorn idea! I'm always looking for safe ways to add fiber to my diet and popcorn sounds great! missy'smom - I love tuna, my grocery store actually sells little, single-serve packs ! K-Dawg, thanks a lot for such a detailed response as well as the snacks idea! I cannot do all of the suggestions (no raw veggies or too many nuts, alto ugh a few are ok with my cereal, etc.). I would love to have your granola bar recipe, could you please post it (so that others can benefit from it, too)? I've tried digestive enzymes before but didn't see any results. Also thanks for the book suggestion, I'll look for it when I'm in the US in November. I've stayed away from rice/rice products for a couple days now (even passed on the opportunity to have sushi last night which is a huge sacrifice for me ) but I'm still bloated, and constipated...just don't get it. Oh well.
  3. First I want to thank everyone who read my last "complaining" post, I also got a lot of helpful feedback and dietary advice. I also did some more thinking and reviewing of my diet, as well as more research. I felt so much worse once I started the gluten-free diet, more bloating, pain, constipation....it just didn't make sense since I expected to feel better. I'm thinking that rice might be the culprit. That's too bad since I was going to make rice one of my staples. Oh well but I do want to try and go without rice products for a couple days to see if it helps. Are there many of you who can't do rice for the very same reasons? I would love to hear your experience! My next question is, what do those of you who avoid rice eat? Warm meals would be easy, I could use potatoes, quinoa, buckwheat for side dishes.... but I lot of times I need something I can grab in the office, and rice cakes are perfect for that. I found these really good tomato/basil flavored ones that I snack on frequently. Even plain ones are easy to keep around, they don't go bad every couple days and don't need to be toasted....they just make perfect office food. They also travel well. Can anyone please suggest snack that are easily available, and keep well? I can't tolerate raw vegetables and can't eat too much fruit, otherwise I get very bloated and get cramps. I also want to go easy on dairy, like a little bit is OK but can't overdo it...thanks a lot in advance!
  4. ravenwoodglass - yes, I've been to an allergist before but it's exactly as you said - all about histamine reaction, which I think was a good place to start but didn't solve my problem. I'm seeing my GI doc next week to discuss why I'm feeling this bad, so maybe she'll be able to help me with the diet. I may look for a new allergist in the future; however, the truth is, I've been going to doctors a lot lately (gastro and denstist) and we were looking for a new home so I was always taking time off/working around the clock. My boss is extremely understanding so I don't want to abuse the flexibility, plus we're really busy right now. So maybe I'll wait once things settle down a bit after the New Year. I wish more professionals knew how to work with people's diets, I often feel like I'm more knowledgeable just from self-studying. I guess that's what dietetians are for .
  5. Hmm, that's really interesting about pre-soaking, I knew it about legumes but not about other grains. I will definitely have to give it a try. I guess that rules out eating out, huh? I try to eat as healthy/preservative free as possible, but I do eat out for lunch about 3x per week. I try to order as simple meals as possible (aka chicken breast with a plain baked potato, etc.) but I don't think they pre-soak the grains . I've switched to a lot more rice and rice products and have been feeling worse - maybe soaking is the anwer. Will experiment this weekend .
  6. Thanks, guys! Yes, something's bothering me, it's just so hard to find out what it is! I'll try going back to the limited diet, I'm just not sure how well that will last since I also remember being very hungry back then. Oh well, I just wish it was easier! As for stress - actually, it's weird but I feel better GI-wise when stressed because I get the D and get all cleaned out (I'm usually on the C side). Weird, I know...
  7. Soy - yes, dairy - mostly, like I'd have a bit here and there, and only fermented stuff such as yogurt or cheese, not ice cream. I'd been on a dairy-free diet about 2 years ago but no result. When I first went gluten-free about 3 years ago I felt better at the beginning but worse towards the end. The whole episode lasted about 4 monts. I felt better initially when my diet was very limited, but later, as I added more foods (and ate more) my symptoms came back. What I added was all home-made, no preservatives, etc. - I was careful about that. After about 4 monts I was back to square 1 so I quit gluten-free. This time I was gluten-light before the challenge, and on the challenge I actually felt less bad than I expected, except for the acne - that definitely got worse.
  8. I couln't wait to join those posters who were diagnosed by a biopsy and were able to start a new, gluten-free chapter of their lives, knowing the difinite underlying cause of their sickness! I just got my results back - blood test negative (but low IgA so it could be a false negative, too) and negative biopsy. No visible signs of damage, either. I wouldn't have a problem sticking to the gluten-free diet if I saw positive results, but I haven't. Ever since I started the diet exactly 2 weeks ago I've been feeling worse in my abdomen area. Cramps, pain, and bloating, much more than when I had been on the gluten challenge for the 7wks prior to the endoscopy. The only positive thing is that my acne got better (it's only been better for the past 5 days or so). But other than that it's really hard for me to stick to a gluten-free diet if I actually feel worse . I have stayed away from legumes or legume-based flours, my flour mix consists of rice, buckwheat, and some corn. It seems that I feel better if I only eat a little bit but that leaves me constantly hungry. It's just very depressing, I wanted to know for sure something was causing me problems so I could cut it out and be well. This way I'm back to the old "it's IBS" thing. I wanted a diagnosis so bad...I gave the gluten-free diet a proper shot (no cheating of cross-contamination, I've tried gluten-free before so I know how-to), I didn't expect to feel like a million bucks right away but I'm actually feeling worse...makes it hard to stick to any diet.
  9. My biopsy was a week ago, on 9/30, and the doctor said I could start eating gluten-free right after. I couldn't wait, I expected to feel better right away. Instead, I actually feel worse, I'm really bloated and have that typical stabbing pain in my lower abdomen. I didn't have this pain during my 7-week gluten challenge (before that I was eating wheat-light but not gluten-free). I don't get it -I removed something from my diet, not added, so why do I feel worse? I replaced bread with rice-based products which should digest easier anyway. I'm not eating any bean-based products, I haven't added raw veggies, my gluten-free replacements have been mostly rice cakes so far.....so why am I in pain if the only dietary change was giving up wheat (also cookies and other gluteney junk). Can anyone relate?
  10. It depends on how long and how strictly you were off gluten before. I was gluten-light before, not strict and even then my doctor recommended to wait just to make sure I'd consume enough of it for the tests. If I were you and if I could, I would push the dates by anther 2 wks or so.
  11. Usually 6-8 weeks is recommended. I'm having my bloodwork after 6 weeks of gluten and endoscopy after 7 1/2.
  12. Yes, I agree here! It's like you don't realize how many of your problems can be related to gluten (except for GI problems). Let's hope our endoscopies turn out positive .
  13. Hi Jillian, thanks, and sorry for the late reply . I was able to find a new doctor who actually seems to be knowledgeable about celiac disease so I hope she will also take many biopsies. No matter what, I'm going to go gluten-free right after the procedure anyway because I feel so crappy eating gluten. The symptoms have just gradually crept in - constipation, bloating, cramping (although milder than I expected, acne, headaches, dizziness...I didn't realize how much better I felt being gluten light until now! A few more weeks - I can't wait .
  14. Hi and congratulations! It must be a relief to finally know! I am currently waiting for a diagnosis myself, I have an endoscopy in a month (which means a month of gluten ). I must ask, though, in your signature it says that you had you endoscopy in June, it actually took over two months for your doctor to get the test results?
  15. I'm so glad you posted this! I've had the same experience, I started eating gluten about 3 weeks ago and expected to feel a lot worse. Just like you said, the longer I eat regular bread and pasta, the less bad I feel. It's so weird. I am very tired and dizzy but I expected more GI problems, mainly the pain. I'd always had the pain when I ate regular bread before but now I'm just really bloated but pain free. It's so weird and it only contributes to my confusion. If I make to decison to stick to a gluten-free diet, it'd be helpful if I felt REALLY bad while eating gluten. But this way....I don't know. When's you're endoscopy? I'm going to my new GI doctor tomorrow to discuss my symptoms in more detail tomorrow and to schedule one, but she already told me over a phone conversion she'd like to do one and I should start eating gluten if I want to go ahead with it, which I do.