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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Can you please help me out with some research? I'm intereseted in knowing which Celiac related websites you visit most often. Please try to provide at least 3 that you like to visit.
  2. That was another reason why I let my subscription expire - they are always late. Several times, there were articles or ads about something "coming soon", but by the time I got the magazine it was past! I remember one Christmas season, I got the magazine with alot of Christmas recipes in January! As to how they got your new address, Jessica, it is most likely because they have printed on or near the mailing label "Address Service Requested". If they put that on there, the post office will notify them of your new address.
  3. Books

    Great book! Very entertaining AND informative! Highly recommend.
  4. Yep, I let my subscription to Gluten Free Living expire for the same reason - waaaay negative attitude. How many issues did they beat the dead horse of vinegar? Wow! Basically, if they get even one person in disagreement with what their "facts" are, they will pound the issue into the pavement until the oposing side gives up from exhaustion! They are just too "high and mighty" for my tastes.
  5. Well, I can't comment on the book because I have not read it, but I can comment on the author as I have had some personal experience with her. Two different times, Jax has contacted me via email regarding some cooperative ventures. Both times I responded that I wanted to work with her. Both times, I never heard back. The last time, I even went through a third party who I knew would be speaking to Jax and provided all of my contact info just in case there was a problem with the email. Still no response. In my (apparently distorted) world of common courtesy, when you ask someone to do something for you and they agree, you should either graciously accept their help, or politely inform them that you changed your mind. One occurence is understandable. When it happens twice, it indicates to me that the person is either too busy to follow through with her commitments, or she is simply flighty. Either explanation could provide some insight into the current controversy regarding her book.
  6. Dating - Again?

    In my own case, after initially being diagnosed with Celiac, I found it to be a huge turnoff for women I met. In fact, it got so bad that I actually gave up trying to find anyone for over a year! Slowly, over time, I came to realize that anyone who would be unwilling to date me because of this condition would also be exactly the type of person I do not want to be with! Works out great, no? Yeah, this approach limits my dating, but first, I'm far from desperate or "needy" for a relationship, and second, like many things in life, the hardest things to endure are those with the greatest long term rewards! You may find the website in my profile of benefit to you!
  7. South East Florida Single Female 43

    ms_sillyak_screwed, remember that idea you had for a singles website? It's now online! Are you going to post an ad there too?
  8. Cd People W/ Acid Reflux & Gastritis

    My heartburn was so severe it is what led me to my gastroenterologist who, in the process of determining the cause of my heartburn, discovered I had Celiac Disease. After being on the gluten-free diet for a few months, I tried getting off the Nexium - no go - still bad heartburn. A few bouts with Bacterial Overgrowth later, I stumbled upon information about insufficient stomach acid and how it is more often the cause of heartburn than too much acid and how low stomach acid is also a leading contributor to bacterial overgrowth. After reading Dr. Jonathan Wright's book "Why Stomach Acid Is Good For You", I started taking Betaine HCL to add more stomach acid. I also stopped taking the Nexium immediately. That was over a year ago, I have never felt better!!! No more heartburn - no more Nexium! I'm sure low stomach acid is not the problem for everyone, but I am also equally sure that alot of people are doing alot of harm to themselves by being on Nexium, Prilosec, et al, when in fact, they have insufficient stomach acid to begin with. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Wright's book. It is quite an eye opener! It's available on Amazon: http://www.amazon .com/exec/obidos/tg/detai...=glance&s=books
  9. St. Louis?

    Hi! Anyone know of any good gluten-free restaurants in the St. Louis area? Will be traveling there this weekend and am looking for safe places to eat. Thanks!
  10. Since you are in Nebraska, you probably have HyVee stores there? The HyVee brand of Pork & Beans are gluten free according to their gluten free list at HyVee.com.
  11. Olive Garden

    I never seen the post you mentioned, but I do remember reading one that said their local Olive Garden was very unwilling to work with them. As someone else posted, Olive Garden's mainstays are riddled with gluten. Why would you even take the chance? I would suggest that you be MORE insistent than your grandma and inform her that there is a very good chance you could get sick from cross contamination and that you don't want to eat there.
  12. Yes, by all means, get the endoscopic biopsies. I would also request that they measure your stomach acid right away. You have some symptoms of low acid. You're not on any heartburn meds are you? Those work by reducing the level of acid in your stomach (which can be very detrimental to overall health).
  13. Celiac Symptoms?

    Hi Twister. That's one of the strange things about Celiac, is not all patients have the same symptoms - some have no symptoms at all! Certainly though, the most common are probably diarrhea and bloating. I do recommend however, that if your internist says you do not have Celiac, that you get a second opinion from a gastroenterologist who is familiar and experienced with Celiac Disease. Because of your family history, and your symptoms, I strongly suspect you have it.
  14. I read a similar post several months ago and laughed it off thinking people were getting a little paranoid. Then, about a month ago, my hairstylist gave me a hair gel to use. She put it in my hair and sent a tube home with me. Later that evening, I had a "Celiac attack" with severe bloating and diarrhea! Normally, I am not real sensitive, and that day I did not eat anything any different than I have been eating for months. When I looked on the label of the tube of hair gel, I seen it contained wheat! I never would have believed this if I had not experienced it myself. Needless to say, I no longer think it is paranoid to be concerned about such things! Nor do I think I am inducing hysteria by relating a personal experience.
  15. Best Books About Cd?

    "Wheat Free Worry Free" by Dana Korn is absolutely a MUST read!!! Should be available at Amazon.