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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Scared And Need Support Please

    I can be the next person to tell you that I know exactly how you are feeling right now. After a few months of gluten-free-ness, I still felt bad off and on. The people around me had a difficult time understanding the time it takes for your body to heal. Some days you will have good days, and some days you will have bad days. But I can promise you that it will get better! My doctor told me that it can take a full year for your body to feel great again, so give it time! It could be that you have another intolerance of some sort, but it's just very likely that this is a bad day. I used to drink chocolate shakes when I felt bad, or watched a favorite t.v. show. 7th Heaven became an every day occurance at my house. And don't forget also, that gluten causes emotional issues as well, so never feel bad for crying! It's just your body detoxifying all the poison it's taken in. Do you have any gluten-free pizza? I always make me one of those when I'm feeling low. Anyways, hang in there- it will get better, and feel free to vent anytime!
  3. It does get easier! I remember how extremely frustrating it was for the first part after my diagnosis. There were times when I was still sick, and had no clue what I could be getting gluten from. After getting all new pots, pans, drinking glasses, and containers, as well as double checking products with manufacturers, I talked to my doctor and she explained that it would take time for my small intestines to heal. Sometimes you have good days, and then other times you have bad days. One thing that helped me was taking digestive enzymes that you can get at a nutrition store usually. A girl who works at my nutrition store also has Celiac disease, and she was the one who introduced me to them. You can take them before you eat, and it helps to break down foods. I had a lot of small intestine damage done to me, so this was very helpful. Finding products and places you are comfortable with also makes you feel better. I rely a lot on Chick-fil-a's chargrilled chicken salad when I am eating out with friends. I also remember eating a lot of Snickers bars when I was feeling down! Just know that it will get easier, I promise!
  4. Glutened-at Church!

    That happened to me after first going gluten-free. My church also dips the waffer in the juice, which means that a gluten-free waffer doesn't serve a ton of purpose if it's dipped into a bunch of bread crumbs. Hope you are feeling okay!
  5. Son Embarressed

    That is so annoying! I have run into many people with that same attitude. I was diagnosed when I was 17 (I'm now 19), and I know how your son feels. I used to not necessarily get embarrassed, but I would feel really bad, like I had to apologize for my disease, when that should not be the case. Tell your son not to let it get him down, and that some people are just ignorant like that!
  6. 81.) Watch too many epsiodes of your favorite show on DVD. 82.) Call your friend who let's you know that it's totally okay to feel awful and cry to let it all out. 83.) Remember other times when you've been so sick and someone has done something nice for you to make you feel better. 84.) As has been mentioned many times- sleep! 85.) Put on your favorite hoodie sweatshirt and sweat pants. 86.) Walk slowly and focus on making it through the next minutes, instead of our usual fast-pace of thinking about things weeks in advance. 87.) Watch or listen to something that makes you laugh so hard you cry. 88.) Buy yourself some more sweat pants. 89.) Cuddle with your pets! 90.) Know that even though you feel absolutely horrible right now, and the pain doesn't seem like it will ever pass- that it will get better!
  7. I go to a community college right now, but I went to the University of North Texas the other day to talk about meal plans and if it would be possible. I talked to the nutritionist who appeared to have a pretty good understanding of Celiac disease and all it entails. She said that she has a current student who will come in once a week to look at the lunch menu for the following week. They'll pick what he wants, and then make the necessary alterations to the meal. I'm not quite sure how this works, because I doubt if he wanted pizza, that they could do that. But her point was that there was a way to have meals that are gluten-free on the meal plan. Also, when we asked about cross-contamination issue, she said that they would have one specific person in charge of my meals for that day, and that person would do what was needed to not risk cross-contamination. Part of the cooks' training is a video that explains in detail all the ways of cross-contamination, so they know what to look for. While I'm still slightly uncomfortable with someone making my own food for me, the woman I spoke with was very nice, and appeared very understanding towards the accomadations I would need. It was definately nice to know that they at least understand what it is, and know what it takes to maintain a healthy Celiac life.
  8. Thanks for all the help! My mom went and got me some plain aloe vera and hopefully that will help it heal quicker. Thanks again!
  9. Dating

    I also wondered at one point how I was supposed to let the guys know about my dieting needs. Since I was diagnosed in high school, most of the guys I dated knew me and knew about what I'd gone through and at least knew I had the disease. However, when I went off to college I wondered how I would tell people- and especially guys I went out with- about my "needs". What ended up working for me, was to simply suggest a restaurant I could eat at and explain that I couldn't have gluten. I figured that explaining to him in that way wouldn't scare him off, but would make him at least aware of it, and if I kept dating him, I'd gradually fill in more. That's what's worked for me so far. And everyone else is right- it is a fabulous way to see the true character in a person and to find out just how much they want to get to know you. It's difficult, but it's a part of who we are, and we can present that part with tact, without being ashamed or embarrassed of anything.
  10. Hey ya'll, so I went to the lake the other day and came back really burned. I was curious, what kinds of lotion do ya'll use when this happens to you? I've been trying to check a lot of sites and past topics, but I couldn't find anything. My mom bought me some Johnson's baby lotion and Solarcaine Aloe. We tried to check with the pharacist at our drug store, but they didn't seem to know much. They told us that since it was a lotion, it shouldn't matter as long as it doesn't go in my mouth. However, I don't feel like chancing it. Any help would be appreciated as my sunburn doesn't seem to be healing so quickly!
  11. Hey ya'll, so I went to the lake the other day and came back really burned. I was curious, what kinds of lotion do ya'll use when this happens to you? I've been trying to check a lot of sites and past topics, but I couldn't find anything. My mom bought me some Johnson's baby lotion and Solarcaine Aloe. We tried to check with the pharacist at our drug store, but they didn't seem to know much. They told us that since it was a lotion, it shouldn't matter as long as it doesn't go in my mouth. However, I don't feel like chancing it. Any help would be appreciated as my sunburn doesn't seem to be healing so quickly!
  12. I was browsing through other posts and noticed someone mentioned fruity pebbles are gluten-free? i just wanted to confirm if it was or not. if it is, i will be one happy girl
  13. i'm a little late coming onto this, but i've had the same problem trying to find easy things to eat. it seems like ever since i gave up gluten, eating became such a chore. with work and school, it is hard to find time to eat, especially eating healthy and gluten free. for me, i've found what works is packing some gluten-free crackers and a gluten-free energy bar that i found at a health food store. also, craft makes some individually packaged squares of cheese that have 6g of protein in them, which are really good for something quick. i've also found what works is taking half a day occasionally and making up a bunch of food to freeze, so when you get home all you have to do is stick it in the microwave. i make up a big batch of taco soup to freeze, and that and chips make a good meal. also, if you want something from the drive-thru that's healthy and extremely easy to eat, chick-fil-a has a good charcoal grilled chicken salad. i'm not much of a salad person from anywhere, but this one is actually good. they give croutons with the salad in a separate plastic bag, so there's less worry about having to deal with cross-contamination. also, if you have time occasionally, my family will bar-b-q a bunch of chicken and meat to freeze and eat whenever we want something easy. going gluten-free is difficult, but adding school and work and everything else in life makes it really frustrating! good luck and hang in there!
  14. Upcoming Social Event

    I know exactly how all of ya'll feel. A friend of mine invited me to his prom recently, and the group of people we were going with were really good about going to a place for dinner where I felt comfortable. Outback Steakhouse was what I suggested because it's where I've always felt the most comfortable, and most of the group seemed to agree that it would be a good place to go to. However, a few weeks later two girls in the prom group heard about where we were going, and decided that they didn't like Outback and wanted to go somewhere Italian, which basically means a Celiac will be eating a plain salad without croutons. A couple of my friends got really mad about them changing the restaurant plans without asking me or considering where I could go. It was really disappointing because I thought that the group was going to be great, considering how understanding they were originally being. It was so frustrating when I heard some of the stuff they said about Celiac. One guy said, "My friend has Celiac- and he can eat whereever he wants." Another girl said, "Can't she just drink water and eat a salad?" Another guy said, "We can't just go to where one person wants to go if more people in the group don't want to go there." I have a disease! Do they think that I'm using this as an excuse to get my way on where to eat? Trust me, if I could eat pasta and all that great Italian food- I would!! I can't believe some of them would be so insensitive. One of them suggested that he'd bring me Outback take-out while they went to some fancy Italian place. I don't want to make my date go through the drive-thru and lug in my food at whatever restaurant they want while I'm all dressed up and supposed to be enjoying myself. Maybe I'm overreacting a bit, but it just really offended me that they would be so inconsiderate. I've had Celiac for over a year, and they were acting like they knew more about where I could eat and how it affected me than I do. Even if the one guy's friend does have Celiac, it affects people in different ways. I tried to explain to them that even if a restaurant says they have some gluten free things on the menu, that doesn't mean that there won't be cross-contamination. I tried explaining to them that I already wasn't completely comfortable eating out anywhere, considering cross-contamination and the fast reactions I get, and that Outback is a place where I eat out a lot at, and a place that I'm really comfortable at, but they just said I was being difficult. It's so frustrating to have to worry about this when the social event is supposed to be for enjoyment. My prom group ended up splitting up. The only positive spin on all of the annoyance some of the persons caused, is that it really showed me who my true friends were- the people who stood up for me and were totally understanding of my worries about eating out and my disease. People just don't understand sometimes. My whole point of my rambling was just to say that I totally sympathize with everyone about social events and food being such an issue. It's nice to have people who are dealing with the same thing I am.
  15. Does anyone know exactly what to look for in ingredients for make-up and lip gloss...things like that. Will it say wheat or is the gluten in another ingredient? I was diagnosed with Celiac a little over a year ago. While I was sick for so long, I of course wasn't even thinking about make-up or anything like that, but now I'm trying to figure out what of my old stuff to keep and what to throw away. If anyone has any ideas, it would be great!