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  1. L-glutamine: Good Or Bad?

    I have a friend that has been studying amino acids, what they are used for and what they will do for your body. I have taken a few and have given some to my daughters. One thing that she is constantly telling me is that amino acids should not be taken constantly. YOur body naturally produces amino acids, when you have lower levels, you take the extras for a boost until your body regulates itself and then you stop taking the amino acid- regardless of which one it is. If you are taking too much then you will begin getting the reverse effects. I had been giving my daughter, who is gluten intolerant, an amino acid complex. She took it for about a month and a half and did fine. Just this week I have noticed some regression of symtoms so I took her off of them and she is doing well. Another example of this , my friend was taking tyrosine for tiredness and lack of energy, it helped a lot at first but after a few weeks she began getting really tired again. She got off of the tyrosine and is fine now. Amino acids should not be taken for months or years at a time - as I have stated too much of one will cause an imbalance and give you the opposite results. Some people need that reregulating boost for a couple of weeks or a couple of months, but generally no more than that. I am by no means an expert in this but this is my basic understanding from someone who has become well versed and experienced in amino acid therapy. Hope this helps. God Bless! Angela <><
  2. Hello all, I am new here and have been looking around a little bit. I have a 13 yo daughter, she has not had actual celiac testing but recently had some allergy testing done and tested positively allergic to wheat, rye, barley, corn and a few other things. I don't know if anyone else has experienced the frustration I have with the medical community but I knew NOTHING about food allergies. My daughter has had health issues since she was a toddler and some things became increasingly worse. She has almost always had really dark circles under her eyes, ADD, severe mood swings, etc- nothing that I knew would be tied to food allergies. I had taken my daughter to several doctors all who either wanted to put her on medication or send her to a psychiatrist. Nothing helped and most of the time I was looked at as if I were exaggerating things or insane myself. I homeschool and had my daughter in school for one year when we moved- we were on the verge of being looked at by child protection because of her problems at school and here severly unhealthy looks. Finally, I became friends with someone who is a nutritionist and suggested to me that she may have food allergies. she suggested we take her off of dairy and see what happens. No results came of this and finally I took her to an allergist and had her tested - after testing positive to a large amount of the foods on the list and everything containing gluten- this doctor suggested no special diet. He said take her off of these foods for a while, then reintroduce them and she should be fine and again medication was suggested! I never heard of gluten intolerance, celiac disease, etc. Just before this my daughter started throwing up- she would have three or four day bouts of not being able to keep anything down. This allergist told me that this and all of the other symptoms I described had nothing to do with her allergies- only the exzema was directly related. At this point I feel I am hitting a brick wall, getting nowhere and my daughter is getting sicker. I gave my friend her list and she suggested a gluten free diet- it took a little bit to get understanding and get in the swing of things but she has been on a 100% gluten and corn free diet for a few months now. Everything that was supposed to have nothing to do with food allergies according to the doctors i had seen has cleard up almost completely. The ADD is GONE!!!! The mood swings are almost nonexistant, her eyes are clear and sparkly, throwing up has stopped (one more issue had to be dealt with for this - I will get to that in a second) she is gaining weight and able to get her schooling done- she is so much more joyful and pleasant - it is amazing!! For a little while we had troubles with her getting sick in the shower- I did not understand this and the significance of gluten in bath products. She would be fine all day, go to take a shower and get very nauseated and come out with her eyes slightly dark. I never knew this could be a problem. So now we are in the process of becoming a gluten-free household, I find that it is so much easier to prepare all the same meals , ensuring no cross contamination or other problems. We have gotten rid of all of the glutenous bath products (BTW - if anyone has any suggestions about where I can get reasonably priced gluten-free bath products or what brands are the best I would really appreciate it- I often spend too much time reading ingredients and I don't always know what to look for just yet) Right now my biggest issue is travel and eating out. We do not do this very but on the occasions we do, it has been a challenge. My daughter is getting very frustrated because she feels no matter where we go she can only have a salad. Aside from the gluten, we really have to be careful of corn - corn, corn starch, corn syrup has caused some extreme reactions for her. I am writing from a hotel room right now feeling frustrated and my daughter is a bit upset. We were able to accompany my hubby on a trip w/ his company. Because he would be in class all day, I prepared easy to deal with breakfasts and lunches to carry in our picnic baskeyt and cooler, but last night we went to dinner with him and his coworkers and it was rough - I did not know where we were going, I did not have time to preplan nad I had no clue how to approach the staff and talk to them about our needs. My daughter ends up feeling bad like she is making things difficult for people and I am just not familiar with how to do this at all. We will be going out again tonight and I just want to hide in the hotel room! Aside from this no one at the table had any understanding of why we had to order differently for her. I only have two friends that are familiar with food allergies and their severity and neither one of them is celiac savvy so I am feeling like I am wandering in the dark all the time, and I know that my ignorance and frustration is not helping my daughter to cope any better, though I have to say that aside from eating out - she has an amazing attitude about this and an amazing self control regarding staying away from things that she has eaten all of her life, knowing that it will make her sick. I am sorry this has been so long. I am looking forward to learning what I can, meeting others who are going through the same things and one day helping others in the same situation I am in now. Thank you , God BLess! Angela <><