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turtle and sand

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  1. anyone get the sores cleared up then have it come back a week later??
  2. i have started the mask thing but the groom shop is so hot that i cant stand the mask on but im kinda sure its no t the grooming .... that babys o to cute ......i started neosporin yesterday im starting to notice a diffrence
  3. i dunno if i could give up milk products but it would be better then givin up grooming i guess but i just love icecream ...im trying the neosporin today hope it helps
  4. i thought i was thed only one 2 but todayi was thinkin maybe it is hair splinters from dog hair cuz when i groom it goes every where im gona try the neosporin tomorrow i need to get some
  5. yes it would cuz i love my job i also ope im not allergic to NY
  6. ive had the same thing for a month but i also just became a groomer a month ago to i love my job i have often wondered if i developed an allergy to animals but i have worked with them for a year the other thing is 2 mths ago i moved from one state to another and sneezed everyday since maybe i need to adjust i am trying the carmex thing it seems to dry it up but then it makes my nose bleed i know i should go to an ent but im new to the area and i need to find one