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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Has anyone found a way to use the Udi Pizza Crust in cooking , other than as Pizza and pita bread ? I'm wondering if it can be used as the crust for chicken pot pies, etc. ????
  2. No Noodles- Now What ?

    What great ideas everyone ------ since I mostly eat low carb--- can't wait to try the veg in place of the noodles ! ! ! Thanks ! !
  3. Can't find any Tinkyada lasagna noodles anywhere--- Need them for Friday. In case I don't find them by then, has anyone tried to layer some Tinkyada penne pasta in place of the lasagna noodles.??? Wonder how this would work ? Also, there are plenty of De Boles lasagna noodles out there---- anyone had success with them ?
  4. Calling Italian Cooks : )

    Don't be afraid to try them ---- It will not be a disaster. I have made Lasagne with the Tinkyada noodles before, but I thought they were too soft for my liking, although the other people eating the lasagna did not seem to notice. I did precook those noodles as directed on the bag at that time. But this time, I am NOT going to cook them beforehand-- Enjoy your lasagna !
  5. Calling Italian Cooks : )

    I plan to cook this Friday , so I will be glad to let you know how it goes.
  6. Calling Italian Cooks : )

    Thank you ! ! I was wondering if I could use them uncooked--- so I will give that a try. I love forums ----- the "world at your fingertips" HA !
  7. Hattiesburg, Mississippi

    Thanks for posting this ---- I live in Florida but go back "home" ( the Hattiesburg area ) to visit. Now I know some places I can eat !
  8. What's For Breakfast Today?

    Every morning for breakfast --- it's low carb---- 1/2 of a 2 egg omelet (ingredients added vary from broccolli, spinach, mushrooms, fresh herbs, etc. and cheese ) some beef sausage, coffee with cream only, and a homemade pumpkin muffin (using Splenda for sweetner)
  9. What's your secret to using Tinkyada lasagna noodles when making your homemade lasagna --- so the noodles will not be mushy ----??????????? Thanks for your help : )
  10. You might like to try baking pumpkin muffins with lots of spices -- that might hide the bean taste.
  11. If You Live In Nyc

    thanks folks ever so much for your help i am sooooooo tired from walking all over will eat somewhere later had to eat avacado and tuna in a foil pack that i bought with me ugh. i hate traveling with food allergies
  12. If You Live In Nyc

    I will be in NYC tomorrow and I've googled all the gluten-free places to eat --- But if any of you are familiar with the area of the Holiday Inn on 440 West 57th st in NY, is there a gluten-free place to eat nearby -- nothing fancy -- Next question, I will also be staying later on Mulberry st in New york -- anyone know a place near there ?? Thanks so much for your help ---
  13. Roux

    Good luck--- post your gumbo recipe if it turns out well
  14. Home made chicken pot pie with biscuit topping.
  15. Roux

    Does plain rice flour work well as a roux --- browns nicely, and adds thickness, and doesn't taste yukky??