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  1. had to get blood in his life. My hope from r experience is that u dont listen 2 ppl online, again thy get ther info from the same drs we did,or JUST THER OPINION bt that u tak ur son 2 Immunologist who can giv u the corect info,levels of Iga, and diagnosis. rembr all drs test diff 4 diff desises. hope this helps. sucks u can only write so much in 1mail. dnt no how 2 email u priv in 1 mail. sry.

  2. mail#4 let me giv u exmpl in my fam. my nephew hd sm problms.(stomach)went 2 doc.they found low iga (way they test) lukin 4 celiac desise.He had Low Iga levls, said oh is not celiac bt nt cncrnd with low Iga. dont worry its nthing.my mom insistd for specialist.went to Immunoligst, nephew had levels of "7". has 2 wear medical allert braclet,ALL blood has to B washed. they wud hav kild hi...

  3. my sistr is a level 7, any blood she gets has 2B washed clean of all Iga and packd with red blood cells B4 recving. also wen iga is low u need 2B tested for all autoimmunes.igg,ige,igm ect..not tryin 2 scare u but ur sons levels are really low.u shud hav ben immed. ref 2 imunoligst. they specialize in rare an blood disorders, autoimmune.all doctrs try 2 comfort us an say oh its celiac or smthing.

  4. all say thy hav the corect info an made us feel comfortable. but wen we finally found Immunologist said most all dr.s "no of" Iga an giv info that is nt corect. Its lik going 2 a brain surgeon 2hav a baby.lol. wen u hav vry low Iga, if u evr needed blood, 2things cud hapn.U cud get the blood an B fine or u cud die within hrs. B/c ur introducing levls of iga in2 ur blood systm u dont hav.

  5. K..my name is wendy. i was concernd about ur sons Iga level.several ppl in my fam. have vry low Iga. which is vry rare 2 hav mor than one in fam. wen low Iga is found all immediate fam shud b tested.. A "7" means "ZERO", iga non existant. U HAV TO B SEEN ONLY BY an "IMMUNOLOGIST". NO OTHR DR. we hav seen pediatricians, dr.s who specialize in celiac, allergist, mny othr d...

  6. im gonna test this and see if this email goes thru. tried to email u b4 and wouldnt let me...lets see..i have something really extreamly impt to comment bout yr post of ur sons extremely low Iga...

  7. Emeril Lagasse has a show on the Plaet Green Network called Emeril Green. He has done several shows with full gluten-free menus. This was from one of them. I have tried every pre-made pizza crust including the famous "still riding" and Dr. Scharr's. And for homemade we usually use the NY foldable crust recipe from this site or the Chebe recipe. But This one takes the cake - or shall I say pie!! Really, you gotta try this! A couple of tips: one is that I would add a little extra salt or a couple of teaspoons of Italian seasoning to the crust. And, be sure to roll/pat it out pretty thin, it really puffs up like french bread. For a video clip of Emeril making this and toppiong ideas, go to http://planetgreen.discovery.com//food-hea...free-pizza.html He warns about using veggie toppings as they might make the crust soggy - but I put on every single vegie I had in the fridge and the crust was totally chewy and not soggy at all! Hope you like it! Yield: 2 16 to 18-inch pizza crusts Ingredients: 1 cup water (105
  8. I am always arguing with my 8 year old twins about this. They are like whaaaaaaat's for breakfast??? There's nothing we can have. I'm like oh booo-hooo cry me a river . . . what CAN'T you have? They are lucky not to have any other intolerances other than gluten (although dd is also a type1 diabetic). Here are the menu choices at Chez Short Order: Any kind of eggs you wish: boiled, fried, scrambled, poached, quiched, frittata'd with a side of bacon, sausage, whatever. Glutino is now making an actual edible gluten-free bagel and english muffin. Want cream cheese on that? How 'bout make it into a "mc-gluten-free-muffin". A little smoked salmon on that bagel? If we've got all day to spend on this how about some hash browns, home fries, latkes . . . you name it, what the heck, I'm here to serve! Not in the mood for eggs? How about the incredibly long list of gluten-free cereals, both hot and cold? Everything from healthy to sugary. Can't find one you like? Yogurt? Greek with honey, a little bakery on main granola mixed it? In a rush, grab a bar: lar bar, tigers milk, environkids, kind bar, prana, bakery on main, glutino . . . How about homemade waffles? Want those with blueberries? bannanas? Or fresh hot pancakes, maybe a little splash of buttermilk in them? Shall I warm the maple syrup for you? Wait, I've got some left over bread that is going stale, how about french toast. A little cinnamon and vanilla in that? Oh I could get up a little early and throw in some banana bread - let's toss in some chocolate chips and make it special. What about chebe cinnamon buns, oh no really, it's no extra work, I was up anyway. But nooooooo - we're sick of all that!! So I say - you know where the frozen, Van's waffles are and how to work the toaster so help yourelf, I'm going back to bed!!! (And throw a little peanut butter on it for protien.) And yes there is fruit to boot! On the serious side though - we eat "breakfast for dinner" at least once a week. I think it really is the easiest of all gluten free meals. The options are endless. Happy breakfasting!
  9. Question About Tortillas...

    I think I have posted my tortilla recipe before, but here it is again. These are by far the best tortillas I have ever had - gluten-free or not!! They take a little work and patience, but if you've got a little over an hour to spend you should be able to get about 16 large tortillas out of the recipe. They freeze well. I usually put 8 in a gallon zip lock in the fridge and the other 8 in a zip lock in the freezer then when we're down to our last in the fridge I throw the ones from the freezer into the fridge. They are great for sandwich wraps, roll-ups, burritos, quesidillas and even little individual pizzas! Sooooo good. I hope you try them! CHEBE Tortillas: 1 package Chebe Pizza Mix 1 package Chebe bread stick mix 4 Tablespoons of Flax Meal 4 Tablespoons Pamela
  10. My son is now 8 1/2 years old and when he hits the third percentile on the weight chart we cheer - it's the heighest he's ever gotten. He's often been off the bottom of the chart. He's so skinny that we lose him when he stands sideways. We've tried absolutely everything to bulk this kid up (and he does not have nearly the restrictions that your daughter has - just gluten-free and he doesn't drink milk, by choice, he hates it). One thing we do is always have a bag of potato chips going for him. He usually hits that bag 7 times a day. Unbelievably he still does not gain weight. At his age he is still only 47 lbs. Just for point of reference, his twin sister (also Celiac/gluten-free) weighs 68 lbs. Our ped. keeps telling me - some people are just skinny. Very hard for me to buy that answer considering his genetics and his food issues. I keep asking if there could be a thyroid issue but she says no, since he is growing in height (about 25th percentile for height). I can't think of what else to suggest other than pototo chips with such a limited diet. I like the coconut milk idea, I think I'll try that too. I am sure it is very hard - good luck!!
  11. Pasta Recipe Any Good?

    Hi! I posted a recipe about a week ago for home made ravioli. The recipe is in 2 parts, the first being (egg) pasta and the second being the filling. The pasta certainly works on its own. If you dig back about a week on this forum you should find it. If not, feel free to PM me and I will send it to you. barb
  12. Hi! I am not a huge fan of protein shakes but finally found one that I like - Whey Factors by Natural Factors (from Canada). I am trying to get my protien intake up and so am forcing myself to get two of these shakes in per day. My stomach is not pleased (and neither is my family for that matter). The label says that the product contains "no wheat" but I contacted Natural Factors to see if by any chance there could be anything else gluten containing in there - they said no, it is gluten free. So now I am stumped . . . dairy does not typically bother me, so I don't think it is that. My kids took it away from me and hid it, but I found it and after not having it for a few days (and feeling better) I gave it another try and bam, it got me again (so they knew I found it and was sneaking it - a Celiac can't hide!!). So, my questions - anybody have a good tasting, low carb whey protein powder they like? And can whey itself be the problem? I know that is not gluten related, but can it be hard on the stamach? Any thoughts? Thanks! Barb
  13. Hi everyone and happy holiday season! I have not posted in a very long time, but wanted to share this recipe with as many people as possible. If you are into being in the kitchen for a while coming up with a masterpiece - - you will love these!! If you try them, let me know how you like 'em and if you have any questions. I use a ravioli press that looks like this: http://www.(Company Name Removed - They Spammed This Forum and are Banned)/Norpro-NP1043-RAVIOL...S/dp/B000BBGV0G making the process a little less taxing. Here's the Recipe: pasta: 1 C tapioca flour 1 C rice flour (white superfine, if you can get it) 2/3 C potato starch flour 1/3 C Soy flour 1/2 tsp salt 1 tsp. xanthan gum 1 tsp olive oil 4 eggs 1/3 C water (or more if needed to make nice smooth dough) Mix dry ing. together. Make a well in the center of the dry stuff. Dump the wet stuff (slightly mixed together) in the well and mix it in with a fork. Add the water a little at a time to form dough. Knead it into a smooth dough. Let sit for 10 min. Then divide into 4 pieces. Put 3 in the fridge while working with 1. Split it into 2 pieces, roll each one out (use a little rice flour to keep it from sticking if nec.) to a flat rectangle, really thin - the size of the press. put filling onto each square, being careful not to overfill. Cover with second sheet of pasta. Press and there it is! Filling: you can go with whatever you would use for lasagne or: A couple of cups of ricotta a bunch of parm. salt & pepper basil, oregano, whatever you've got for spices Spinach if you're into it (we are!) 1 egg Mix it all up. These cook up pretty quickly, about 8 min. in boiling water. Should freeze fine, then add a little time when boiling. Enjoy! Barb
  14. You could certainly use breadstick mix instead of the pizza mix. The only one I would adjust for is if you decide to use the "plain" Chebe that comes in the red bag. That one contains dry milk and the others do not. So I guess if I were going to use that one, I'd use water instead of milk in the final product - but I have not tried it. I have however used it to make "garlic naan" (Indian flat bread) - using plain yogurt instead of water or milk. They came out great! barb
  15. Happy New Year All!! I think last year was the first time I ever actually accomplished my NY resolutions!! I lost 50 lbs. and have a great exercise routine and went gluten-free. And for the encore: 1. I am training to compete in my first triathlon in the summer of '08 2. Try to learn to travel with 2 gluten-free kids barb