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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have had celiac disease for several years. NOW I am a diabetic. What the H**** can I eat??? I am having a hard time finding a cereal I can eat. I know all about the gluten free ones How about corn flakes? I know Frosted Flakes are gluten free as that is what I chose. Now I can't eat that. Did you know a Frosty from Wendy's will jack up your sugar level!!!? I counted one day and I now have 5 autoimmune diseases. I have become increasingly sicker since my son was killed 15 years ago. No, it is not all in my head. Blood tests, colonoscopies, etc. don't lie. I am doing OK with oatmeal, altho it bloats me if I eat it everyday, so I am on it every other day and doing OK. Any and ALL food suggestions are greatly appreciated. DrMom
  2. Too late, they already took out my gallbladder, and that is exactly when this problem started. I don't think I have the digestive juices that I need now. Thanks for the reply. DrMom
  3. After I eat some meals, the food just sits in my stomach for about 4 hours. It is not being digested and I constantly taste it when I burp. What causes this and what can I do? I take Reglan (metaclopramide) before every meal and at bedtime to speed up digestion, but it is not working. Help! DrMom
  4. I smoked for over 40 years, and am not here to preach about quitting. I only want to tell you all that the new drug Lame Advertisement really works. It costs $100 per month, but takes away the desire to smoke. You still get mild cravings, but nothing like going cold turkey. Just thought someone reading this line would be ready to explore it and give it a try. PS....I decided to try it since was recently (July) DX with pulmonary neoplasm. DrMom
  5. Please explain to your physician what has been happening. He will probably do quite a few blood tests, hopefully including vit B levels, especially B6 and B12. Do not change your medications meanwhile. Good luck DrMom
  6. You might want to print out the medical article and show it to your physician. It is from a reliable peer reviewed medical journal. They usually believe their own peers, rather than "us".
  7. Delayed diagnosis of celiac disease increases cancer risk 28 March 2007BMC Gastroenterol 2007; 7: 8 Patients with celiac disease are at increased risk of developing cancer if they are diagnosed with the condition later in life, Italian researchers say. The team emphasizes "the importance of a prompt diagnosis of celiac disease." Recent research has indicated that celiac disease patients are more likely to develop small bowel adenocarcinoma than the general population. To evaluate the malignancy risk and the impact of delayed diagnosis in cancer development, Marco Silano (Istituto Superiore di Sanit
  8. Dunacn-Hines chocolate frosting has milk and soy listed. I love it and always have a frosted cake around. It is my self pity food. Feeling down-----eat cake!
  9. This is a little off the main topic, but I noticed your signature says "Peripheral Neuropathy in both feet". Could you tell me more about it? I used to get this off and on, not very frequently. In the past month it has been a daily thing. The bottom of my feet hurt as if I were standing in snow and freezing them. They are not cold to touch. Then from the ankle up to the knee on the front of my leg, I have pins and needles feelings. This is in both legs. I have read lots about diabetic periperal neuropathy, and have NOT been checked for diabetes. Sound familiar? Thanks for a reply.
  10. Celiac Disease May Increase the Risk of TB By David Douglas NEW YORK (Reuters Health) Jan 08 - People with celiac disease (celiac disease) appear to be at heightened risk of contracting tuberculosis, perhaps because of malabsorption of vitamin D, Swedish researchers report in the January issue of Thorax. "Considering that we found a 2.5-fold increased risk of celiac disease in individuals with prior tuberculosis," lead investigator Dr. Jonas F. Ludvigsson told Reuters Health, "this suggests that celiac disease is a fairly common disease in individuals with TB." The converse also appears to be true. Dr. Ludvigsson of Orebro University Hospital and colleagues investigated this possible connection by examining the risk of TB in more than 4000 patients with celiac disease compared to that in over 69,000 matched individuals in a general population-based cohort study. Celiac disease was associated with about a 3-to-4 times greater risk of subsequent TB. Results were similar when the population was stratified by sex and by age at celiac disease diagnosis. The association "may be due to malabsorption and lack of vitamin D in persons with celiac disease," and celiac disease could affect the action of TB medication, the researchers conclude. In remarks to Reuters Health, Dr. David S. Sanders, co-author of an accompanying editorial, pointed out that the number of cases involved was "relatively small." In fact, only 24 patients with celiac disease contracted TB. However, Dr. Sanders, of Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield, UK added that "if a relationship between celiac disease and TB is confirmed in further studies, then clinicians should consider serologically testing for celiac disease in those patients with TB who have gastrointestinal symptoms or apparent drug resistance." Thorax 2007;62:1-2,23-28.
  11. I agree with you Purplemom, as I LOVE her chocolate cake mix. Long live CAKE!
  12. Oh Yes, vit B comes in pill form, mostly as complex B.
  13. Celiac disease linked to depression but not bipolar disorder19 March 2007J Affect Disord 2007; 99: 117
  14. This is a wonderful article in the NY Times about what the food industry has done to our food. It all boils down to "If your great-great grandmother didn't serve it, you should not eat it". We have processed, and refined foods so much that many are Unrecognizeable to our digestive tract. No wonder many have Celiac Disease. Great reading, but long. http://www.nytimes.com/2007/01/28/magazine...p;th&emc=th
  15. I have both and don't seem to notice any additonal symptoms. DrMom