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  1. I was recently out of town and had a hard time finding some place to safely eat. I would have appreciated some help with finding restaurants, so I thought I would post this for anyone visiting the Denver area. I live in downtown Denver and here are the places I eat frequently; The Avenue Grill, located on E 17th Ave. between Pearl and Washington. The staff is extremely helpful and very friendly. Tommy's Thai on Colfax, they will make dishes with fish sauce (as opposed to soy sauce) and thread-bean noodles. Mongolian B-bque on Wazee, they will steam your dish as opposed to cooking it on the grill with everyone else's. (Just tell them you have food allergies and they will take it to the back to a clean steamer and deliver it to your table.) Dozens (Cherokee and 13th) has an outstanding breakfast (my favorite and hardest meal to eat out safely!) as long as you order the egg dishes that are made in their own dish (do not order ham or bacon on the side as they are cooked on the grill) and make sure you tell them no bread. I have yet to get sick at any of the above, I eat at all of them frequently. As a side note, if your looking for an outstanding brunch on the weekend, for a special occasion (pricey) try Cafe Vendome. It is delicious and the wait/kitchen staff is very helpful when ordering any dish. It is a french bistro located on Larimer square (near Lime.) Michele H
  2. I received a tip about a new store opening in the Safeway shopping center at the Castle Pines Parkway exit off I25. They also distribute water (the name of the store is Purified Water to go) but have a HUGE selection of gluten-free foods. They even offered samples, atleast today they did! I am seven months pregnant and purchased everything I have been craving but unable to get at this point. Please go and thank them for bringing so many wonderful gluten-free foods (coffee cake, blueberry muffins, cherry and appple pie, carrot cake...I could keep going) to our area!! Kudos to Outside the Breadbox (local gluten-free bakery in Colo Spgs) for their outstanding Choc Chip and Snickerdoodle cookies. My husband (not a celiac) can't stop eating the Snickerdoodles, they really do taste like the real thing. Enjoy! Michele Hunter