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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I found a couple of articles mentioning the possibility of this, but not a single one names any company that doing it or points to where any tests have shown it happening. Sounds like needless worrying. If you're still paranoid about it, stick to name brands or grind your own, which tastes better anyway. richard
  2. Rotisserie Chickens

    If you're not super sensitive then there's no way you'd have had an anaphylactic reaction, which as Peter mentions is an allergic reaction anyway. I eat Kroger baked chicken nearly every week for lunch and have never had an obvious reaction to it. And I DO have an obvious reaction (throwing up) to gluten. richard
  3. My experience with "anti-flaking agents" is that wheat is not used because of the way it would alter flavor. Usually it's cellulose. richard
  4. In more than 12 years of being gluten-free, I've never been able to attribute a glutening to meds. richard
  5. How To Decline Food?

    I've taught my closest family members and even a couple of friends enough about CC so that I can eat with them. richard
  6. Here's another email I've received. It doesn't make complete sense to me, but... "I spoke with Kraft yesterday and they explained what happened with their Good Seasons Italian - dry packet mix. Seems like one of their major manufacturing facilities had wheat on the production line and it wasn't cleaned. That's why thousands of boxes had to be re packaged and labeled contains wheat. The head of dietary services suggested that if calls were received that they might be able to sway the top-brass to move to a safer facility. They suggested that we call 1-800-522-0501 and get a case number and lodge a complaint. Many stores still have the old formulation ...I went to several and bought out the stock. Check your local stores too."
  7. Sorry if this has already been posted, but I'm absolutely stunned. I saw a message on another board today claiming that Good Seasons Italian Dressing dry mix, which I've used since I was a kid and love, now has wheat. I went by the store and sure enough, Kraft has added soy sauce with wheat to the mix. The box of packets I bought a couple of months ago does not have soy sauce. Anybody who uses this product needs to be aware of the change. I also intend to contact Kraft. richard
  8. Never had a problems with OBS. richard
  9. Make sure those fries are done in a dedicated fryer. They aren't at Hardees, which is pretty much the same as Carl's. richard
  10. Kudos To Red Robin - Redmond, Wa

    High praises for the Red Robin in Roanoke, Va., as well. richard
  11. Similar to gluten reaction. Can't imagine it's something you'll get over. In fact, it might get worse. richard
  12. And if all else fails and not eating gluten solves your problems, well, I think you know the rest. richard
  13. Hellman's mayo is most definitely, without question gluten free. In fact, I've never heard of a mayo in the U.S. that isn't gluten-free. richard
  14. I don't care how many hours your husband works (40 is no big deal), he MUST take over things like shopping and making food until you get better. Because you won't get better until you eat right. And on your budget forget about Whole Foods or specialty gluten-free foods. Just eat the stuff that's naturally gluten-free. I was as bad off physically or worse. I couldn't make anything for myself and was too sick to go to the store. My wife, who was working at least 50 hours a week, had to almost everything for a while, including taking care of two kids. richard