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  1. Thanks, Sue....no I'm not gluten free...however, after reading more regarding testing...I realize my tests may not be very accurate for this...since,I do not eat bread, cereals, crackers, etc hardly ever, so, now I'm questioning the accuracy of the results.
  2. Can someone please help me understand the following Celiac Panel results that were mailed to me last week? It's been almost 4 weeks since the test was done, one doctor ordered the tests...my PCP's office took the blood...now, neither office will give me any understanding as to "what" this means...until my appointments. One appointment is in over a week...the other, is in Sept. Here's the results...and, ranges. Transglutaminase IGA Autoantibodies: < 4.0 Reference Range: < 4.0 Reference Range for Tannsglutaminase IgA Abs: Less than 4.0 U/ml ......Negative 4.0 - 10.0 U/ml ...........Weak Positive Greater than 10.0 U/ml ...Positive Reticulin IGA Autoantibodies : < 1:10 Reference Range : < 1:10 titer Endomysial IGA Autoantibodies: < 1:10 Reference Range : < 1:10 titer Gliadin IGG Antibodies: 8.7 Reference Range : <10.0 U/ml Glidain IGA Antibodies: < 1.2 Reference Range : < 5.0 U/ml I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound ignorant about this, I just don't have ANY insight...except, to know they did the test. Please, help me understand what these results indicate.....Thank You!