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  1. Hello everyone-- I just finished my first week in Bikram yoga teacher training, and I have been experiencing a lot of nausea + d. Does anyone out there have any experience with these symptoms during hard core exercise? I know I need to eat a lot of food, and I've been trying to eat as much as I can, but my body doesn't seem to be processing anything. I am used to eating a lot of vegetables, but I can't seem to get too many of those down, so I have been trying to eat good grains like quinuoa and eggs and beans and tempeh, but nothing seems to agree with me. I have also been a vegetarian for 11 years, but have never had any problems like this ever since being gluten free. I am sure I haven't gotten any gluten b/c I have been preparing all of my food myself. Thanks guys, for any advice you might have.
  2. Hello! Brown rice always made me feel a little sick, but then someone told me that brown rice especially needs to be chewed very well or else it is difficult to digest.
  3. Hello-- I had lots of acne issues when I was in high school--I went on accutane twice!!--and still had some acne in my early 20s, until I found this website-- http://acne.org/regimen.html It seems so simple, but it really works--I never break out. I think it is similar to Proactiv but without the toner and with a lower strength benzol peroxide, which the guy says is the key. The best thing is that you know it's not a scam because he recommends prducts like netrogena, etc. If you go through all the steps and really follow them, it starts working with in a week. Quite amazing! Good Luck, Annie
  4. Hello! The regimen described on this site really works for acne. It is quite amazing--I have always been prone to acne, and when I moved to New York I started to break out a lot(maybe because of all the dirt/pollutants?) and I found this website. Seems simple, but I really never break out anymore. http://acne.org/regimen-supplies.html Annie
  5. Hello--I have been gluten free for almost a year, and have had great results and virtually no stomach problems, but all of a sudden I have embarrassing gas--I can't seem to relate it to any particular food--it will be gone for a week, and then randomly back again regardless of whether or not I eat dairy, etc. I eat lots of vegetables and nuts and legumes, and like to keep about half of my diet raw. . . does anyone else have this issue? did pro biotics or digestive enzymes help? Hoping to fix it before people start realizing its not my cat. . . thanks guys.
  6. I felt so much better a few months after being gluten free, and then I started doing bikram yoga and I feel even better! If I ever have any digestion/stomach issues, bikram yoga whips me right back into shape again--its amazing.
  7. San Fran, San Jose, gluten-free Rest

    Cafe gratitude is all gluten free and vegan--you just have make sure that they used only tamari, and no soy sauce in their cooking that day. http://www.withthecurrent.com/cafe.html They are really into the spirtual stuff--but the food is excellent!
  8. Manhattan, New York

    Oh--I just read a few posts down and I guess they are closed temporarily--hopefully will re open soon!
  9. Manhattan, New York

    Oh boy, do I have the restaurant for you!!! It is called Risotteria, and it is on Bleeker street in the west village. They have gluten free breadsticks, gluten free pizzas, gluten free risottos, gluten free sandwiches, and tuesday is gluten free pasta night! I encourage you to venture out of upper manhattan once you get there--if only to eat at this restaurant! You can take the 1 or the 9 to Christopher street. New york is a great, safe city--I'm sure you'll have lots of fun there! www.risotteria.com
  10. Side note on skin probs. . . Anyone with acne out there must visit acne.org!!!!!! It is this non-commercial website that was put together by this guy who had acne and just systematically tried all the different products out there, and he shows you this method using netrogena "on the spot" benzol peroxide treatment. No kidding, this is definitely the cure for acne. I had horrible acne from age 11 on, and went on Accutane twice! At about age 19 it became bareable, but I still broke out, and after moving to NYC 2 years ago it started to get worse (stress, dirt?) And I randomly found this website and never get one blemish ever, unless I skip my routine!
  11. (Sorry, I never reply/quote the right way!)
  12. My skin glows now! I pay a lot more attention to everything that's going on around me! I never used to like fruit or vegetables, but now a banana seriously tastes like ice cream to me now--I think my taste buds have changed! I don't obsess about whether or not I'm going to have a muffin or a cookie for a snack everyday--eating is still enjoyable, but not the main focus of my life. My weight seems to have distributed itself more evenly on my body, too.
  13. Yes, I've been a vegetarian for 10 years--I probably gave gluten/dairy intolerance to myself by eating to much of it over the years! But I won't eat meat again. I could through some more eggs into the mix, but those always seem to make me sick! I have heard that you can't be egg intolerant though, so maybe I am reacting to the butter/milk that restaurants prepare eggs with. thanks:)
  14. Yes, I am--I'm running out of things to eat here:(