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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. 1. Can we have strawberry nesquick powder? to make strawberry milk, or does anyone have the manufacturers number? 2. has anyone EVER gotten gluten poisoning from a flu shot, we cant get ahold of the company, and I am very nervous because I hate getting sick more than ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!
  2. weell, its in olives, and I thought mabye gluconane was like glutenate....
  3. can we have ferrous gluconate? Hanna
  4. hey people, can we have 1. horizon organic chocolate milk, and 2. fruit leathers, you know the kind that are whole fruit and they are good!! thanks alot! Hanna
  5. yum yum! I will have to try that. Sounds kinda like something that would be good for a mexican dinner, maybe.
  6. Heypeople, can we eat FANTA GRAPE SODA? I really want some. luv Lightningfoot
  7. In utah, I know there is a doc that specializes in celiac. Does anyone know her? if this helps, her office is close to docter mizels. Thanks!
  8. I have a question. I bought swanson chicken broth, (the one that says 99 percent fat free) and on the gluten-free list campbells sent to me, it says rts chicken broth is ok. RTS Meaning ready to serve, I think, and I was wondering if thats the same thing, and if we can eat swanson chicken broth. thank u! Lightningfoot
  9. I havnt had any since I have been diagnosed... I wish I remembered what it tastes like!
  10. can we eat chocolate poppycock? I really want some... LUv you guys! Hanna
  11. I only like one kind of bread, and its fast and fresh bread. you stir and put in the microwave. I love it!
  12. woa hawkfire... no hershey chocolate bars?? I am glad its only gluten free for me. O and for the person going to mexico, maybe quitting your job would be a good idea. You are describing symptoms I kind of have when i get glutened, and maybe you are just glutened all the time because of pizza. hope you feel better.
  13. I mean when I get glutened I throw up... Not bulimia or sumthin. HEHE sorry! for anyone who was wonderin.
  14. I was wondering if tylenol multi system cold day liquid citrus burst was gluten-free?
  15. does anyone have an idea for a princess costume? I need one soon