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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I am wondering if I should add dairy back in? I really don't think it's an issue for her (not sure why, gut feeling I guess) and it would give us a few more foods to work with....
  2. She's been gluten-free for two months with no changes. I was under the impression that sometimes one food allergy will mask another, hence if she was, say reacting to soy the symptoms might have still been there when I removed the gluten. That's why I thought I had to remove everything at once. Eliminate everything until there is a change (or not) and then introduce things back in one at a time to see what was causing the problem. I have never heard of a rotation diet. And, I listed all the foods she eats already. You can't get much more simple than peanut butter, pancakes (sometimes), rice cakes, bananas, dried fruit and refried beans (I forgot this one the first time). I really don't mean to sound snarky, but I feel that way. NOT at all because of YOU, of course ( (hug) ), just the situation itself. I'm SO at the end of my rope. I mean, in the past she's been gluten-free for two months
  3. First of all, I should say my daughter has not been diagnosed with celiac disease. However, a friend of mine who has a couple kids with the disease told me there are some parents of kids with multiple food allergies on here so I am hoping I can get some help. I hope this is the right forum. A little history... My daughter turned 4 in April. She was exclusively breastfed for a long time as she would not TOUCH solid foods for a long time. She gagged on everything until she was 11 months old and even then was 75-95% breastfed until she was about 2 because there were so few foods she would eat. At two years old, she developed a mystery rash which her doctor informed me "looked awfully gluten" so the both of us went gluten-free for two months (we were about 98% gluten-free). The rash cleared up with another treatment (raw chinese herbs) and never came back and no other symptoms cleared up to make us think gluten was an issue for her, so we went back on it. In my gut, I felt there was a link, though. Over time her diet has been free of dairy, soy and peanuts, although never at the same time. We had not noticed any difference until recently she had a sample of a soymilk smoothie at the HFS and about 1/2 hour later FREAKED OUT. She was screaming, hitting me in the face, extremely violent, and horrible. We promptly took her off soy and that wee saw some amazing changes. My EXTREMELY picky daughter started wanting to eat all sorts of foods. She shared an artichoke with me (she never eats vegetables), she ate steak (she will not TOUCH meat outside of chicken McNuggets or the occasional hot dog), and wanted to try my hard-boiled egg (this past Easter, she refused to even TOUCH the real eggs during the hunt, literally). Her bm's became solid, too. I didn't smell any foul breath (sometimes smells like dog poop, I swear), Although a week isn't such a long period of time to notice a difference in that. About a week later, though, my dh fed her some yogurt with corn syrup in it and also "natural flavors" and she had another freak out like the one the week before. A few days later, all the positive changes we'd noticed went away and we were back to square one. Now she has been soy and dairy-free since then and I am trying hard to cut out all gluten and corn, as well (the only corn she's had this week has been in baking powder in pancakes). But it's hard. It's so hard, I just don't know how much longer we can do this. I am trying to try new gluten-free recipes, but she's not liking them. Seriously, she is SUCH a picky eater, and I've taken away nearly all the foods she will eat so now we are down to peanut butter (which she will eat on rice cakes, or pancakes), bananas, dried fruits and cashews. She is hungry all the time and we are all miserable. My husband, while supportive of the food allergy theory during her freak-out, is no longer on board. I'm crying nearly every day at the thought of her being hungry and miserable. At the frustration of trying to find something she will eat, and at the anger when she refuses it (or takes the tiniest bite and gags violently b/c it doesn't taste good to her). I keep holding desperately to the memory of those changes in her the first week she was soy-free, but I just don't know how long I can DO this diet. So my question is... I know often when the offending food is removed, the child starts eating more things. How long does that take with gluten? My friend told me it took about 3 weeks to notice a change in her son, and if I have to wait that long I fear she will be malnutritioned. They say you should never make mealtimes a battle with your children but that's what it's always been here, and it's worse now. I do my best to keep it calm, but it's so HARD. Another fear I have is that all these crazy diets will haev a negative impact on her. Will she have eating disorders because I am constantly changing her eating requirements? Please, give me some advice. I just don't know what I should do. Thank you, Bonnie