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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi, Yes, your experience sounds like mine. I do get bloating very often. I would say I get bloated, stomach distended at the minimum twice a week. I often look like I am pregnant! If I eat anything with milk in it, I get stomach pain. So I don't eat anything with gluten, or milk in it. And lately, it seems if I have a glass of wine (especially on an empty stomach) I get horrible stomach pain that keeps me up all night until I fall asleep of exhaustion. For a while I was being treated for a possible ulcer. It seemed to get better and then after a few months of no symptoms, I tried having a glass of wine again and bam! Terrible pain. It is sooo frustrating when I am avoiding gluten and milk and still having digestive issues.
  2. So maybe it is related to being glutened then. Hmmmm. Thanks!
  3. Today I had something happen that has happened atleast 2 other times to me within the last year or so. I will start feeling down emotionally, then after that I will become very fatigued (comes on quickly) and feel cold/chills. It is like I am coming down with a virus. I usually have to take a nap and pile tons of blankets on me to stay warm. About an hour and a half later the symptoms begin to wear off. It is possible that it coincides with being glutened because it seems to me that it has happened at times when I have been accidentally glutened, but not every time I get accidentally glutened. Any thoughts?
  4. We will be moving to Central New Jersey this summer. A little south of Trenton. Can anyone tell me what is available in the way of shopping for groceries, and eating out? Thanks!
  5. General Mills is reformulating their rice chex cereal. They are taking out the barley malt syrup and replacing it with molasses. They are also going to be producing the rice chex cereal in a dedicated facility! The new boxes say "gluten free" on them. Be careful when you shop because some of the old non gluten free formula boxes are still on shelves in stores. YUM!
  6. Hi, One thing you might watch is if there is a connection to his hyper behavior with food coloring-especialy red food coloring. I have noticed that while gluten and dairy affect my children in other ways, red food coloring makes them start bopping off the walls. Just a thought. Sounds like you are a very caring and concientous mom!
  7. My 9 year old's behavior changes dramatically after getting gluten or milk. After gluten, he becomes paranoid, anxious, cries at the drop of a hat, picks on his sister more, has angry outbursts and sometimes wets the bed. It is all irrational behavior for a nine year old. He doesn't have digestive symptoms. We are going through it right now and I have been showing symptoms also. I am going to do what the other poster said about wiping down my kitchen really good. Ughhh!
  8. Thanks for the supplement suggestion. I am not currently taking any because I have had trouble in the past (which I now think was soy related). So I do need to find good, dairy, gluten and soy free supplements. I guess my real question now is, if I get an official diagnosis, what are the chances of being denied health insurance in the future?
  9. Yes, unfortunately I have been dairy free for 2 years and soy free for 1 year now. I think the weakness is from my hypoglycemia which is related to gluten ingestion.
  10. This is a good question. I have no idea. I guess I will need to find this out first.
  11. After reading Momma Goose's post about the pill cam I got really excited about the idea of having this procedure done. History: Had 2 negative biopsies, but a positive through enterolab and I have the 2 main celiac genes. I am 95% sure that I have celiac disease. Right before taking gluten out of my diet I was really sick. I became hypoglycemic and this resolved once I went gluten free. I have been off gluten for almost 2 years now, but during the last few months I started having blood sugar problems at night, shortness of breath, muscle weakness (some of my major symptoms I used to have right before I went gluten free), In addition, my 9 year old son who also tested postive at enterolab has had a return of his gluten symptoms. We were eating Ener-G tapioca bread for the last 6 months. I took that out of our diet and my son has totally improved and my hypoglycemia is getting better quickly. I know that it is supposed to be gluten free, but I really feel that we were reacting to it. I also cannot eat their pretzels and neither can my daughter without getting an immediate stomachache. Anyway, that is another story. So I am thinking that with recent glutening, it is possible that the pill cam would find something, or it might find old damage. If it comes back clean and negative then I will have confirmation that my intestines are healthy. In this respect I feel that it is a win-win situation. I also like the idea of the opportunity to get an "official diagnosis," out of it. Right now, when I see doctors for health issues (i.e. swollen salivary gland) I have to say "I think" I have celiac disease and then they ask me if I have tested positive to which I have to say "no, but...." and then they change the subject because they aren't interested in self-diagnosis. I also believe that knowing that I have celiac disease might be factored in when assessing me for health problems. Right now, it isn't. Okay, now on the flip side, what are the cons for having the official diagnosis? The only one I can think of is insurance issues? I know in the past that has been discussed here in the fourm. I am on my husband's insurance plan right now and currently am not working. I plan to go back to work in a few years and will possibly enroll in an insurance plan. But that is a few years away and it doesn't seem worth it to do the test then. Any thoughts? I feel an urge to get an official diagnosis documented so that later in life as health issues arise and doctor's knowledge of celiac disease increases they can connect the pieces of the puzzle. Or am I putting to much faith in the diagnosis? I know that there are tests that should be run on people with Celiac disease to monitor their health, but I fear that without the diagnosis, if I request them, I look like a hypochondriac and could be denied. Thank you if you have read all of this!
  12. This is absolutely fascinating! I really wish I could have done this a few years ago when I was still eating gluten. I had two endoscopy/small bowel biopsies done and they were negative. I'm 95% sure I have celiac diesease though from my genetic testing and enterolab results. I'm wondering if I could/should go get it done now to see if there is still damage or as a tool for measuring improvement? Hmmm, maybe a visit is in store with my GI doc.
  13. Thanks Gemini for this information. My ENT is reccomending a CAT scan with and without contrast dye for this Monday. I'm wondering if I should still do that or if having the blood work done first would be less invasive? He did mention doing bloodwork after the CAT scan. Is there a cure for Sjogren's disease? Is it dangerous our just annoying? Thanks!
  14. For about 3 months now I have noticed that I have this swollen gland in my neck. Saw the ENT today and he thinks it is a swollen salivary gland. He mentioned Sjogren's disease as a possibility but I don't have ANY of the other symptoms. Interestingly I have been getting gluten accidentally for several months and have now discovered the source and eliminated it. I'm wondering if this swollen salivary gland is an inflamation due to the gluten. Any thoughts? Has anyone else had this as a symptom and had it go away on its own? My ENT wants to do a CAT scan to gather more info. on it and make sure there aren't any lymph nodes involved with it. Any thoughts? Thanks!!
  15. Thanks Beagle for the info. on Melatonin. I will also check out the book you mention. I am glad to have these ideas because I have never gone this long with poor sleep. AliB, This may be something. Because I was getting glutened over the last few months, my hypoglycemia symptoms started returning at night. I was having to eat a snack before bed in order to stop adrenaline surges. That may have been when my sleeping pattern started getting out of whack. Since discovering the gluten source and removing it, my hypo symptoms are going away again and I have been able to cut the night time snack out. I 'm wondering if now I am just "conditioned" to wake up at those times. Hmmmmmm. Thanks for your ideas. Jestgar, Ohhh man, I don't even want to think about more foods that I am sensitive to. But you may be right.