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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Cafe Formaggio - Gluten Free Pizza

    Have you tried yet?? let me know when you do. and btw those raviolis are AMAZING! I got them at Jandi's in Oceanside. They had a few brands of ravioli when I was there but only tried these and they are AWESOME!! Kristen
  2. Cafe Formaggio - Gluten Free Pizza

    Jillian, Did you know there is a pizzeria on Plandome rd. in manhasset with gluten-free pizza?? It is called Villa Milano I think. We had a pizza party at work and they ordered from there only to find out they had gluten-free pizza. It was pretty good! Kristen
  3. I contacted Francesco Rinaldi and this is my response: Regarding your e-mail, The following products are Gluten Free: Francesco Meat Sauce Francesco Mushroom Sauce Francesco Three Cheese Sauce Francesco Traditional Sauce Francesco Marinara Sauce Francesco Tomato & Basil Sauce Francesco Ultra Dolce Sweet & Tasty Sauce Francesco Garden Combo Francesco Tomato/Garlic/Onion Francesco Super Mushroom Sauce Francesco No-Salt Sauce Francesco Pepper/Onion and Mushroom Sauce Francesco Mushroom and Pepper Sauce Francesco Portabello Mushroom Sauce Francesco Eggplant and Parmesan Sauce Francesco Organic Tomato/Basil Sauce Francesco Organic Roasted Garlic Sauce Francesco Organic Portabello Mushroom Sauce Francesco Organic Burgundy Marinara Sauce Francesco Rinaldi Premium Alfredo Sauce These products are not free of soy or casein. We do not have any other products that do not contain soy, casein or wheat. Hope this helps. Ann Marie Klass QA Administrative Assistant annmarie@LiDestrifoods.com
  4. Dizziness

    Hello. I found your post and I too have really bad dizziness after going gluten free. I have been gluten-free for a little over a year now and it is the worst it has ever been. I'm being worked up right now for seizures but I really attribute it to eating. I notice it is the worst the day after I eat out or I drink alcohol does this happen to anyone? Could it be that I am so senstive to gluten now? All of my blood work since going gluten-free has been normal so my dr. doesnt think it is gluten related. any ideas?? It is really disrupting my life
  5. Hi..I belong to St. Agnes cathedral in Rockville Centre and they have gluten-free host (my mom asked). I haven't been to that church since being gluten-free, so I can't tell you for sure. Perhaps you can call... Good Luck.
  6. Restaurants

    Hello...I'm on the Island and haven't had a sandwich in 10 months!! What is the bread called? I'm goin!!! Thanks, Kristen P.S.- I'm in Nassau County too--any restaurants other than the obvious where you've had success?? I need a change of atmosphere...
  7. Long Island Restaurants?

    Enjoy!! Ravioli is/was my favorite food and I'm telling you they are so good! I had him make it parmesan!!! So delicious...
  8. Long Island Restaurants?

    ABSOLUTELY!! Mama's in Oakdale has a gluten free menu that is quite extensive. They also have pizza which I have not tried. I was there a few weeks ago and the chef made gluten free raviolis as the special and they were AMAZING!!! He actually came to the table to see how I liked them. I know there is also Carrabbas in Smithtown area as well. There are also two legal sea foods on long island, outbacks, and PF Changs that all have gluten free menus. Another great Italian place is Cafe Baldo in Wantaugh - they also ahve gluten-free menu. Good Luck!!
  9. Dos Caminos

    Ok, so I will be going there tomorrow. Just a few additional questions...are the chips/salsa OK to eat?? Also, what did u drink there? are the margaritas OK? Thanks and I'll report back on my experience.. Kristen
  10. Dos Caminos

    Thats great!! I can't wait to go!! (Hopefully soon) thanks, Kristen
  11. Panera Salads...any Success?

    I always get the greek salad with black bean soup!! So good!
  12. Dos Caminos

    Which dos caminos did you go to?
  13. Thank you everyone! I too am stubborn to give it up because it is so much nicer to have a glass of wine than any of the other liquors. I think I will give my body a rest and then slowly try and drink it and see if that bothers me. I too get buzzed immediately after my first sip. It's a great feeling, but don't think thats normal Thanks for all of your advice and recommendations... -Kristen
  14. Wow! Same thing happened to me. I felt fine when I was diagnosed barely any symptoms and now since being gluten-free I have every symptom I could possibly have including what you are mentioning, plus the dizziness and brain fog. Its horrible. I am wondering the same thing..why am I getting worse by the week...???