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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Tight Throat

    Hi, I've had the endoscopy/biopsy... nothing concerning my throat was noted on the doctors report. I know that when I eat, the first few times I swallow, I must swallow an additional time as it feels as if not everything has gone down, then it settles into a normal feeling. Steve Hi Susan, you could be right. I had my blood tested last week and get the results tomorrow. It is always odd as sometimes I feel great, plenty of energy, but yet results show my synthroid needs to be increased. Other times I'm really tired, sluggish, and my bloodwork comes back fine with no change in dosage. Steve P.S. I have also have Hashimotos.
  2. Don't have the poping sounds, but the burning feeling.... You mentioned Stomach. Burning in the stomach is normally acid, could be too much from nerves, etc. I used to get a warm sensation in my lower intestines, but have not had that for some time now. Steve
  3. Hey lister, Ya kinda sound like me, at least in the past. Your body will go completely strange with a food intelorance with many weird and wonderful sensations. Keeping positive is not easy because you naturally feel depressed... if it goes on long, then you switch into that impending doom feeling. The first time you begin to no longer feel this, then you know your system is improving. Most times you can make this happen by eating fruit, like grapefruit for breakfast, mixed fruit at lunch, salad for supper with plain chicken strips, and to drink... stick with water. If you feel tired, take a pick me up.... I usually have a Coke, but only one in a day as too much sugar and you feel bad. Also, when my symptoms began I had discomfort in my left testical. The doc checked it, found nothing, but it persisted for a long time, then switched to on and off. The biggest problem I had was a really bad upset & bloated stomach. Pimples... I still get them but in very small numbers. They appear almost anywhere. I'd guess you are having a similar reaction (nothing to worry about). Stick with a good diet and all should be better (perhaps not perfect, but better). If you still have problems try an elimination diet (i.e. start with rice, and slowly add other items). Take care, Steve
  4. Hi, One thing that I have always found strange since having a food intolerance and a thyroid problem is that whenever I drive my car I get a feeling of having a tight throat. I sometimes get this when I lay down for bed. If I lay on my back or side I notice it. If I'm driving and talking to someone, I don't notice it. It pretty much happens every morning and evening to and from work. Almost a feeling like you would get if you are really stressed or nervous about something. I've mentioned this to my doctor, but as per most doctors he feels it is in my mind. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this and if it is related to my thyroid (I'm recently diagnosed as Hypo) or to a gluten problem (since Dec I've been avoiding gluten). Thanks, Steve
  5. Hi, In the end it is up to you should you 100% need to know the answer... But, I should tell you that I had your symptoms almost a year ago. I went to see a doctor who did not mention being food intolerant but instead focused in on my thyroid as it was suddenly not working properly. Even with thyroid meds, the stomach/brain fog/depression persisted. Docs thought it was just me being to aware of my body. I read about the gluten intollerance on the web and had the docs check me for this. Did the stomach biopsy & blood test. Both came back negative. I decided to remove gluten from my diet anyways, and my symptoms improved 90%. So is it gluten? Am I a Celiac? I'd say it's definitely something with the gluten family that is causing the problem (just have to figure out what). The symptoms you described are the classic symptoms for a food intollerance. It could be gluten or gluten and something else, either case do what you need to do to feel better. All the best, Steve
  6. Hi, I'm in the same boat as you. I recently was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and as well had the blood test and small intestine sample test for celiac. Well, both the blood and intestine sample came back negative, but from my perspective I definitely have an intollerance to certain types of food, and if gluten is removed from my daily diet, my life improves a heck of a lot more. Steve
  7. Hi, I was recently diagnosed with a thyroid problem & now take synthroid medication for it. The thyroid problem was discovered when I went to see the doctor about an on and off upset stomach and bloating. I found out that approx 30% of people who have celiac disease will also soon have a thyroid problem. Many people will not even realize they have an intolerance to gluten for years and years as their symptoms are not the every day normal ones. The only problem with this is that their thyroid is slowly being affected as well as other possible problems. Eventually everything comes to a head, as was the case for me... my thyroid just seem to go off one day & as well stomach problems consistent with celiac disease appeared. I do find it hard managing the both of them. Sometimes I feel tired or have brain fog and I don't know if it is from the thyroid or gluten intolerance. When my stomach gets upset, that is definitely from the gluten. I don't have Graves Disease for my thyroid but instead the one where the antibodies that attack gluten are similar to the ones that are attacking my thyroid. All the best, Steve
  8. Vision

    Hi, Funny you should mention this. Since have problems with gluten, my eyesight seems to worsen. Sometimes it just feels like there is something over one of my eyes that needs to be rubbed away (a slight blurring). I do wear glasses for reading, but can still read without them.... but there are days, since having this gluten problem, that I can't read unless I have plenty of light and my glasses on. Steve
  9. Pain Lower Right Side

    Hi, My body went strange in July of 2005. Had the bloating, constant upset stomach, discomfort in the lower right side of my abdomen. Doctors were of little help. The only thing they found after tons of tests was that my thyroid was off. So they prescribed synthroid for my thyroid... only problem was that it made things worse vice better as at the time I was still eating things to upset my stomach without knowing it. I eventually discovered that my problems had to do with my eating. I slowly went gluten free and my symptoms relaxed enough that the thyroid medication could take effect. Just a note... about 30% of people that have a gluten intollorance leading to Celiac also have a thyroid problem. Now and then when my body goes off due to something I ate, the discomfort will return in my lower right side, along with the foggy head, upset stomach, and weird stools. So, I'd say that you are correct in thinking that the discomfort you feel is in relation to what you are eating. Steve Steve