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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Alcohol

    i was wondering if anyone knew about everlast? i checked on the website but i could find anything that helped me. thanks
  2. Cereal Recommendations?

    i have literally been living off of fruity and cocoa pebbles for nearly 5 years, i just bought my first box of the neopets and it was AMAZING!!!! i really cant stand the organic brands like the gorilla and panda ones, but i think its cause i burnt myself out on those
  3. Anyone In Junior High Who Lives In Utah.

    In August i will be living in Utah! Im going to Southern Utah University, so i dont know the area, because i presently live in AZ, but if its close maybe we cpuld get lunch someday. and make nbew friends and tell your old ones to stick it! lol, good luck
  4. i got my braces off right before i was diagnosed with celiac, but braces do hurt! my best advice, use lots of wax! and i got lots of kankersores when i had my braces too, so use anbesol. the first few days are bad, take pain medicine if its unberable, drink those yogurt smoothie things so you get the food. it will get better! Good luck! i also thought it was funny that you have your braces, and you mom has tmj, and you both have celiac. same with me and my mom, although she wont get tested for celiac because doesnt want to have to go throughg what i go through!
  5. i have a dietary specialist and she told me that the only vinegar thats ok it heinz's brand. the heinz white wine vinegar. also ive heard of some people getting sick form other brands of ketchup, so i stick with Heinz. French's mustard is the safe brand for mustard. it took me about 3 months to become familiar with celiac, and about 6 before i felt better every day. one day when i went to my doctor, i walked in and said "so this is what its like to be normal, your not supposed to be sick everyday!"
  6. ive never had a problem with lipglosses or toothpastes or anything like that. oh actually i have problems with lotions. but then again i stick with the same brtands for everything and ive only tried two lipglosses so maybe i got lucky... it think it also depends on how sensitive you are
  7. i have similar problems too but ive been diagnosed with celiac for almost five years now. i sometimes look at myself and just think FREAK. i think that everything would be ok if i didnt have celiac. that i would be a NORMAL teen, and i wouldnt have to explain things to people. I recently went on a week long trip to London, and the whole meal was ok, we had prearranged all the meals, but when the waiter started passing out the dessert, the kid next to me, (who i didnt know) kept pushing me to take it "come on whats wrong with you, why dont you want the brownie? its good, try some" i flipped out on him and just yelled "you dont even know me, leave me the **** alone!!!" i felt bad, but i really hate eating with strangers. that was the last meal i ate with somebody not in my group...
  8. Prom Time

    at both of my proms they just had buffet style snacks. they have choclate fountains, which aren't safe, due to pretzels... and for drinks i just stick with the canned ones. it certainly wouldnt be fun to get the punch which could have been spiked...everyone goes out to dinner beforehand. we have gone to teppanayki (sp?) restaurants and i have been fine both times. those places are great and safe because you see what they are putting in it. just make sure the steam from the soy sauce isnt blowing in your face!
  9. you know how everyone gets different reactions if they ingest gluten? yeah well mine is that exactly two hours after accidentally eating it I begin violently vomiting. well one morning i accidentally grabbed the wrong pack of bluberry waffles and ate them without realizing it. well that morning my choir was going to be singing on the local news channel. as we were driving down there, i puked once, everyone thought it was just nerves. then i puked in the lobby and right before we went on. and the last time it got all over my dress so i couldnt go on. my mom had to come pick me up, and the whole school knew about it by the end of the day. At least everyone at the news channel was really nice about it, and felt bad. that was my most emabrrassing moment due to celiac.