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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Anyone In Alabama?

    I am in Jasper but will be moving to Huntsville area in late August or Sept. My husband works in Huntsville. Can you tell me if there are any support groups in the area? What about doctors, specifically pediatricians? Currently we are using pediatrician and gastroenterologist in Birmingham.
  2. Anyone In Alabama?

    I am in Alabama. I have not been diagnosed with celiacs. My brother has responded to a gluten free diet and I am concerned about my symptomatic children and am in the process of having them tested. I spoke to a woman in Montgomery with children with celiacs. I have a daughter that lives in Montgomery that may have celiacs. Could you recommend a doctor for her to see in that area? She is close to your age , has multiple GI symptoms and terrible swelling. How long have you been diagnosed?
  3. Please Advise

    Actually my husband has indigestion and is prone to diarrhea/constipation but it isn't masculine to talk about these. He has characteristics of ADD. I don't know if this is important but his Dad reacts severely to beer and his brother has multiple allergies. The gene test would be great if I can get a doctor to order one. Thanks for the reply. It is wonderful to not feel alone.
  4. I first became aware of celiacs when my brother who has multiple food allergies went gluten free and got excellant results. He had suffered for years with unexplained, often debilitating, back pain and after becoming gluten free has no back pain unless he goes off his gluten free diet. I began doing research and realized that my mother in law had many symptoms of celiacs ie. irritable bowel, fatty liver, osteoporosis, unexplained rash, depression, small stature, small bones. Her very short statured brother died of colon cancer a few years ago. My concern is for my children. My 14 y/o has excessive burping, abdominal swelling, ADD/ADHD, asthma, chronic sinus infection, joint and bone pain,difficulty sleeping, late onset of puberty, chronic migraines and is very thin boned.The dentist recently was concerned because her gums were in poor condition( could be a sign of poor nutrition?). My 11 y/o has migraines, reflux,abdominal pain and diarrhea also excessive burping. My 9 y/o feels bad often , had 8 cavities last dentist visit, has allergies,symptoms of ADD and chronic constipation, low energy levels and often seems depressed , severe leg pains wakes up in the night crying with them also excessive burping. I began using sublingual B-complex and when I give it to my children they are not as irritable. My 14 y/o says she can tell it makes her feel better. I am overwhelmed with chronically sick children. I too am sick often, depressed, have mulitple allergies, alternating constipation/diarrhea, don't sleep well. My pediatrician was supportive of having my 14 y/o evaluated for celiacs. Her blood tests were negative. He now wants to check her for lactose intolerance. I would love to try going gluten free but my 14 y/o is very resistant. My 11 y/o is a very picky eater. They go to the neighbors and eat junk food if I don't buy it. My husband would never go gluten free and with gluten foods in my home it would be impossible to keep my children from eating them. My husband says he will be tested for celiacs but with the average time it takes to be diagnosed (10 yrs.) i just feel like I am climbing Mt. Everest with out being equipped. He does not want to order the DNA test except through a doctor. I tried gluten free for a week myself and my diarrhea disapeared. The stress of chronically ill children has put a strain on my marriage. My husband is verbally supportive but is skeptical and will not insist his mother be tested. He does not want to get genetic testing because of the cost. I just feel that if my MIL would be tested it would save so much time and money and stress. Any advice ?