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  1. Maryland Gluten Free?

    hi again, I found the post that i wrote seeking help, and today I found a much better way to do it. Go to the google custom search box on this site and type in Baltimore maryland gluten free restaurants . You will get my answers plus a number of web addresses that relate to the topic. Specific to baltimore. I opened all them and they 're great. You will end up with about 30plus rest names between all of the sites. Sorry about the typos. I can spell , just can't type !!!Happy eating, you will enjoy life more now that you are free to go a rest of your choice. !! Let us know now you make out with your dining exper. and if you find any more to add to my list, send them along plse.
  2. Maryland Gluten Free?

    Hi, just love Balrtimore and have had good luck there. Husband dx over 23 yrs ago and is gluten-free except for mistakes, and I am gluten free 95% of the time. It's much easier to plan menus , cook and generally have a normal relationship with food that he must eat. If you get to Balt. try Roy's (hawian fusion) Down by the waterfront. Don't be turned off by the catagory. They offer wonderful things and have a gluten-free menu that is the best I have ever seen. Most of the time I order from that one also. Don't miss the Choc signature dessert. They are expense but offer a 3 course fixe pixe dinner that is always wonderful also. Very knowledgeable. They have rest. in a lot of the very lge cities. I will also try to find the site i used that lists gluten-free in Balt. Also a place called the Zee mean bean(Spelling) quaint, slavik and wonderful. Hope this gets you started. Most good rests will accomodate your needs if you ask nicely and don't expect a 16 course meal. Good luck,Enjoy
  3. has anyone out there used both Domata living Flour and Better Batter Flour? Please tell me which one you liked the best and why. Do you used both ,but for different things , like one for cakes,cookies and muffins and one for bread and pizza dough, which one is truly less trouble and is a better match for one to one in the regular world of gluten flour recipes. Also has anyone tried the Domata pizza dough mix? Do you like it? thanks for your help.
  4. Risotto

    i am new at replying, so if wrong, forgive me my recipe has been used every fri during winter and fall and spring in our house. 2 tbs olive oil 2 tbs butter , melt both in pan and add 1 med shallot finely diced, cook until translucent(fresh garlic, very finely minced if you like) add 3/4 c or 1 cup of arborigo rice and saute lightly (they become translucent also.don't be surprised if the pop .) add 1/2 cup white dry wine and simmer until wine is absorbed. Add chicken broth (heated ) one or two ladels at a time until each addition has been absorbed. I use anywhere from 4 to 5 cups of broth. you must stir frequently, but I am not a slave to it.i feel the secret to creamy risotto is that you do not add the next broth until the current one is absorbed in the meantime i parboil asparagus , cut onthe diag into 1" pieces, I cut up bottled roasted red peppers ( amt to your taste), and peel 1 # of raw shrimp . all of this will be added later. when you get about 2 ladels from being finished i add the shrimp and let it simmer until they turn red(do not over cook)About 3 to 5 minutes) at that point i add the red peppers and apsaragus and let it heat for a minute or two lastly, add 1/4 cup pf parm cheese and 4 tbs 1/2 and 1/2 or heavy cream . take off heat and stir until combined. the last 2 additions makes it creamy and rich this recipe should be cooked by your heart not your head! add anything you like. chicken, all veggie (zuccini, mushrooms, yellow summer squash, red peppers, scallions geen beans, cherry tomaotoes, you get the idea, go for it. risotto in our family means comfort and love. i wish you the same. ps properly cooked risotto will be in a creamy comsistency, never soupy, just kinda of wobbly.
  5. can anyone help me with a list of gluten-free restaurants in baltimore , maryland. We will be spending time there over the next 18 months as i have been accepted in a research program at Kennedy Kreigher Institute( part of john hopkins0. Would like places in baltimore proper to sve gas. it is the round trip each time(12 times and about 1000 plus miles round trip) I wouldn't mind one special place out side downdown if the was absolutely the greatest .Well you get the picture!we are staying at the Holiday Inn at Camden Yards. We are boston red socks fans and no matter how hard i pray it hasn't turned into Fenway !!! . Just kidding Lord.
  6. can anyone help me getting a list of restaurants in baltimore proper. I will be joining a research medication study and will have to make 12 trips in 18 months for testing. We will be staying at a Holiday inn , near Camden Yards, so would like a list in blm proper to cut down gas expense. It,s 800 miles one way just to get to Bltm for the program. Any help would be appreciated. thank you
  7. Potato Gnocchi

    the best gnocchi recipe i have ever used is the one on this site. it's found undergf italian recipes/pizza ect. Just do not try to roll too large a piece of dough into the log. and remember your stomach does not care what it looks like. it,s the taste that counts. I have been using this recipe for several years. you can add all kinds of things to it (herbs, sun dried tom , and many more!!!pesto . when i'm really into it i will make the recipe 2 or 3 times and freeze them in portions. good luck and happy eating
  8. We will be visiting Lancaster, Palmsdale and Quartz Hills, California for 3 weeks and would like to know where we can dine and also where we can buy gluten-free food products. Anyone out there with suggestions. We will be able to cook and bake where we are staying. Thanks for your help.
  9. My Dh has had sprue for 20 years and 6 mos ago the developed this constant itch consuming his entire body. He does not have DH. Could it be that Tide detergent, Downey softner or Tone soap are not gluten-free. If anyone knows plse advise. We are pretty diet safe unless we get unknowingly contaminated. We saw the DR again today and he says he has no idea what the problem is!!! Please advise if anyone knows about these products. Thank you for your advise.
  10. Would appreciate some suggestions for Gluten-free eating in Boston and in Baltimore. DH and I will be traveling next Month and would like nice dinners and average lunch place suggestions. Tried to do search on site but was overwelming, and does not specify what ones are related to search area request. Appreciate any help you may care to offer Thank you.
  11. sorry left out an ingredient. Recipe needs 2-3 Tablespoon of grated parm or romano cheese. Careful on adding salt to taste because of the cheeses. . You are so right, there are as many recipes for Easter Pie as there are Italians. The secret is the region the family came from originally. I have made it with sausage, and some use salami, abbruzzi and on and on. I think it's funny that it took me 20yrs + to find a recipe that was workable for my hubbie. Why? Because we owned an Italian deli for all those years and I made about 125 + each year to sell. Poor guy, the story of the cobblers kids who had no shoes? we also made rice Pie and 2 kinds of ricotta pie for sale. And this from a little irish girl who couldn't cook when she got married.
  12. !/2 basket of Fresh Italian cheese*(about 1/2 pound) 1 cup ham, boiled or baked or even some of the hot hams if you like)Cut into small dice. 6 eggs beaten Salt and pepper to taste . * for those who are not familiar with basket cheese--It's a very moist bland cheese that is usually available only at easter time in most Italian markets and delis. Proper handling is to drain in refrigerator overnight '////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////,before cubing it in small pieces. IT sheds LOTS of milky water. IOf fresh, it has no smell or taste. I actually prefer to crumble rather than dice it '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''just a personal choice.!It is like farmer cheese but not interchangeable Directions MIx crumbled cheese and diced ham, S&p to tastei nto well blended eggs. Pour into 9 or 10 inch pie plate Bake in a 350 oven for about 45 minutes until set . Leave a dime size somewhat jiggly in the middle.leave to set up when out of oven. Now for crust, For years used many bad pie crust recipes.this year I used one found on this site. Easy, simple and good!!! Go to recipezaar.com and type in44487 in search. Make some minor changes inthis pizza crust recipe. Instead of Italian seasoning, I used Ground black peeper, to taste between 1/4 and 1/2 tsp. put in dough as you would seasoning.I also used brown rice flour. worked great. We make this for pizza every week.. I patted it out in pie plate and pre baked for 10-13 minutes. JUst keep it light in color. What a forgiving dough. Enjoy and Happy Holidays. Fill, bake and eat!!
  13. Need Easter Bread Recipe

    Trying again to post this easter bread recipe. What a treat for husband to have toasted easter bread with lots of butter this a.m. Am satified that this recipe works. To find it , go to recipezaar.co and type in88299 in search box. then make the changes I am adding here. The basic recipe is just the same as my mother -in-law's except hers made six loaves instead of one. The bread is the courser, denser rustic style, not the "americanized version " that is now popular. It smells, looks and taste like the real thing. The only problem I had was that I baked it too long. Will correct next time. Changes to the recipe. Add juice of 1/2 lemon and 1/2 orange zest of 1/2 lemon zest of whole orange 1 tab/ pure anise flavoring remove gluten (no brainer) add 2.5 tsp of xanthum gum increase yeast to 2 tsp. I mixed the flavoring and zest in the liquids I also melted the butter. (can you add it not melted in a bread machine?) Flour mix 1cup brown rice flour 1 cup of white rice flour 1/2 cup of sweet rice flour 1/4 cup of Pot starch 1/4 Corn starch 1/ 4 cuo Tapi flour 1/4 cup of sorghum Flour feel free to tinker with this. I would appreciate your critique. Am always willing to learn from others. Hope you enjoy this and Happy Holidays to all Thanks to miisy's Mom for the tech support.
  14. Need Easter Bread Recipe

    please help. I have typed the reply 4 times and i keep losing it. Know i am in wrong section by could someone e-mail me how to post and reply to cchain and how to start a new topic. I'm just not tech savvy My address www.gracey1037@aol.com Thanks. eventually i'll get the easter bread and also, ham and egg pie on the site. thanks