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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Pappadeaux

    I went there recently for a friend's birthday dinner, of course not expecting to be able to eat anything. It was a surprise party so we had quite a bit of time before the guest of honor arrived. I took that time to ask the waitress about gluten free options and to speak to the manager. They were both very nice about it and simply asked what I was thinking of ordering. The manager let the chefs know to take extra caution with my meal and they deal with special food allergies/sensitivity requests often. I can't remember what exactly I ordered but I think it was the "naked" tilapia baked, with steamed veggies and a simple butter sauce. It was delicious! I highly recommend this restaurant and will be revisiting again. I have been realizing lately that (while it depends on each restaurant) asking for the manager and communicating clearly will get you a safe, delicious, gluten free meal. It's easier than it seems and doesn't always put all the attention on you (which has always been my fear). Enjoy! -Monica
  2. Dallas Restaurants (favorites)

    Laura's Bistro Plano, TX If you are anywhere near here (or even if you are not) you must go! Everything in the rest. is gluten-free!!! Baked goods too! Burgers (with a bun ), Chicken Fingers, and Fried Catfish are some of my favorites Uno's Downtown Fort Worth gluten-free menu and Pizza!!! Pei Wei Outback PF Changs Rockfish Seafood Grill
  3. Dallas Airport

    Just saw this today http://www.ufoodgrill.com/locations/ They just opened a location in the DFW airport I don't know much more about it but I'm wondering if you can eat there even if you aren't flying in/out of the airport
  4. Gluten Free Beer

    it's been awhile since i posted but... you can find Bards at Market Street Bards has been my favorite "normal" beer - as in my non gluten-free bf likes it and it comes in a six pack my bf lives in Dallas and I stock up when I visit him I like Green's as well but yes it is much more expensive
  5. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  6. Starburst jelly beans are gluten-free. it says so right on the bag I've been through 2 bags already
  7. i'd be happy to help. i lived on campus the first year of diagnosis. an interesting experience. I've been living off campus for 2 years now. and will graduate this may. let me know what you need me to do.
  8. Take Home Chef On Tlc

    I love watching this show. And I would love to bring Curtis home with me to cook I've wondered if he would ever cook for someone with celiac disease. I saw an episode where he cooked kosher. maybe one day he'll bump into a celiac
  9. Arizona

    I do not live in Arizona but I have some family there and have visited a few times since diagnosis. Phoenix should have all the major chains (Outback, P.F.Changs, PeiWei, etc.) THere is a pizza place called Picazzo's that is wonderful. And if In N Out is near you (mostly in CA and NV but I think they have branched to AZ...now waiting for them to get to TX) thats a good fast food place to eat
  10. Menu Recommendations For Pf Chang's?

    I had almost given up on PFChangs dinner menu because everything I had tried I didn't like enough for the price (plus an hours drive). But I tried the shrimp and lobster sauce (not sure the exact name) over the Christmas break at home and it was delicious. and of course the chocolate dome is a must, whether I have room or not
  11. I too was at home trying to watch every move my mom made and where and what the pot holders touched. i hated to be looking over her shoulder the whole time but did request we use clean towels to take out the gluten-free dishes (which were most of them...besides the yucky rolls lol) thankfully i didn't get sick. and i know it's okay for me to be right behind her correcting her because it's my health but it's just not like me to be fussed over...sometimes. i'm getting used to it though.
  12. yes the thought of wheat often makes me cringe. i think it's almost more of jokingly though sometimes. there's a cingular commercial that has tractors plowing through wheat fields and i always have to comment on it or change the channel. it's like my roommate who is allergic to cats not liking the very thought of them
  13. Can't Get Well!

    So that's crazy you're name is Monica too (obviously mine is). Anyways I have felt this way for the past couple weeks. I haven't been eating well due to time constraints and flat out laziness when I do have time. I get to a point where I'm like why even bother eating when it seems everything goes straight through me and makes me sick and miserable. This week I was glutened by who know what. But tues afternoon had the stomach symptoms and was on the phone with my mom complaining to her and attempting to convince her that nothing will make me better(she suggested yogurt, apples, and bananas) and no one understands how I feel and what I'm going through, not even me. I calmed down a bit and started feeling a little better. I had a test in the morning and a paper due the next night. I did well on my test suprisingly but I didn't think I could finish my paper well enough due to me not feeling well so thankfully my professor extended it for me. Good thing too because Wed afternoon the migraine came and has been off and on since. It's just so frustrating and have so many other things to deal with I really just don't want to deal with this anymore. But oh well, life could be worse.
  14. Monkey Bread

    I used to always eat this growing up (pre-diagnosis of course). I'll work on it and see if I can come up with something. Maybe just use a gluten-free bread dough? I've been busy with starting school and all and haven't had a lot of time yet to experiment in the kitchen now that I actually have one. But as soon as I do I will have to try this.
  15. When I went to my doctor last she mentioned something similar. She knows a doctor down there with a pill of some sorts. A long name and I can't remember the abbreviation for it though. She mentioned it's something that most doctor's don't really "believe". He had done something else in the medical field before that no one believed and ended up winning an award or something like that. So who knows. Maybe this is why I've always wanted to visit Australia.