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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. What Do You Do?

    It's rather simple. Your dietary restrictions are not their problem. You (and only you) are responsible for what you eat. So, eat before you go. Or, just have a diet coke if you can't find something you are sure of. They want to go out with you, so go out. Don't make things a hassle or they'll stop asking. Next time, ask them out to a restaurant that has gluten-free items on the menu.
  2. Ever Want To Shake Your Spouse?

    Just to chime in here: Moving on.
  3. Try water on your cereal. Really.
  4. Why Are So Many Of Us Still Not Feeling Well?

    Perhaps exercise is the answer? You did not mention this.
  5. Celiac Girl Goes On A Date

    A friend of mine did and has been happily married for 13 years. He just knew. Now, for the most part, that is not a good idea.
  6. Outback-no More Gluten Free Menu?

    Go to the outback website, print the gluten-free menu (dated Aug 06) and bring it with you. No worries, mate.
  7. Puffin's cereal is listed as wheat free, not gluten free. I tried it and it gave me Glutened symptoms.
  8. Ran A 5k Today

    Brown Rice pasta will help. You can get it from trader joes. Eat a couple plates of that a day and it should help.
  9. Dizziness

    Yes. It goes away. I'm in my second month of a Gluten-free diet. The first week was a little unnerving, but it got better. I coupled the gluten-free diet with more exercise and made sure I got enough sleep. I can really feel a difference. I hope things get better for you.
  10. Since going Gluten-free things have been easier for me. I also try to concentrate on the glycemic effect of my food. Rice cakes, puffed rice, millet , etc. all have high glycemic effect and therefore I avoid them or limit the size of those portions.
  11. Irish Heritage And Celiac's

    This thread is a monster!! I am 50% Irish (as my Irish Grandma reminds me) and 50% Pennsylvania Dutch (DEUTSCH). If anyone is interested in a brief list of the possible reasons for the term "Pennsylvania Dutch" here is a link.
  12. Wendy's

    Wendy's was horrible for me. It gave me such a headache after I ate a burger and fries there. It first happened after I ate a meal before my law school admission test. I was in such a brain fog that I struggled during the entire test. It felt like my brain was in neutral. Horrible way to take a test. Thank goodness I avoid that now.
  13. Introduction

    Welcome. Just to let you know, I'm at 6 weeks gluten-free and my mental clarity is astounding. The Brain fog is gone. I am now training myself to sit and concentrate on a task for a long periods of time. With the brain fog it was always difficult. Good luck.
  14. Anyone Know How Muscles Work

    No, your muscles do not need to relearn what you eat. What happens is that the flow of nutrients going to the muscles is inhibited by the damage to your digestive system due to gluten intolerence. Look at it like a faucet that is barely open, only a little water comes out. Similarly, someone with damage to his small intestine is not getting much nutrient flow to the bloodstream and ultimately to the muscles. That is why, in my opinion, you have to take it easy on the exercise while you are healing up. Your recovery rate is limited by the rate at which your body absorbs nutrients. Once everthing is healed, your "faucet" will be fully open and the flow of nutrients will be such that you can recover quickly.
  15. Cardio - How To Get Started ?

    Nah! That's not me. If only I could get a tan. But my red hair and Irish heritage prevents that. I've done that before but I've never had a person around that could take the picture correctly. It's all about the shutter speed. You are actually only in that position for a half second. I stumbled across the picture when I was visiting kayak sites. I love to kayak. BTW. Nice picture (you two look happy). VG