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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. hello after going 2 months gluten free i am still having problems.i have not been diagnosed with celiac disease but after going gluten free i lost my splitting headaches and bad depression so i continued to stay off it.i still seem to be having problems with a range of other foods though, i get bad reflux and brainfog. physically i feel real good most of the time but my mind won't function i walk around in a daze.here are my various test results from 2 months ago. COELIAC TESTING Gliadin Antibodies IgG *55 units ( <42 ) Gliadin Antibodies IgA 6 units ( <34 ) Tissue Transglutaminase IgA Abs 2 U/ml ( >20 Positive ) ( <15 Negative ) 1.COELIAC SCREEN -normal 2.BLOOD COUNT -normal 3.ESR =1 -normal 4.KIDNEY FUNCTION -normal 5.LIVER FUNCTION -normal 6.THYROID -normal i have had an endoscopy and nothing bad was found (no bacteria etc).Is an endoscopy the only way to tell wether my villi, intestinal tract is damaged and if gluten is really the problem.
  2. Where Too From Here?

    [quote}Could candida be a possibility??? Doesn't that feed off of sugar and yeast? I could be completely out in left field with this. Just a suggestion.{QUOTE} i tried a candida diet about a week ago i felt better except when i had gluten(of course!!).i am wondering now wether i could have a gluten intolerance that triggered a yeast infection.this is possible acording to documents on the net.
  3. hello as part of my ongoing battle with gluten intolerance i am having bad reactions to sugar.i had a bit too much sugar at the weekend and now i am getting headaches the more i take. 1.could i have an intolerance to sugar (either fruit or raw ) or could it be that my villi are flattening with the extra sugar and not digesting properly 2.what tests could i do to find this out? 3.i have had a camera down in my stomach too look for bacteria, is it possible to do the same in the small intestine to check the state of my villi. i will post some recent results that i have had so users of this board will understand what state my health is in.
  4. hello i live in australia and i am looking for a substitute for sorghum flour to put in a bread recipe by annalise roberts.we do have a lot of sorghum grown here but it is not readily available to the public unfortunately. has anybody used another product with good results? any help would be much appreciated
  5. hello although i have had tests for celiac disease and they came back negative i am pretty sure that i have a gluten intolerance.i can stay gluten free for 4 weeks then switch back to my normal diet but after a week or two i feel terrible.it has taken me almost 12 months of experiments to find the cause of my symptoms.i am on a gluten free diet at the moment but i am having some problems. 1.brain fog- most of the time it is pretty bad , i can't think and the only emotion i seem to have is anger. anti depressants really helped when it got out of control.but now it is just annoying! 2.aches and pains - these are from head to toe and my knees and wrists are very sore 3.upset stomach - this comes from foods that aren't filling me up, also from eating sweet- strong foods by themselves. this is what i eat for 5 days a week breakfast - gluten free corn flakes,muesli morning tea - dried apricots,fruit n nut mix,gluten free liquorice lunch - two gluten free sandwiches (peanut butter,strawberry jam)3 rice cake sandwiches (vegemite) two gluten free biscuits,yogurt-apple afternoon tea - peanuts tea - piece of meat ,mashed potato,assorted vegetables dessert - pineapple pieces,grapes,oranges supplements daily - multivitamin,vitamin c tablet,1 cup slippery elm powder i am a tradesman and burn up a lot of energy during the day.can someone please help me with advice to improve my diet to relieve the symptoms i listed above. any help would be much appreciated