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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks for everyone's responses....I really appreciate all the advice and support so please don't get me wrong when I make my opinions...Here is the latest....and I would appreciate everyones opinion.... 1) Noone in my family or my wifes family has this diesase as far back as we can remember. 2) I understand that tummy aches aren't normal...but when anyone overeats, they may have stomach cramps. 3) My daughter has not had her period yet and has never complained about headaches. 4) she is focused all the time and never has lapses of dizziness, cloudiness in thinking, etc. 5) I have read most of the symptoms from all the people on this board, and to be honest, she doesn't have any of those symptoms. 6) Her GI doc spoke to me last night and told me that she does NOT have Celiac. He did say that a high IGG number is nothing to worry about and the main number to be concerned with is the IGA. Matter of fact, he told me to cancel my appointment with my daughter to come see him unless I was really uncomfortable... This is a really confusing subject...and I'm trying to get myself educated, without panicking and worrying. But i must say at the same time I am trying to have an open mind and think that it may be possible that we are looking for problems that may not exist...
  2. Thanks for the info...but as far as her sugars being high...she has been eating sweets and lying to us about her blood sugar numbers for the past 2 months. That is the reason her sugars were out of control. Fortunately, they didn't find any ketones in her urine. I hope this helps clear things up a bit. How can I put her on a stricy gluten free diet without any symptoms?
  3. Hi, First of all my daughter is a type 1 diabetic. She usually has no problems with her stomach or anything like that. Once in a while she will complain of stomach pains like all 13 years olds but not often at all. We had taken her to get her school plysical and they did some urine tests and blood work since she is a diabetic. Her sugars were out of control a bit in her urine, hence the need for bloodwork. We received a call from the lab that she may have Celiac Disease, which was really shocking to us since we have never heard of this disease. Following are her results: AGA (IGC) Positive 15.6ml (normal range is <10.0ml) AGA IGA Negative 4.0ml (normal range is <5.0ml) TTG IGA Negative 0.7ml (normal range is <4.0ml) EMA IGA Negative Total IGA 315 mg/dl (normal range is 41 to 395ml) The summary Interpretation says: Results may support a diagnosis of celiac disease, but are not specific. I would appreciate anyone who has some advice as to what this really means. My wife and I are really concerned about this and have an appointment with a pediatric GI tommorrow....but we would like to get some educated opinions before this as every hour is tormenting us.... All help and insight you can give us will be helpful and we want to thank everyone who responds...