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  1. I think if you show a positive test with the skin testing you will sometimes have a reaction just from the skin test. I am going to an allergist the first of August. have felt so much better being gluten free for two weeks, even tho the test for celiac were negative. I think it was a false negative
  2. Thank you so much I think I might also go to an allergist. I have been having problems for years and they always treated the symptoms.. The Gi doctor did a colonoscopy and blood test two weeks ago. He had said the villa looked somewhat flat and had put me on the gluten free diet.
  3. Hi anyone I was tested for celiac and reports came back negative, but before the results were in they had put me on a gluten free diet. I had been sooo sick for weeks. Improvement after only a few days. After two weeks even my joint pain has subsided: So where do I go from here? Am I a celiac or shoule I have more testing etc. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks so much--In a dilema here.
  4. Could you tell me if coffeemate or cremora is allowed?