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  1. Yep, it does seem I'm getting better. Thanks everyone for your good thoughts.
  2. Gosh, well I just got my results from my blood drawing yesterday: I'm not even sure what to say. How did my anemia go away that quickly? I began the diet at the beginning of June, wtf?
  3. Ok thanks! Yeah I thought that was a really weird question for a hemotologist to be asking me. I thought "WTF eat ice? Like food?! Eat?! !! ??" but I guess I do like to munch on ice...? Is that so wrooooong? (Nothing else, it's only ice, because my stomach feels better when it's cold.) He acted like I was a looney, and eating ice was dangerous. Thanks for your responses everyone!
  4. Ah right, I forgot about ferretin. I keep failing to register any ferretin, which is to say I'm below the threshold of detection. Which is pretty low.
  5. Before diagnosis, I drank Guinness Extra Stout constantly. I reacted with sneezing, but otherwise felt great for days afterward - it seemed really healthy stuff for me. Except for once or twice when the left side of my face melted... but I got better. Anyway, now I know why I sneezed and my face melted.
  6. Hello, I tried eating a high-calorie diet for several years, and then taking iron supplements and eating red meat every day for a month or two. Then I had a hematocrit done, and got a 17. Being a man without hemophilia, or a large bleeding ulcer, etc, that's strange. Now I have a diagnosis of Celiac Disease, but I wonder how normal it is to be so anemic with C.D. alone, so: -> What was everyone's hematocrit prior to starting the diet? <- Thanks
  7. "Hmm, Celiac Disease. I'll never be able to eat a lot of things again, let's see... this... and that, never eating that again... can't finish this half Guinness, or the one I hadn't opened yet... ...Well I can still eat these funny-shaped rice cakes I just got. Yeah *munch*crunch* yeah, rice cakes."
  8. Is Candida albicans a trigger in the onset of coeliac disease?
  9. Almost Convinced My Sister

    Yeah I am not liking that either. I was surprised to learn my brothers had blood tests done (I don't know what the results are yet), I was getting the impression my warnings were ignored. And ignored some more. My mother being Irish, and my father not, she's the likely carrier, but she is making excuses and bloviating about how she "knows" she doesn't have it. Despite (really, because of) the strong symptoms she has.
  10. Pfft. Yeah, having been thirteen and ill all the time, and then fifteen and too ill to stay in school through the day some times, I can tell you it isn't fun. And I'm a guy, for a girl it will be impossible to stand being that sick all the time in front of everyone. Here's an idea, I'm assuming here that she's been following the diet well enough since she was nine: Let her have something gluteny (or if she's saying she thinks she'll be able to avoid it by avoiding just bread and cookies etc, let her have something at a restaurant that will have invisible gluten in it, soy sauce or a soup thickened with flour or whatever). Yes, really do it. Do this now before school starts, and when she has nothing planned so she can be ill around you all (and only you all). I think the horrors of a C.D. flareup will soon be larger in her mind than being slightly, irrelevantly, different.
  11. Why Don't People 'get It'?

    The hostility and presumptuousness is a bit heavy here, come on everyone. This is an unusual condition - it's autoimmune, but also dietary. Since it's dietary like a food allergy, it's reasonable to think it can be wangled-around like a food allergy. But wait, the food is just a trigger for an autoimmune condition, so it's reasonable to think "...What? My brain is dying in the middle of this explanation!" And it's also *your* condition and not theirs (unless they deal with you every day, then it's their problem), so it's reasonable to forget. It's not reasonable to insist on going to a restaurant where you can only get a plain salad, so be demanding on that one, "I don't feel like having ... tonight" is not a counter-argument because this is not an "I don't feel like ..." kind of a condition. Yeah that's the much better way to deal with it. I wouldn't describe many Celiac food substitutes as "real food". Rice flour pancakes are too desserty, they give me a tummy ache. Rice bread?! Etc. The diet requires cutting out so many things, and they know neither the pattern to it nor the extent of it (especially since you have given the impression you can't have (for example) chicken by refusing to eat chicken at a restaurant, nevermind the detail about it being the spices and/or breading that nixed it).
  12. I am not a mycologist and so I am not familiar with the unusually large need fungi have for iron. It could be building a common structure, it could be helping to convert an environmental material into useful food.
  13. You will need to stay within legality Cindy, and this table from Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press suggests you can indeed do this legally in both NC and NY (although I gather you would only consider doing this in NY). I should point out I'm not sure how useful this tactic would be, but I maybe you want to anyway.
  14. C.D. causes iron malabsorption which causes us to leave iron in the gut, which is encouraging to Candida. Once it grows into an area it can be difficult to get rid of.
  15. Melatonin

    I have stopped taking it, but originally it went like this: start on 3mg, become tolerant and use 6mg, become tolerant and use 9mg, become disturbed that I'm tolerant to even that much, decide to skip a night or two and try to fatigue myself into sleep with low-weight/high-repetition excercise (with limited success, I always felt a little worse without melatonin), then cycle back through the same thing again and again. I have to emphasize that I have *not* found melatonin to be addictive, instead I was already very ill and it was very helpful and I slipped back into feeling just as bad every time I skipped until recently. I'm not sure what the difference has been for the last few months, but I no longer need it. That's normal. You're very, very sleepy. Forcibly sleepy. Drunk-like. Aggravate or prevent, from what PubMed tells me. Two last thoughts: Do not take melatonin late, it will interfere with waking up and being able to stand up and move around normally if it's still in you in the morning when you're supposed to be getting up. And do not stay up after taking it, lie down immediately. When I've stayed up after taking it I've felt worse, and I've become unable to sleep when I finally do try to lie down.