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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Well, my reason for going on a gluten challenge was because I never really isolated gluten from dairy. I went gluten free and dairy free at the same time, and I never really determined if my issues were just from dairy. During break, I ate a lot more dairy than normal but no gluten. I was pretty sick, and I began to wonder if I even have celiac disease or if my problems were caused by dairy all along. But now that I have spent a week eating gluten but absolutely no dairy, I know that gluten is a problem. I guess I don't really need the official diagnosis.
  2. Hi everyone, I used to post on here more, so maybe some of you remember me. Anyway, I've been gluten free for 3 years. My dad, my sister, and my mom's sister all have celiac disease. My mom is too stubborn to get tested. I went to a GI doc 3 years ago, and he didn't want to do a biopsy, so he just put me on a gluten-free diet. In retrospect, this really bothers me (I wish he had tested me then). I had some GI issues while I was home from college during break, and I started wondering if celiac disease is really what I have. I want to get tested, but I don't know if it's worth going back on a gluten diet for up to 6 months. I started eating 1-3 slices of bread everyday since Friday (Today is day 5). The first few days weren't too bad. I think they were more of a mental adjustment. The last few days, however, have been on a downward slope. I'm very bloated, my stool is getting looser, and it is also beginning to float. I also have gas that I know is from the bread. I've had some intestinal pain/throbbing also. I've also been feeling dizzier than usual, and on day 2, I felt like I was going to faint after I walked about a quarter of the distance I normally walk. The same was true today when I exercised. Is it possible that this reaction is from not eating gluten for 3 years? I would think that it's indicative of a gluten sensitivity since I was ok for the first few days and have been steadily declining since. I really don't want to do this for another 6 months if this is how I will be feeling, but I could do it for a few more weeks if it's likely that the symptoms are due to sudden exposure to gluten. I race bikes and triathlons competitively, and I don't want to mess up my training because of this. Thanks!
  3. Yeah...it's hard to tell what my problems come from. Even when I'm gluten free, soy free, dairy free I still am extremely forgetful and tired. But now my doctor thinks I have narcolepsy. I went through the sleep apnea hoops because my first sleep test said I had mild sleep apnea, but the CPAP didn't help so we're trying to figure out what is really making me tired. Maybe if I tried harder to be gluten-free, CF, SF I'd be better but its sooo sooo hard! I can't live without my ice cream once in awhile!
  4. I guess this is more of a soy/dairy question. I've been coughing up a lot of phlegm lately. It seems like dairy products make it a lot worse (which would make sense because I have a milk allergy). Today I started coughing up a lot of phlegm after I had soy milk. Any ideas why this suddenly started happening? It was never a problem until the last month or so. The phlegm is whiteish/yellowish color from what I've seen. I went to my doctor and she said it's not an infection. I'm taking advair and singulair, but they don't seem to help too much.
  5. I think that if you smoke out of a bong, getting CC'd is the least of your worries. I don't really think that socializing revolves around junk food. And we can still eat a lot of junk food - chips, chocolate, candy, etc. I'm in college and I don't have much of an issue. I don't think that my celiac disease hinders my ability to socializewith my friends. Sometimes I'll go to restaurants with them but I just won't eat. *shrug*
  6. I've never blatantly cheated but I have not investigated the ingredients of something. It's never been anything like bread or pasta, but at restaurants, I have on occasion just assumed something was gluten free. I think that's more of a lazy/sick of asking the same questions issue, though. Sometimes I eat at this mexican place that I'm not sure is safe. I never seem to get sick and since I've been going there for so long, I'd feel dumb asking. The language barrier doesn't help either.
  7. Getting Relatives Tested

    It also doesn't help that my dad cheats a lot (like...a lot) so he makes it seem like it's ok to eat gluten once in awhile. There's no use arguing with him over it because his crazy GI doc told him that it's ok to challenge it. He says that he gets sick even when he hasn't eaten gluten, so he thinks it's something else (even though I'm sure it's because he isn't healed).
  8. Vision Improving?

    My sister used to get really bad ocular migranes. She said her vision would be really fuzzy like a broken TV screen. My mom is an eye doctor and they sent my sister to tons of eye doctors and none of them could figure out what it was. But when she went gluten-free, it got better.
  9. Getting Relatives Tested

    Yeah I know you can't force people to do anything. I think they won't do it because they think it's too hard (and my mom's family would never give up beer). *shrug* Oh well.
  10. Milk Allergy Question

    I have a milk allergy (scratch test diagnosed). Um but it isn't very severe and I feel fine with a moderate amount of dairy in my diet. I don't drink milk, but I have ice cream occasionally and sometimes yogurt or cheese. Not often, though. Sometimes my throat feels clogged after I have something with milk in it and I'll cough for awhile. I cough from other things too. My asthma seems to have gotten much worse and things like dust/mold in old houses and cigarette smoke cause a bad reaction (even with singulair). I cough and cough and cough. I wasn't like that before. My reaction to smoke and dust was just as bad when I avoided all milk products so I don't think it's making anything worse for me.
  11. I was at a wedding this weekend and I hardly ever see my mom's side of my family. When I was there, I found out that my mom's sister has Celiac Disease! This is quite a shock because my dad has it as well, and we thought it just came from him. But it could be from my mom too. My mom's mother died really young (when my mom was 16) of lymphoma, which could have been caused by celiac disease. Anyway, everyone in my family is stubborn. My dad's sisters won't get tested even though they've always had GI issues. My grandma won't get tested. My mom won't get tested even after finding out her sister has it. My mom's brother won't get tested. No one will! Do any of you have ways of urging your relatives to get tested? Do you send them information about it? I don't know if I should just let it go or try to make them get tested. I'm also still in shock about my aunt. It seems like it's much more common than we even think! Thanks, Kelly
  12. My local Outback has really improved. My mom got carry out from there a few days ago, which made me nervous because I usually have to make sure that they don't put crutons on the salad, etc. But my mom said that they "consulted with the Celiacs" and I must say, they are much improved. There weren't any crutons on my salad! I swear, every time I go in there, I ask for the gluten-free menu, I order a salad and forget to say no crutons, and they put them on anyway. I also didn't get sick.
  13. I would talk to the dining people. I go to Michigan and I went gluten free about halfway through freshman year. It was hard (I lived in a dorm that was known for it's vegan food which is typically not gluten free) but I survived. I ate a lot of hard boiled eggs, veggies, yogurt, rice. There is another dorm on our campus that has gluten-free foods, like pasta and stuff, but I never went because it was far away. The dining staff were helpful, though. They sent me a list of everything that was gluten free along with a list of all the ingredients in all of the food they serve. I don't know how strict the rules are where you go about toasters, rice cookers, etc in the dorm rooms, but if you have a serious food allergy, you might be able to get around it. Or hide it. For me, the issue wasn't so much cooking the food but getting it because the grocery store was not in walking distance. I did end up losing weight and becoming anemic, though...
  14. Cleveland Ohio Area Restaurants

    I can't find it there!
  15. Cleveland Ohio Area Restaurants

    I called Hard Rock Cafe today and asked about their gluten free menu because I didn't see any information online. They said they didn't have one...