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  1. Just ordered some of this. Does anyone here use this stuff? I am excited about having some sort of milk around. I have tried to make almond milk and my not picky eater hands it back saying "this is disgusting".
  2. As the mom of two small kids, I need solutions to very quick dinners that are both gluten, dairy and soy free. So i thought perhaps we could all post some of those tried and true dinners that we can just pull out of the fridge and whip up in a hurry. I am pretty new to the gluten-free thing so this has been a HUGE challenge for me. I am hoping to add more to my own list with your help. Here goes: 1. I premake HUGE batches of meatballs. Ground Chuck with onions, garlic powder, salt and fresh herbs (oregnao, savory, thyme and a little basil). So for a quick dinner, I just throw some meat balls in the microwave from the freezer and boil some gluten-free pasta. Add some gluten-free pasta sauce and voila! Dinner is served. Bagged lettuce and some chopped veggies and I have a salad. 2. My daughters favorite. One large can of Bush's baked beans and a package of Hebrew National hot dogs. I slice the dogs into a pan with the beans. VERY fast and she guzzles them down. We eat lots of fruits and veggies through the day so I dont feel too bad about the lack of greenery on these nights. 3. Throw a chicken breast or pork chop on the grill after coatign it with my favorite spices. (Blackening spices; coriander, cumin, cayenne, salt and pepper). Dice that up, throw ontop of the contents from a bag of salad mix. Add some corn I have defrosted in the microwave and some sunflower seeds. I keep boiled eggs in the fridge so I will add one fo those and any veggies from the fridge. My 3 year old will usually pick out the stuff she likes and will eat some salad lettuces. 4. Omelets...for this I just fill them with leftover meat and veggies. Just cut up the leftovers in chunks and that is an easy dinner. (my daughter likes leftover beans and weenies in her omelets).
  3. Dont you LOVE how other folks are more educated about your dietary needs than you are!!! I have a SIL who is a nutritionist. has her masters in it. and she insists that my dd has teeth that are pitted and chipped because I do not give her milk. It could not possibly be because she has celiacs AND a dairy intolerance could it??????? Ugh!! They think we are freakin idiots. This story got my knickers in a freakin wad!!! I get so angry with folks giving kids food. UGH!
  4. Pierogi

    IF you can eat dairy...we cannot... I highly reccomend adding some cream cheese to the potatoes. It makes them so unbelievably creamy and good. Chopped chives is good too!
  5. My dd is gluten intolerant and I suspect a dear friends daughter who is the same age is as well. My friend says her daughter shows some reactions to gluten in the form of diarrhea. However nothing major. THe one major problem she has is smearing poop. Her daughter has been doing this for over a year and the occupational therapist is at a loss as well. Could this be another symptom of gluten intolerance???
  6. Pierogi

    My husbands family is polish. We make (or used to) peirogis ALL of the time. His grandmother still does hundreds of them for an annual Polish Legion Peirogi sale. They are SOOO good fried up in butter with some onions on top. Filling: Just make your cheese potatoes, we are dairy free so we make our own type of filling. Stewed prunes are also good and I have heard of kraut filled peirogis. Dough; This is the tough part. They just mound up flour (all purp) add a few eggs (like two for a HUGE amount of flour) a little water (or milk) salt to taste They need the dough adding water as needed till it is in a spongy ball that is not sticky. Roll it out thin, take glass and cut circles. Fill half with potatoes, crimp sides. Now, drop in boiling water until they float on top of water. take out of water and drain. Fry or freeze them! VERY good!
  7. I have a daughter with serious food allergies and I am very PRO breastfeeding. My experience was this: My daughter who is now 3.5 had what the Dr diagnosed as 'colic'. I do not put much stock in what a ped says about digestive issues so I figured it out on my own with an elimination diet. it was dairy and soy sensitivities. I quit wiht those and after about 2 weeks, she was a normal happy baby. It took a long time. Make sure you are not getting soem of the trigger ingredients in your diet. My son is sensitive to dairy but not as bad. All that I see in him when I sneak some dairy is some reflux. When he was younger it was worse. No screaming fits that last for hours. I simply made the diet changes myself. There is no replacement for the benefits of breastmilk but it sure can be a challenge to find the trigger food. it is my opinion that children with food allergies need the bioavailability of breastmilk moreso than other children. I believe firmly that the nutritive properties of breastmilk willl help the gut heal faster IF there are no offending foods in the mothers diet. I hope your friend finds the answers she needs to help her baby feel better. It really sucks to see your baby not well and feel helpless about it. Ugh!
  8. Thank you Hilary! I know what I want and wont stop till I get it. Our consultation appt is in 2 weeks and I cannot help but to cut down on the gluten foods. I know I am not supposed to. UGH! I am so confused. We eat a VERY healthy diet. I am the "wholefoods freak" in our family and think that I provide very well for my families diet. But all of this is really making me doubt myself. I have a hard time getting dd to eat and today we went to a bday party. They had hotdogs. She has not had bread in a very long time. well she snarfed down this HUGE nathan's beef hotdog in NO time. She behaved as if she had not eaten in days. I almost wanted to cry. We do not eat hotdogs here because I cannot bring myself to buy processed meat. But now I am second guessing myself. My mother in law insists that it could be that we eat too much fiber. I am just so confused about food anymore. For a moment, I wondered if perhaps I made "normal" kid food she would eat it. I mean, am I doing her a disservice by giving her nuts and huumus with veggies as snacks??? I hate this and I feel like I am failing my daughter. I just want some answers.
  9. This does help. Ok here is the story, pull up a chair cause it has been a long three years. My daughter was born and I exclusively breastfed her. Well she had what the Dr diagnosed as colic. I thought that was bunk and knew there had to be a reason for the gas and crying. My dh has a family history of dairy problems. Lo and behold when I was off of dairy for about two weeks, she was better. So no dairy...fine I can live with that. I went to soy milk. For a year, it was soy milk for me (still breastfeeding) and no dairy for either of us. Shortly after her first bday, I started noticing signs of food allergy again. Ring around the anus, crying fits and greenish stools. What in the heck could it be??? I was so vigilant. Well after she had a reaction to stir fry one night, I realized it was soy. No more tofu or soy milk. Fine, can live with that. Well she has always been small. I am a small person (cultural) and my Dh is a small person. No big deal. So she is petite. But there are other signs that are alarming me... she has diarhea often. She has some pitting at the gumline and chipped a tooth. My Dh and I both have VERY VERY good teeth, we eat a primarily whole foods diet and she does not get candies or typical junk food as I will not let her have artificial colorings in her food. She weighs 26.5 pounds at 3.5 years and is 37.25 inches tall. She is also cranky and says her belly hurts. I am not sure if the belly thing is true, i think it is sometimes. She has been on this "ooh I am so sick" parade when she has to do something she does not want to. I know part of it is show but I am not convinced that ALL of it is show. She is a very lively and imaginative child. I am going to ask the allergist for a celiac panel. I need this to come from a Dr. who will gain the respect of my Dh's family. My SIL has a masters in Nutrition, so they all think that my daughter has these problems because she does not get enough calcium from dairy in her diet. I love them very much but they do not believe that she has a problem. Not many of the family members do. My mom let me know that they are freakin laughing at me behind my back. GRRRR!!!!! Many of them are diabetic, some have died from unexplained kidney failure (with diabetes). UGH!!!!!! anyway, that is the end of my rant. I know what tests I want done and the doctor is simply a tool for getting them. thanks again
  10. My 3 yr old got a referral to see a pediatric allergist today. I suspect she has issues with gluten. I need advice on what I need to ask for when we see the allergist. What do I need to know and what do you wish you knew when your kids were getting tested. thanks Shannon