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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I happened to be VERY anemic - but my sister, who also has celiac, was never anemic. So really, it varies. I would agree with the above poster - go to a different doctor. My Gastro was the worst, he never believed I had celiac (even though my sister was already diagnosed AND I had a positive blood test) so I basically just told him to do the endo, he did, and then I never saw him again. But I was lucky - I was diagnosed very easily because I had probably had Celiac for about 9 years before I realized what was wrong, so my insides were pretty torn up. Good luck!
  2. I just went to NEBO a couple weeks ago with a few other girls that have celiac and we had an AMAZING dinner! It was great... we had gluten-free calamari, pizza, pasta and dessert. The pizza was SO GOOD. I have been dying to go back!
  3. Definitely give it time - but GOOD LUCK! Hopefully this will make a difference for you.... Watch for hidden gluten (soy sauce, modified food starch, etc) & cross-contamination to make sure your experiment goes well. This is a great site for support and getting answers to questions.
  4. Hello! I can tell you a couple of spots when you're in downtown Boston. In Quincy Market/Faneuil Hall - there is a place called Wagamama (www.wagamama.us) They have a separate gluten free menu -- two items that are naturally gluten free, and then a list of things that can be altered to be gluten free. Also - right behind Hard Rock Boston/Faneuil Hall - is the North End -- there is a place on Hanover Street (close to Faneuil Hall) called Marco -- they have gluten free pasta & bread if you call in advance, their site is: www.marcoboston.com hopefully that helps a bit!
  5. You might want to check out Meetup.com? I think there was one in Brookline for a while. There may be a North Shore one - or you could start it. Good luck!! There are a lot of options on the North Shore!
  6. Hey -- just wanted to let you know I went to the Stone Hearth Pizza in Porter last week. They have gluten free beer, appetizers, pasta AND pizza. I will start off by saying - the pizza was AMAZING. Best gluten free pizza I have ever had. MUCH MUCH better than Flatbread. Our waitress though - horrific. She told us it was her second night - and she literally seemed overwhelmed by her THREE tables - this place is tiny - and there were two servers. SHE was the reason our experience went downhill. My friend and I decided to split a salad, a gluten-free pasta (with gluten-free meatballs!!!), and two gluten-free pizzas. We eat the salad - yummy, a tad overpriced, but whatever. We get the pasta - and there is a piece of bread brought with it. So we ask -- Oh, is this bread gluten free?? She goes back to check, never comes back.... We flag her down, ask her again, she comes back & says - No, sorry, not gluten free. So I ask, well are you sure this pasta is gluten free? Why would you serve bread with it? She says, let me check - says it's fine. We take our first bite - Hmmm..... this doesn't taste gluten free. We ask again - Are you SURE this is gluten free? She says it is. We decide it has a gluten-free texture it just tastes better because there is so much sauce & cheese on it. Pizza comes out - HOLY DELICIOUS!!!!! It's super thin crunchy crust which I love. It's seriously great.... End of meal - my friend is still slightly suspicious of the pasta - goes & asks the kitchen what kind of gluten-free pasta they use -- they say Tinkyada -- she comes back & tells me, and we're slightly puzzled because it tasted so different. You see where this is going? Chef comes out - grave face - tells us we were accidentally served REGULAR pasta!!!! We couldn't believe it.... we asked the waitress THREE TIMES if it was gluten free. I mean, what else could we have done? I guess we should have gone back to the kitchen and asked the Chef directly. The Chef was SUPER apologetic, felt terrible, obviously didn't make us pay our $60 bill - and told us to come back and dinner was on him again. The other waiter apologized, then finally our stupid waitress came over and apologized - obviously no tip for her - she basically lied to us and said she checked when she didn't. SO -- I would highly recommend -- but would be VERY sure they serve the right thing. Maybe ask the Chef to confirm.... and hopefully that incompetent waitress will be gone. I told the chef he should make regular pasta be penne or something - and have gluten-free pasta be spirals - and say it on the menu - that way, you can be sure when it comes out - if you have penne - you know it's wrong.
  7. Hi... just figured I'd check back in on this? mamaw --- any word on that recipe or if they're going to begin baking & selling?? I heard there was a sign up at Oxford Spa that just says "No more gluten-free products, sorry!" and I read an internet rumor that that genius woman baker was going to europe & may be starting her own line of gluten-free products -- but it's probably all rumor... I HOPE SHE makes it & sells it here!!!!
  8. Just thought I'd write again.... I've been there about 8 times since I wrote that first post - I LOVE IT!!! They really do know what they're doing there & the entire staff knows all about celiac. They all had to go through a training... an UPDATE --- they may be doing a Gluten Free cooking class in the new year!!! I will post again if it happens, but the owner said he'd really like to try it -- they may even teach us how to roll our own gluten-free pasta (they don't do this yet, but are hoping to eventually)... That bread is to die for!!
  9. THANKS!!!!!
  10. I actually called yesterday (Wednesday, Sept 10) and still no gluten free bread. It's really such a tragedy - that was the truly the best gluten-free bread ever made.
  11. Hey Gemini -- It's an excellent point you bring up, and I was actually thinking about it over the weekend. The next time I go I will say something to the staff, although they ARE aware, and mentioned it several times to me. I found out all of this gluten-free food started with the old general manager (who is no longer there) -- I don't think she had Celiac, but a gluten allergy....
  12. **UPDATE :: I wanted to let you all know --- I've now been to Marco TWICE, and it was amazing! They are very aware & well educated on the diet, and they even ask about allergies/food issues when you call to make reservations. The first time I went I didn't call early enough to get their gluten-free bread -- but i did last time - YUM. They order the ingredients online, and it's REALLY delicious. It's crunchy on the outside, they serve it warm with olive oil & an eggplant/pepper remolata-type thing - y u m. The serve Glutino pasta (boiled in separate water) with all of their sauces... the Bolognese is excellent. I also had their risotta because it's just too good to pass up - they do an amazing truffle & mushroom risotto -- and i'm hungry just thinking about it. they also do all the fried items with gluten-free flours & breadcrumbs! They DO use the same oil though - for those that are sensitive, I've always been OK with that. We had fried ricotta/mozzarella balls with pomodoro -- and then got the fried zucchini blossoms with warm ricotta inside on an arugala salad! YUUUUUUM again. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!
  13. Very exciting... I just spoke with the people at Marco on Hanover Street in Boston's North End, and they're now serving gluten free options!!! They have 3 different kinds of gluten-free pasta, they have gluten-free flour to make fried items (although they warned me that they will use the same fryer, so for some, it may not be an option), AND - if you call at least 24 hours ahead of time, they will have gluten-free bread made! Hooray! Finally -- a place in the North End for me to eat something other than Risotto (although I still love risotto)....
  14. Thanks! maybe I'll check them out tonight!!
  15. I've been trying to get to this place, but they are only open Monday - Friday! I'm often up that way on the weekend -- do you know of any other gluten free places that are open on the weekend? I'm going up there tonight actually!