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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I know things like blue cheese, is not ok b/c of how it is molded. Does anyone know if the same is true for ricotta cheese? I want to make lazagna, but not sure about the cheese.
  2. this was a recipe I had from before, but have altered it to match the gluten-free needs and it is absolutely awesome!!!!! RED VELVET CAKE 2 1/2 C gluten-free flour mix ( Bob's Red Mill) 1 1/2 C sugar 1 C buttermilk 1 1/2 C Oil 2 eggs 1 t vanilla 1 t cocoa 1 t vinegar 2 ( 1 oz) bottles of red food coloring 1 t baking soda Mix eggs, sugar, soda, cocoa, vinegar, and beat well. Add oil and flour alternatley until all has been added. Blend in buttermilk, add vanilla, and food coloroing. Pour into 2 round greased cake pans. Bake at 350 for 35 min. Let cool. Place one of the cakes on a serving platter. Top with icing ( below) then add the second cake to make a 2nd layer. Top with icing. ICING: 1 16 oz box of powdered sugar 1 8 oz pkg of cream cheese 1 C nuts ( optional) 1 stick of butter or oleo 1 t vanilla Soften cream cheese and butter, add sugar, vanilla, nuts and mix. Spread over layered cake. YOU WILL DIE, THIS IS SO INCREDIBLY GOOD.!!!
  3. Completely Adjusted!

    Thanks Connie.... Yes I was Dr diagnosed, but blood work only. My Dr did not 2nd guess the tests and although he recommended that I get the biopsy's done, I decided not to. As soon as I went gluten-free I started feeling better. I apparently have been misdiagnosed for most of 10- years. 4 mo ago I had extreme chronic D..., a week into the gluten-free diet, I started noticing an improvement. OF course from where I started I have a LONG way to go. with in a month 1/2 or so I had mostly solid stools ( although still much to be desired). All of a sudden I started back to D and I have really been stuggling to get it under control again. As far as I know I did not have any gluten. Of course contamination is always a possibiility, but I try to be very careful, you would think that I would have had more contamination in the beginning when I had no idea what I was doing. Normally a gluten accident will noticeable immedicately...as in an hour. I did eat out a couple times, but did not notice anything that would have suggested an accident. So here I am 2 1/2 mo into a strict gluten-free diet, having been making improvements almost daily, back to where I started. I do think possibly today I can say maybe I noticed improvements from the last week or so, but it's been most of 3 weeks since everything went array!!!!! I dont' know what happened! I know it's a slow process. It's just odd, and I don't know how to fix it. Even when things were going great, I would have one day with really solid stools, and the next with D... and then back to solids again for a week, and then D... Im so confused
  4. So does that mean that McCormick's red curry blend is gluten-free???? On my product list it specifically says not the curry blend. HOwever, I have called McCormick, and they said that it does not have gluten. I have been using it, but I am still unsure. I am new at this, and still have reactions to things that I havn't quite put my finger on yet. Does anyone know for sure?????
  5. Completely Adjusted!

    Connie, I just have a question. How long did it take you to feel better? I started feeling better immediately after going gluten-free, but I still am not where I need to be. My biggest problem has been chronic diarreah, and that has improved, but I still feel like sometimes I question if I have had gluten accident or not. I don't think so, but I will have diarreah or something. Is that common, to have good days and bad days even being completly gluten-free??? Just curious your opinion.
  6. Crazy Question....

    I dont' know what happened to my other post yesturday..... I had to mail a couple letters out, but knew that licking a stamp is on the forbidden list. I decided to lick my thumb, and then used the other thumb for my 2nd letter. However, about an hour later I had diarreah with no other apparent connection. Is it possible that could have done it?????? It sounds absoultely absourd to me, but I have no idea what else could have done it. I was very careful not to use the same thumb, but I have no idea. Just curious what any of you thought. Sorry if this posts twice... I dont' know what happened
  7. I don't know the answer, and Im guessing it would be difficult to track down, but I think it's an incredibly interesting subject. Thank you for bringing it up. I had never thought about that before.
  8. Testing ?

    Well Carol took the words out of my mouth practically.!!!! If you are mostly gluten free, than it is possible that the little gluten you do have can make your symtoms worse. I am assuming the blood results for IGG IGA TTG.....etc were taken after he has been gluten-free for a while. All of those tests returning as negative, means that he is in the normal range. You must be doing something right in making sure he is not ingesting any gluten. Good JOB! Another thing to keep in mind, is if he has Celiac, he got it from his family somewhere down the line. It's possible you have it as well. Keep in mind too, that in order to be tested for celiac accuratley you MUST be consuming gluten! If you are only eating a little gluten once or twice a week, my guess is any testing you do will not be very accurate. It could show negative when you actually have Celiac. Your best bet will probably be to determine how different you feel gluten-free and not. If you have been going months on the same diet as your son, you are basically gluten-free. That may be why your body responds more significantly when you do eat something bad. Hope this helps
  9. Red Lobster

    I don't think they are very gluten free friendly, however I would think something like the crab legs, where they are just steamed and not actually cooked in anything would be ok. I don't know about the butter to dip them in, but you could check on that.
  10. I know that licking stamps is on the forbidden list. However, I was out today and had to send out 2 letters. I didn't want to lick them directly, so I licked my thumb and used that. For the 2nd letter I liked the other thumb to make sure I did not ingest any. However about an hour later I had diarreah. I don't think it could be that, so now I am racking my brain to think what else I have eaten. WHat's your opinion? Do you think it could have been that???????
  11. I have been chewing Big Red made by Wrigley's, which from my understanding is gluten-free. However, I am rechecking all of my ingredients and foods to make sure I am not missing something, and have not been able to verify this. Just curious if anyone knows and what you like to chew.
  12. If your reacting to gluten, you will most likely react to any foods, unless you avoid gluten long enough that you are able to heal, then you may notice that one food is ok, and another is not. Until going gluten-free I had diarreah all the time, every day no matter what I ate. I couldn't even finish a meal without running to the bathroom. There was no way to determine at that time it was a gluten containing meal or not.
  13. monodiglyercides are an ingredient to be aware of. My understanding is that if it is made in the us is most likely gluten free. Espeically in it's liquid form. In the powdered form, such as in coffee creamer or something like that there is a possibility, but again unlikely if US product. For me, it was something I doubled checked through the company, but if they say it is fine, I bet that it is. If you need I can probably track down my info on it. I think I had found a site that talked about the questionable items such as...this one, and then explained why it was an ingredient to be consious of.
  14. Kathleen, Just curious....what product did you find that had the listing? Everything I Have ever found shows that it is a safe food. Now Im really confused. I wonder if it's just one of those things that will always have to be verified from the manufacturer.