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  1. I also have significant hair loss attributed to being "glutened". Before being diagnosed, I was loosing my hair by the handfulls, mostly in the front, making me basically bald. Doctors thought it was due to having graves disease; however,we know now that it is a direct result of being contaminated with gluten. It is the same for me, when I am glutened, it falls out by the handfulls, and continues for weeks. I usually end up wearing bandanas on my head due to the baldness in the front. This does not happen often anymore, as I have been gluten-free for nearly a year and am very careful; however, the occassionaly mishap makes me bald...
  2. I have just been informed that the Hardings Marketplace on West Main in Kalamazoo, MI; the Otsego Hardings and Plainwell Hardings are adding a 4 foot and/or 8 foot section of exclusively GLUTEN FREE FOODS!! What great news!!!
  3. First time posting here, but have spent A LOT of time reading and letting all the info seek in. There is a new support group for anyone in Allegan County, Michigan meeting the first Thursday of the month; beginning Augst 3rd. For more information, please call 269-685-8245