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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Cant Gain Weight?

    What Tom said. I was in the mid 150s and dropped to the mid 130s prior to diagnosis. Clawed my way back to mid 140 and then had a setback this spring...back to 137. Over the past 2 months I've gotten back to 147, but it takes constant focus on calorie intake. 2500 wouldn't cut it for me. I make sure I have a solid breakfast, snacks during the day, an early dinner, and then a late dinner with the family. Snacks again at night. One thing that I think has helped me significantly is that I've increased my activity level. Joined a gym and have been doing some strength training. What's coming back is muscle...mostly. But it has really revved up my appetite making the eating a lot easier. It just takes work.
  2. Can't help you with a specific store for Redbridge. However it is a Budweiser product and should be available at any good liquor store. I've also heard it is available at Wal-mart.
  3. It's only been three weeks on the diet, try not to over-react. As others have said (and I've experienced), your body will do strange things at this stage.
  4. Hi, Quick question. I've been receiving treatment for elbow tendinitis for the past couple weeks. In addition to the icing, streaching, and strength training, they have been treating my elbow with dexamethasone (synthetic steroid anti-inflammatory) delivered via iontophoresis (driving the drug via electrical stimulation from a patch, through the skin, to the target area). The drug itself is gluten-free. The delivery method should be no problem for those with celiac. The delivery method is also praised for it's ability to reduce/eliminate side effects normally associated with ingestion or injection delivery of the same drug. Has anyone else done this treatment? My digestion has been somewhat unsettled since commencing the treatment. Nothing crippling. Not a gluten reaction. But has anyone else experienced minor discomfort from this treatment? GI issues? Fatigue? Thanks.
  5. Was I Glutened?

    I'm new to this too. Diagnosed and gluten free in early July. Everyone has different recovery times. I've heard everything from 3 months to 2 years. What I can tell you is after only two weeks, you're still on the roller coaster.
  6. Casein Intolerance

    Mostly at this point, I'm just curious. I find the autoimmune reaction interesting. As far as my diet goes, I think 7 weeks gluten-free is too soon to start tinkering with other things. I do feel better. It's just the bad days seem to happen without a cause. Which because of my personality drives me a little batty. If I'm not damaging my insides, I'm willing to give gluten-free at least 6 months to stabilize.
  7. 1) Can anyone point me to a study/paper that talks about casein intolerance and damage to intestinal villi? Is it an autoimmune reaction or a food sensitivity? 2) For those that have determined they are casein intolerant, do/did you get a reaction every time you ingested dairy? I've been on the gluten-free diet for 7 weeks. I've consumed some dairy most every day. I've been having a few bad days interspersed with my mostly good days. If casein (or lactose) was a problem, wouldn't I have a reaction everytime/everyday?
  8. Eerrrrrrrrrrrrr!

    I think that's it as well. During my diagnosis process I had an MRI (as well as a small bowel series and a colonscopy w/biopsy in addition to the camera work and biopsy from the mouth end). While none of that will diagnois celiac (except the intestinal biopsy), it gave me piece of mind knowing there was nothing else going wrong. You can have celiac and something else. There is no excuse for them not to release your blood work results. I also don't see how they can eliminate celiac as possibility based on testing for diabetes and thyroid issues.
  9. So I've just finished up Week 7 post-diagnosis. By and large I'm feeling pretty good. Actually starting to put a little weight back on (only a couple pounds, but it's a start). We have been very alert about gluten exposure and I'm comfortable in saying that I've been gluten free. During the seven weeks, I've had roughly 3 bad stretches lasting a day to 4 in duration. One of them I'm able to attribute to some medication reaction, so that is understandable. The other two have been more of a puzzle. I understand that recover takes time. There will be bad days as well as good. I wouldn't say the bad days are a result of gluten. They're not as bad as prediagnosis. The nausea never builds to anything worse. The D never really becomes 'D', if you know what I mean. Soft and unpleasant, but no real cramping or explosive pressure. So, after that preamble, what were your immediate, post-diagnosis, non-gluten caused bad days like? I have a life to lead outside of this condition, so I'm going to work and trying to do the things I've always done (without overdoing it, of course). During these bad days I've had to miss a bit of work. Any recommendations (medication or otherwise) to help get through these stretches without having to go 'hermit' for a day or so? I'm keeping a food log (mostly to track calories) and have not noticed any connection between what I've been eating and when the bad days occur. After only 7 weeks, I'm not willing to go searching for additional food problems when it's highly likely this is part of the 'normal' recovery. Thanks.
  10. Shampoo...

    Interesting. Nothing on their label really stood out to me as a potential source, but I've since moved on (based on the email I got) and gave my bottle away. Good info. Thanks.
  11. Shampoo...

    I liked the smell too. Here is what the Aussie email said. Take it for what it's worth. I'm not trying to be purposely dense, but that means they'll say the words 'wheat', 'barley', 'rye', or 'oats'? If that's the case, that's great news. Thanks.
  12. Shampoo...

    I was using Aussie. After diagnosis I contacted the company and they said they couldn't guarantee the ingredients were gluten-free. I don't have the email here with me, so they may have worded it slightly different, but that was the jist of it. I'll check when I get home. I'm not sure what a 'guy' shampoo is either. When I search the board for similar threads, all I find are the ladies taking about brands and products I've never heard of. Plus, I'm not too particular. So easy and cheap has always been preferred. Now it needs to be free of gluten as well. Thanks for the reply.
  13. Howdy, I'm looking for a gluten-free shampoo. I'm still on the fence that this is necessary, but I figure it's one less thing to worry about, right? I utilize the Clan Thompson drug list (which includes shampoos) and I've reviewed the Delphi list (which seems a bit dated). It seems that everything that I've used in the past is in that 'unknown' category. For example Suave (Unilever) says to check the label. That's great, but I don't speak shampoo bottle chemical-ese. How does a person know the source of some of those polysyllabic ingredients? Anyway, I'm currently using J&J Baby Shampoo, but it doesn't lather worth a crap. I don't need something organic, or animal safe, just safe for me and hopefully cheap. Any advice? Thanks.