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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. any comments would really be helpful, the symptoms are worsening, when they occur i go into a panic causing my heart rate to rapidly increase and my body to violently shake
  2. For the past month I have been getting tightness, pressure, throbing in my head, mainly in the back and between my eyes. I usually get these symptoms when I lay down or am going to sleep. Now for the past week I have been getting numbness/lightness/tightness in one of my legs in feet causing my to keep them constantly moving to help circulation. But I am beginning to think these symptoms are phsycological because I feel like Im always anticipating them since they seem to come around the same time everyday. SHould I be worrying about blood clotting. Im getting myself so worked up about these symptoms I can hardly sleep.
  3. Italy

    I'm leaving this afternoon, any last minute suggestions would be great. Wish me luck!
  4. Italy

    I'm leaving for Italy next wednesday, we are traveling to Rome, Venice, and Florence, any last minunte suggestions of where to go and what to bring would be great! Thanks!
  5. Italy

    This JUne my family and I going on a trip to Italy. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what to bring, and where to eat. Are there any places that are celiac friendly? If not, what should I bring to be prepared? Has anyone brought gluten free pasta with them to the restaurant and havethem prepare a dish for you or is it too risky? PLease any suggestions or tips would be of great help!!
  6. Thanks for the suggestions, I just ordered the Perky's cereal
  7. I want to start my day with a high fiber cereal, that actually tastes good too. I haven't found any yet. Please if anyone has any brands, or suggestions, they would be helpful. Thank you!
  8. My favorite naturally gluten-free foods are: chicken (roasted, bakes, broiled, sausage, stir fry ...) fish (salmon, cod, sea bass, ...) apples(w/ peanut butter, honey, cinnomon) bananas(w/ almond butter) trail mix (nuts and dried fruit) almond butter peanut butter honey sweet potatoes asparagus mexican food (tacos, nachos, enchiladas,...) dark chcolate homemade marinara sauce hard boiled eggs brown rice strawberries/blueberries and cream I could keep going!
  9. I don't have time to cook a nice meal when I get home. I would like to just throw everything in the crock pot before I leave in the morning and have dinner ready when I get home. Please, if anyone has any crockpot recipes or ideas, please share!! Thanks!
  10. I'm really in the mood for a nice big boel of comforting soup, any soup recipes, or suggestions?
  11. Babycakes Nyc

    My other choice would be everybody eats inc, in nyc, feed back on both bakeries would be very helpful, thanks!
  12. Babycakes Nyc

    My confirmation is next Sunday and my dad wanted to get my a gluten-free cake, but I wanted to make sure this place was good before we buy something, i think i have heard mixed reviews in the past, but I just wanted to double check
  13. i use Yasmin, my nutritionist checked and it's gluten free
  14. I am 15 and have been diagnosed with osteopinia (sp) about 5 months ago, my doctor said it was because the weight loss/low body fat (because of celiac diagnosed about 7 months ago) and no menstrual cycle which was because my body stopped producing hormones, so bones can't absorb calcium, so I was put on birth control to level out/produce hormones.
  15. Could I replace the quinoa flakes with rice flakes, b/c that is what I have in the house.