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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

      This Celiac.com FAQ on celiac disease will guide you to all of the basic information you will need to know about the disease, its diagnosis, testing methods, a gluten-free diet, etc.   Subscribe to Celiac.com's FREE weekly eNewsletter   What are the major symptoms of celiac disease? Celiac Disease Symptoms What testing is available for celiac disease?  Celiac Disease Screening Interpretation of Celiac Disease Blood Test Results Can I be tested even though I am eating gluten free? How long must gluten be taken for the serological tests to be meaningful? The Gluten-Free Diet 101 - A Beginner's Guide to Going Gluten-Free Is celiac inherited? Should my children be tested? Ten Facts About Celiac Disease Genetic Testing Is there a link between celiac and other autoimmune diseases? Celiac Disease Research: Associated Diseases and Disorders Is there a list of gluten foods to avoid? Unsafe Gluten-Free Food List (Unsafe Ingredients) Is there a list of gluten free foods? Safe Gluten-Free Food List (Safe Ingredients) Gluten-Free Alcoholic Beverages Distilled Spirits (Grain Alcohols) and Vinegar: Are they Gluten-Free? Where does gluten hide? Additional Things to Beware of to Maintain a 100% Gluten-Free Diet What if my doctor won't listen to me? An Open Letter to Skeptical Health Care Practitioners Gluten-Free recipes: Gluten-Free Recipes

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  1. I have very slowly come to the conclusion that I have a problem with casein. This is despite being years into the gluten free life and having mostly avoided dairy for a long time. I say mostly because although I would never have had milk in a coffee or with cereal etc. I didn't worry too much if milk was listed in the ingredients of some gluten free processed treat or deny myself the odd milk chocolate if there was one handy. After all my reasoning would go, I deserve it for eschewing all the nice gluten things... I also hadn't given milk too much thought. I think I just thought I was probably lactose intolerant like my father. However although last time I had a fair amount of milk I got the lactose intolerance stomach signs I also got spots on my chest and back a couple of days later. I think, don't know, but think, my issues with dairy may extend to the casein protein rather than just the lactose. Well I've now had enough of my skin issues which I think are strongly linked to milk so I'm now on a new quest to try and remove dairy completely and finding it a little bit of a struggle. I hadn't realised how many of the nice gluten-free foods also contain milk. So I wondered how strict I have to be where casein is concerned. If you have an issue with it and avoid it, do you have to treat it in the same way you would gluten? Is a tiny amount in processed food enough for you to react? Should I get rid of any biscuits etc I have in which have milk listed as an ingredient? Does it matter if the ingredient is butter which I understand to have much lower casein content? What's the deal with casein?
  2. Hi guys! I'm Allie, was diagnosed about two weeks ago. I've been receiving some conflicting advice about whether or not to continue consuming dairy, on all the blog posts I have read and general internet research, everyone says to avoid or lessen dairy intake until you are healed, which means been gluten free for about 12-18 months. But my dietitian who I recently started working with, who has been working with celiacs for 15 years, says that if I lessen my dairy intake I'm not only depriving myself of calcium but putting myself at risk for becoming lactose intolerant. Which I definitely do not want... However I do notice that recently (not sure if this is after I eat dairy or not) my stomach makes some odd rumbling noises... Thoughts?
  3. Hi Everyone, I would like to move somewhere in Central/South America to study Spanish for a few months but am concerned about food availability, allergy awareness and ingredients used at restaurants. I get sick when I eat Gluten, Dairy, Corn, Soy, and a few others but those are the worst ones for me. I usually eat meat, rice (as my grain source), potatoes, and fruit/vegetables. I'm concerned about being able to eat out at restaurants and shopping for food. Even in the USA, gluten free can be a challenge if one cannot eat corn, which is the most common substitute. Does anyone know which Latin American country will be easiest to manage? Right now I'm thinking that learning Spanish in Spain might be my best bet but I really want to go to Latin America. There was a similar post in 2010 (only for gluten), but now it's 6-7 years later so I'm bringing the topic back again because times change fast in the allergy world. Thanks so much for your help, Ori
  4. A few months before my 22nd birthday and college graduation (late March), I started noticing daily GI issues including gas, bloating and diarrhea . I passed most of this off on the quality of the food at my school's dining hall, but once I moved out, the symptoms did not cease. In April, I went in to see the school nurse for a UTI, and as part of standard procedure, they sent the test offsite for further analysis. Later that week I received an email from the Nurse Practitioner that I had also tested positive for E. Coli, but the MacroBid I had been prescribed for the UTI should also work on the E. Coli. (Maybe of note, I was in Belize, Mexico, and Honduras for a week in early March). Took the antibiotics, and symptoms did not resolve. After graduation, I went on the Whole 30 diet to cut out soy, grains (including gluten), and dairy (I have been mildly lactose-intolerant for over a decade). My symptoms almost all but disappeared. After, I went back to eating indiscriminately, and my GI issues seemed to worsen exponentially. In July, I went to my GP and ended up doing a stool sample so she could have me tested again for E. Coli, but the test was negative. I have tried for the most part to cut gluten and dairy from my diet, but now even other grains, such as rice, give me problems where I had none in the past. Garlic is also a new problem, and has my gut feel like a gurgling hot tub. Just this past week (Mid-September), chicken pan-fried in coconut oil (with which I cooked during the Whole 30 program without issue) seems to have me running to the bathroom about 30-60 min after consumption. In the past month, eggs are giving me trouble as well. I'm scheduled to see a GI in DC in October, but looking for relief and advice in the mean time. My symptoms range from gas to diarrhea to abdominal pain, but have never included constipation. (Maybe of note, I had a strange rash on my nose that took several week to heal recently, closely resembled rug-burn, scabbing, and neosporin seemed to help a bit, but its still not back to normal). Any advice would be very welcome!
  5. I've had a range of symptoms in the last 2 months and in the past few weeks I have discovered that my TTG abs (igA) levels were 41 (my igA tests were fine). The doctor said that he is pretty much certain that it is celiac disease and I am awaiting an endoscopy to confirm it. Before I found out that my TTG abs (igA) levels were high, I noticed that my body was reacting really badly to dairy products. I went on an elimination diet and stopped all gluten and dairy products and felt much better. I carried this on after my results and thought that I must have developed a dairy intolerance due to my celiac. 2 days ago I accidentally consumed a glass of wine which I thought was dairy free but it contained Milk. I have not had any gluten. I am currently in the middle of a flare up. All of a sudden rashes have started to appear on my hands and my anxiety has returned (usually not a anxious person). No diarhhoea, vomiting or digestive issues. I am currently suffering from muscle twitching, rashes predominantly on hands and feet, brain fog, pins and needles/numbness on hands, feet and arms. However, I have been tested for milk allergy and this came back negative. Is it possible that it is dairy that is causing my symptoms/autoimmune reaction and could this be a reason for elevetated TTG abs (igA) levels. Or has the doctor only picked up my celiac and missing something else. If it was dairy intolerance then I would have digestive issues but I don't seem to have any. Could it be the casein protein? Anyone been in a similar situation or can anyone provide some insight?
  6. Would hot yoga help the puffiness in face due to other food sensitivities? or Asuanas? How to determine if you have a histamine intolerance or other food sensitivities?
  7. being new to this, I have started avoiding gluten and dairy. I seem to be sensitive to other foods like corn, tomatoes, bananas, and possibly grains and sugars. I still get puffy in the face whenever I eat certain things. other than blood testing, does any meds help with this? Also, is gas X gel tablets ultra strength gluten free?
  8. Hi everyone, I'm a recently diagnosed ceoliac. I'm 25 (female), and I've been free from gluten and dairy for 4 days and yesterday the pains from withdrawal hit me - aching joints, sharp pains, foggy mind, etc. Yet yesterday night my stomach felt good and unbloated for the first time in so long. Today, however, I've woken with a tender lower stomach and swollen legs that have increased as the day progressed - swollen legs having been a nightmare for me throughout this entire time. My hands are also prone to swelling and I get bad water retention. My upper stomach isn't TOO bad. I'm still feeling constipated, too, which isn't helping. How long do these withdrawals last? Does anyone know how to overcome them or at least ease them? Especially the leg swelling - I work on my feet all day so it's hard. Did anyone else suffer from the leg swelling? I feel really lost and confused because no doctor has given me any guidance other than "don't eat gluten and dairy". Please help! I feel so out of control and low!
  9. I was diagnosed with Celiac disease a little over a year ago and have been gluten free since. I feel so much better now that I have been gluten free. However, I still have been having some issues particularly with acne, lethargy, and chronic congestion/post nasal drip. After talking with my doctor and reading multiple forums I have decided to eliminate dairy from my diet to see if I may be intolerant to it. I am wondering how long I should do this before I might expect results/decide if it's not working?
  10. I'm sure this has been covered here but I'm not debating the theory... more just looking for your personal experiences ! I started eating dairy again recently and am thrilled that yoghurt and probably cheese have no ill effect. I even got up the guts (ha) to start drinking coffee at the local coffee shop...WITH MILK. As in... not even fermented. JUST MILK. At first I had Lacteese to cover my bases/break associations... and after a few days I didn't take it and... STILL NOTHING. Success! Repeated every day for about 6 days. Lactose and I are buds. But. Yesterday I got coffee from somewhere else and had the same old dairy symptoms (I think).... and it could be due to the heat wave that hatched here or hormones (that time of the month) so I'm not jumping to conclusions but I did just find out upon returning to local cafe that they use Jersey milk... Seems unlikely to be the cause though because I don't think cheese was bad and that's still got protein in it... unlike icecream which also had a1 milk and was ok... Are you a celiac who struggles with dairy but tolerates a2? Or?
  11. There was a documentary on netflix I watch I believe it was called "corn nation" something about corn. The guy showed how they have added the wheat gean to the corn as a way to make bugs not want to eat the corn.. He goes on to show an underground bunker where government has 1000's of varieties of corn stored in jars.. He asked the one in charge she said they new they (GMO companies) were modifying the gean or gen ( can't spell today) and they were protecting the original in case it made it uneatable and might pollinate other crops killing off corn.. He then went on talking about how even corn is feed to cattle because so many farmers started growing it.. That explains the dairy reactions too
  12. If I react subtly to trace amounts of dairy, does that mean I'd definitely have a bigger reaction to larger amounts of dairy? Or could I end up having the same subtle reaction regardless of the amount?
  13. Hey all, I've been diagnosed celiac for about a year, and until recently, was living fine with the gluten-free diet. About a month ago, I started noticing stomach aches after drinking breakfast shakes, and eating cheese. I found out that dairy intolerance often comes with celiac, which would have been fine as well, except around the same time I started having stomach/abdominal pain after eating almost anything. It started with gluten-free/DF homemade chili, then gluten-free chicken fried rice, and before I knew it I had to cut almost everything out of my diet. For the last 3-4 weeks I have been eating exclusively raw fruits/vegetables and poached chicken/turkey breast. Literally everything else that I've tried to reintroduce has given me abdominal pain. This includes all types of nuts, white rice, eggs, cod, salmon, peanut butter, even oven-roasted vegetables. I usually start feeling discomfort/tightness in my stomach around 30 seconds to a minute after eating any of these things. Despite eating 2 avocados and 1-2 chicken breasts a day, I'm not getting enough fat in my diet, and have lost about 15 pounds (down to around 120 lbs. as a 6', 21 year-old male). I recently spoke with my dietician who recommended that I start trying a low FODMAP elimination diet. Thankfully, most of the things I had to eliminate were things I already couldn't eat anyways. However, this limits my diet even further, and I can't even tolerate most of the things that are supposed to be okay to eat on this diet. I have noticed no improvement since starting this diet, which leads me to believe that there is something else going on. I have been taking multi-vitamins and probiotics daily for about three weeks but am currently losing hope, as none of my doctors/specialists have been able to give me a solid answer. The doctors that I have seen don't accept leaky guy as a legitimate medical condition and have sent me to a few different specialists instead, seeming generally clueless themselves. I am having a consultation for a colonoscopy soon, as well as for a cystoscopy (I apparently also have some sort of kidney/bladder blockage, maybe a stone. We're not sure if it's related to any of this yet). I have seen a naturopath and a dietician, but neither of what they've told me seem to be doing anything to solve the problem. I feel worse every day, low energy, irritability and a general feeling of tiredness are pretty much constant and it's becoming difficult to deal with school as well as other commitments. Does anyone have any insight as to what could be going on with my body, or at least some general advice on what to do in my situation? Let me know if you'd like any more information. Thanks for reading, and for any input you may have. Matt
  14. I have been gluten free for about 6 weeks and I have noticed an improvement in my health (less bloating, less foggy, more energy) but am still having some issues. A brief history: I was vegan for 7 years until last July when due to loosing too much weight and the fact that I was finding eating anything difficult I went back to eating some dairy fat free cottage cheese and fat free yogurt. I have mild Gastroparesis and a esophageal motility disorder. My thinking is maybe the dairy is causing some issues. I still get some cramping and bloating after eating and wondered how commonly these 2 issues gluten intolerance and dairy intolerance are linked. I also seem to have a problem with corn and eggs and so already avoid those.
  15. Hello Everyone! So I am new too all of this and I'm not really sure where to start, so I'll give you a little background on me and how I got here and hopefully you kind people can give me suggestions! I am 32 years old and for YEARS, I mean YEARS (probably 20) I have been dealing with the most frustrating tummy issues. I would throw up nearly every day for what I thought was no reason, my weight fluctuated by the 10's on a monthly basis, severe cramps, bloating, bubbles... etc etc. I went to every doctor imaginable and spent thousands of dollars on tests, bloodwork, special foods, and procedures with everthing coming back 'normal' and 'within range.' It got to the point where my co-workers dubbed my illnesses as amyfowleritis. I felt for sure that I was dying some slow, painful death and some scientist would name my unknown issues after me and I would be in medical journals. Okay, so that is a bit of an exaggeration, but its how I honestly felt for a long, long time. On my birthday last month I decided I wanted shrimp and grits, one of God's finer creations, and I broke out in pretty impressive hives that three benadryl could not tackle and I was sent to the allergist to get an epipen. Only there, at the glorious allergist, did I learn that I not only had a shellfish allergy, but I also have a gluten and dairy intolerance, peanut allergy, and I should also be avoiding other nuts, citrus, mint, strawberries, chocolate, pork, and all salt-water fish. Needless to say, a giant light bulb went off over my head and I had a coming to Jesus moment once I realized that yes, this is why I feel like crap all the time. All of my favorite foods are torturing me and my GI system. I really wanted to go back and yell at all of the other doctors I have had the pleasure of knowing over the years for chaulking it up to severe IBS, but I decided to take the higher road and sulk in my own misery for the time being. My allergist appointment happened earlier this week (Monday, actually) and I am still in a shock type state of mind and I really do not have a clue as to where to begin. I am asking you, fellow gluten (and maybe other allergies like mine) suffers; where did you begin? Did you stop everything cold turkey like a bad drug? Did you start to ween yourself off the foods you cannot eat? How did you change your life and all of the eating habits you have had so long? What was the best piece of advice you received? As of right this second, I have a bag of gluten free pasta and veggies I can eat in my home. I cant really afford to replace everything in my pantry and fridge all at once, but I also dont want to starve myself. Anything, everything, whatever you have in your lovely brain of yours that you can share with me while I start this lifestyle change, I would truly and forever appreciate. I apologize for my novel, but I hope you made it through the end... or at least skimmed over it enough to pick up my cry for help. Thanks!!!!!
  16. Hi, I have recently been having stomachaches after eating almost everything. I was wondering what was wrong so I went to the doctor today. I gave my doctor a food diary and she seemed to think it may be dairy and she said possibly Celiac but probably not because I had no symptoms after eating plain white rice. According to her white rice has gluten and that Is not true,right. Anyways so she ordered an x ray for me to check for constipation. I thought this was crazy because I have never had trouble "going". Surprisingly the x-Ray showed that there was a little backup. I know that constipation can also be a symptom of celiac so that also leads me to think its celiac. Anyways the doctor also ordered blood tests for celiac among many other things and I was told to stay off dairy until I get my test results. I think my issues with dairy may have to do with the damage celiac has done to my intestines. Anyways I'm jut looking for what you guys think of all this. Thanks, Stephanie
  17. How Long In The Penalty Box?

    3-12: I eat two slices of a three cheese gluten-free pizza. | | | ¥ 3-20/21: still paying for it daily with changing symptoms. Even things I normally eat hurt. Argh I feel like one of those squeeze toys where, when you squeeze the stomach, the eyes pop out. Never again cow dairy. In time, I'll have some goat yogurt but never again cow cheese. "Said the Raven...". 8-o Maybe it's stress compounding it too. The things I'm dealing with, worrying about. Who's stomach wouldn't be tied in knots? I heard my husband say I was managing an autoimmune condition. Manage is right, like managing a petulant little bull. Gosh, I was really doing well and had to start pushing... Really thought I could reintroduce some intolerant foods so that I could eat easier at a restaurant! What was I thinking? This must be one of those blessings in disguise. I can't afford to be glutened right now. Not going to eat in a restaurant now. Hmmm... Have to put my big girl pants on for several days of business/social gatherings around food. +energy! Yep. That'll be a lot. Good reason to rest up. Penalty box just transformed into solace. Tomorrow I sleep. Sleep and nourish.
  18. Feeling a little overwhelmed and sorry for myself today. For the past 3 years I've been learning about my gluten intolerance. I am intolerant of gluten, soy, dairy, corn (and corn products such as vinegar and citric acid), gluten-free oats, quinoa and nightshades including tomato and potato. This even includes liquor like potato vodka. I know I'm SUPPOSED to be able to tolerate this....but I cant. So, basically, I've been strictly gluten free for about 1 1/2 years now. I have severe heart burn. Better with medication. Most of my gluten symptoms such as numb limbs, face, etc. and severe stomach upset and gas has gone away. Its magic as long as I stay away from gluten and the other offenders. At this point though I'm just angry. I smile and say its no big deal. I get by and there are lots of foods I can still eat. I put on a brave face most days. I am truly happy to have my health. I keep holding out hope that some of these multiple intolerances will go away as I get better but........ A part of me wants to say screw it, eat a bunch of gluten and call it a day. I get really frustrated and sick of being "ok" with it. Some days, it sucks! I hate that I can't go out to eat anywhere like every other normal person. I hate that people think I'm being picky. I hate the sympathy I get from decent people. Multiple intolerances SUCKKKKK! I also hate that sometimes I get sick from foods that AREN'T gluten. Not fair! It makes me so angry at my body. So, I just needed to b%$@# everyone. Needed to whine and throw a hissy fit! Thanks for listening!
  19. Hi everyone, I am a newbie on this site but really needing some advice. I have had 'IBS' since my early childhood and have suffered with many days and nights lying on my bathroom floor or passing out on it with terrible cramping and diarrhea. Last week a doctor looked over my history and asked me if I had celiac disease as I seem to gain weight even when I can only sip chicken soup and have diarrhea for days, I have chronic sinusitis, sore throat, ear infections, Acid reflux, had my gallbladder removed and recurrent mouth ulcers. He aske about my family history and as my mum is the same as me and my nan had hypothyroidism and passed away from Lymphoma he seemed pretty convinced. However he sent me home with some antibiotic ear spray for my sore ear....I decided to go gluten free and see if this sorted out my cramping and diarrhea too. this is the story of my life. I go to the doctors and they never give me any answers. So I discovered that once giving up gluten for a day or two my cramping stopped but still had diarrhea. I quit dairy and all of a sudden I am pain and diarrhea free! Happy days. Then today my lovely husband went to costa and got me a soy latte and I ended up in hospital with an allergic reaction! I felt like I had the flu run up behind me and jump on me! I almost blacked out both at home and the hospital but felt much better with piriton and hydra cortizone injections. Now I have been told I need allergy tests to sort out what I can have and what I cant. So now I am afraid to eat or drink anything and I feel that I dont know what to say to my doctor because I dont know what tests to ask for here in the UK. I am also worried for my kids as going gluten free seems to have helped my 4 year olld daughter with her witholding poo that has been going on for 1 1/2 years (told it was due to stress as her dad has been very ill with cancer) and my 6 yr old son is being tested for adhd and aspergers which can also be related to celiac can't it? I am not sure I am looking at the right websites so unsure. I am pretty sure the doctors are not taking me seriously because they assume I am suffering from anxiety from my husband's illnesses but I have been sick for over 40 years and he has only been sick for 2! Anyhow, could someone please tell me if there is a list of allergy free foods I can be safe to eat until tested and if celiac will turn up on an allergy test?? I just don't know and I am afraid to look at too many websites as some of them are written by complete nutters. thank you for your time Bunny
  20. I am 10 months in gluten free, still not well. Stomach issues improved, but I´m still dealing with fatigue. I read that it´s recommended to quit dairy products. But what about lactose free dairy products?
  21. Dairy Intolerance?

    So, I started getting stomach pains this week after eating dairy. I got diagnosed with Celiac at the beginning of April. Is it possible I developed this intolerance now? How long should I wait before attempting anything dairy again? (I want to give it some time - the pains were BAD.) Since being diagnosed I haven't suffered any intolerances (until now) and I've been thankful. Looks like my number came up haha. Any advice is greatly appreciated. And thank you all for your continued support.
  22. Howdy - Does anyone else (gals, of course) have this? I *think* when I get exposed to gluten, then my period starts within a day, or my bleeding gets much heavier and my period is prolonged. Am I imagining things? I was diagnosed gluten intolerant in 7/07. Have been eating gluten-free since then. I'm caseinand lactose intolerant, have been on and off dairy since '92. Six weeks ago I got much stricter about sticking with DF. I'm pretty good about gluten-free- never cheat - but have not been careful with cross contamination. I've had these crazy long periods (14 days? 21 days? a month?) for 9 months. Three months ago I switched oral contraceptives - less spotting, but my last three periods have lasted 10 days. Could it be that I've become far more gluten intolerant in the past year? Help!
  23. My food issues began several years ago. I am a self-diagnosed celiac. I have been tested for allergies and have none. I first discovered gluten was a problem a few years ago then discovered soy, casien, corn, chicken, coffee and even peanuts made me sick as well. The best part is that I feel the best I've ever felt. I know I am finding my health again and I feel normal most of the time. I've learned how to find/cook really well and am happy most of the time. Here is where I need some help: I really miss eating in restaurants but I am terrified of doing so. Corn is in EVERYTHING. I can tolerate very small amounts (talking vitamins) but I have trouble with things like iodized salt. I am very scared to eat out but I really miss it. I am 28 and live in Chicago. Best city for food ever! I am very happy but it feels fairly isolating not to be able to go out. How do those of you with similar intolerances do it? Do I just need to wait a couple years for my gut to heal? Do you bring your own food? I'm feeling hopeful enough to try new things. Help me figure it out?
  24. I just found out yesterday that I have a dairy allergy and my allergist said with recent blood work that it looks like I also have celiac disease. I am just curious how long it has taken you with dual (or more) allergies and sensitivities to see improvement after you changed your diet?
  25. Hi everybody, Im 22 year old male from Australia and have been having problems with my stomach for about 8 years! Over the past 18 months things have goten worse and I have developed new intolerances which I don't think fit into the Celiac folder, I'm finally getting tested for Celiac disease after years of pain, so hopefully I will have a diagnosis I can deal with! The last few docs have said Irritable Bowel or "I don't know, you must have had a bug" Very frustrating, I'm sure you have all had similar experiences. Very recently (promoting my trip to the doc today) I have been experiencing a severe lack of energy, I've been getting out of breath just getting out of bed or walking up the stairs. then my heart races for a few mins. My intolerances include Wheat Flour Dairy Eggs Red Meat (in large enough doses eg. a steak) Rice - both white and brown Anything deep fried or oily When I eat enough of any of these foods I get bloated, stomach pains, occasionally diarrhea and sometimes a red patchy rash on my hands and arms. I'd really appreciate any advice or help you could give me! Thanks for your time. Donovan.
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