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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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How Are You All Doing On Your Recovery?

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Hi Everyone,


I thought it might be nice to post how we're doing, especially those of us newlyl diagnosed. I haven't posted here much lately because DS and I are both well on our Gluten free way but this board was so great for me when I was first getting tested, diagnosed and dealing with symptoms that I wanted to report back. I think I've had celiac for about thirty years but it was never caught. It was only after my son started showing classic signs that I read about symptoms and realized my canker sores and infertility actually meant something. I tested positive on both blood panel and endoscopy. DS, 4, has had all the classic symptoms like small stature and finally this summer months of HORRIBLE diarrhea. But blood tests were all negative except DGP IGA and endoscopy (more than 8 samples from duodendum) was negative, reviewed by UCSD pathologist and GI and confirmed negative. Still gluten free and I tell people he has celiac's disease so they respect the diet more. Also, he has the same "low risk" DQ2 gene I have. Personally I think in ten years we'll have much better tests so we won't have to mess around with these gluten challenges and other nonsense. Clearly gluten's not for us, so the diagnosis doesn't matter as much.


As for me, the first few months were hard in some ways. Lots of pain, lots of D, which I hadn't had before or hadn't noticed. But I was a lot happier and remain so, higher energy, fog lifted. I also had canker sores for most of the first few months but now they seem to be gone. I had another blood test a couple weeks ago and don't recall levels but TTG IGA still high but Endo thinks that's ok . I'm starting to feel what I think is normal, but I'm not sure I would know normal! My big issue, I'm gaining weight. I was never too thin but I could always eat whatever I wanted. I'm still struggling not to do that anymore. Even though the hunger is gone that I had when malnourished, I just want to eat a box of cookies, damnit! Also my "clumsiness", which I guess was gluten brain dammage, is much improved. The other day I ran into a door and my husband asked me if I'd been glutened, he was so surprised to see me clumsy again.


My son is doing really well, no more D. Improved appetite. Growing like crazy. I'm not sure about total growth but at one point he grew 1/2 an inch in ten days. Therapists (occupational, he has motor delays), speech and teachers all say his attention is improved and he's talking more at school. He's definitely getting stronger and more muscular. He's also doing so well with the diet. This is a very immature, impulsive child but he's able to talk about what foods have gluten and about how they give him diarrhea. Of course he also makes recommendations to others which are pretty funny. Jane's sick? Oh, maybe she should go to her doctor so she can tell her which foods will make her feel better.


I know I'm very lucky, and so many of us here are suffering much worse symptoms and slower recoveries, but for our family, we are so thankful for the gluten free diet. I guess the way I see it is that I'm not unlucky to have "gotten" celiac disease. I'm so lucky to have been given a treatment. I have to cook a little more often than I'd like to. Miss some of those Trader Joes quicky dinners and takeout, but I know something about my body that is so important and I can help my little boy. So I'm very thankful.


Best of luck on your recoveries.



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Thank you for dropping in and sharing your progress, Megan.  So glad you and your son are both doing well.  The newbies on the board need to hear stories like yours.  :)


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This is wonderful news Megan!


Thank you for updating your family's progress -- it really is great to hear from folks that are improving :)


PS..took me a bit longer but I am improving each day and am healthier than I was 20 years ago.


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How long was it until you started gaining weight and until your son started growing? 


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    • Sounds like gluten ataxia, or the form of celiac I have where it also attacks my nervous system and brain. I would get a celiac test if I was you, you have to be eating at least half a slice of bread or a few crackers for 12 weeks before hand and go to your doctor and ask for a full celiac panel. From there you need to be eating it for still and get a endoscope with biopsies to check for intestinal damage. Now to help with the mental issues I will tell your right now a good b-vitamin supplement will help you with the fog and depression a bit. I suggest Liquid Health Stress & Energy and the Neurological support one. Take 1 tbsp each 3 times a day. You will notice a huge difference in it. Being liquid it is easier absorbed by your body, if you have celaic then your intestines will also be damaged making where getting these nutrients is more difficult for you body. NOW as to the cheesy bread I hear you on that. I love eating Juilans bakery toasted read with dayia cheese on it.... I was using hte provolone for awhile but am now using the almond bread with daiya dairy free swiss. Love a good cheesy toast and egg white open sandwich with some avocado myself. I also posted a recipe in the baking section where you melt the daiya dairy free cheese shreds and mix them in with the flour blend I use that is gluten-free and make cheesy bread rolls out of them. I have a garlic and cheddar one.....you name just inspired the idea of using a bit of turkey bacon in the cheddar biscuit version.....would be epic
    • Hi,   my history is the following: I used to eat a lot of foods with gluten & cheese together. They would make me seriously happy and and I was extremely content just eating a pizza and bread with cheese and things like this... Now obviously I'd have cycles... where I eat tons of gluten/cheese foods in combination... feel super content and thats it... Then the effects would wear off and I had to start a diet.. where I'd do modified versions of fasting or so for a few weeks... During that phase I'd get very depressed... but after a few weeks of no-gluten... I'd eat bread with cheese again and I felt like I was in heaven. I'd get extremely high from this stuff... like seriously I'd feel amazing... (I guess it's the morphine like effects of this foods)  but after some when I hit age 22 or so I started to get serious trouble... ....   I started getting serious neurological issues from it... like I could't put my words together... I'd have paranoia & feel like everything is unreal... I've been diagnosed with numerus psychiatric issues since then... My main problem right now is that my brain isn't functioning... I can't comprehend what people are saying and when I want to say something my words don't come easily... Like if I am in a conversation for a longer time this issues is barely noticable at all... But if I wake up... and I try to talk... there's no way.. if I haven't talked for a while it's like you could ask me and I couldn't comprehend what you say and couldn't put my words together in the way I'd like to... I feel kinda stupid sometimes... because I know I'm rather smart but when I have a conversation my speech seems very unsophisticated... --- I tried to change my diet.. with varying success... like I would feel great in the morning and feel completely depressed in the evening for no apparent reason whatsoever... at all! And I feel I can attribute this to traces of gluten which feels like this:   ---- When I have traces of gluten inadvertently... I suddenly feel like everything is kind of unreal around me... I feel depressed in a "opiate withdrawal" kind of way... I don't know how to explain it... it's just painful in the sense that I can't just enjoy having a conversation... like I have a conversation but I don't feel "the thrill"... everything is totally bland and I just feel depressed in the background... like I don't want to do anything and no matter what I do.. it feels completely pointless because I can't comprehend why I suddenly feel this way...    And it's not like I feel this way 24/7... that's the thing... it comes and goes and comes and goes... sometimes I feel completely fine in the morning or even for 2 days or so.... and then I feel completely like s$#& and devoid off all satisfaction for 3 days where I feel I'm going completely crazy & I can't talk.. can't comprehend... feel super weird when talking to people... and then the next days I just feel suddenly "normal"... like this relaxed and easy-going feeling in your body and wanting to be social and to communicate and just have fun... but then... when I eat some food and I feel it has gluten.. it hits me in a subtle way... where I suddenly loose all joy in life for days... and then it just dissapears... I've been struggling with this for years now and I can't seem to comprehend or get on top of this issue... Do some of you guys have similar experiences?        
    • Having experienced autoimmune hives (not sure if celiac-related) daily for the last four months (now controlled by a cocktail of antihistamines, thankfully), I would be super diligent about my gluten-free diet if I had DH.  What do I mean?  Like Squirmingitch indicated -- no eating if you did not prepare it..  The itching can drive you crazy.  In my case, I never knew that you can get hives on the soles of your feet.   I hope you feel better soon.  
    • A celiac diagnosis is hard to absorb even for adults.  She is old enough to understand and she now knows that she is different (that's so hard when you just want to be like everyone else).  There is a grieving period that is normal.   Be patient.  If things do not improve, get her some help.  It might be better to hear it from another trusted adult than from Mom.  You are doing everything right.  I know you are loving her and being supportive.  Stay strong and do take some time for yourself, even if it is heading to the bookstore for a hour or so or taking a walk.   Within a few months, there should be some improvement.  Be sure she gets a follow-up test three months after her diagnosis and then another three months later.  Learn more: http://www.cureceliacdisease.org/faq/how-often-should-follow-up-testing-occur/ Hugs!  
    • Can you get her to drink Ensure high protein? I mix the vanilla one with my favorite chocolate drink so it tastes the way I like. What foods does she currently eat?  
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