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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Polyps? Ana Reasults. Weak Positive?

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I had my colonoscopy and endoscopy done today. They found a polyp to be tested, but otherwise, visually, they didn't find any major problems.

I also got blood results back for my ANA test (antinuclear AB , S )

It said I was weak positive. Does anybody know what that means?

My bloodwork sed test came back in normal range.

Is the polyp cause for concern, and could it be causing any symptoms.? What do my ANA results mean?


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The ANA ia basically an autoimmune disease test. As far as I know many, if not most, AI diseases can cause a positive ANA like Hashimoto's, lupus, RA, sjorgen's and others; I've been told that celiac can cause a positive ANA too but i haven't personally seen medical articles stating that.  A positive ANA (usually considered to be a titre of 1:160) can also be found in the healthy portion of the population too. It's also something that can change; i have had a couple of positive ANA tests in my life (1:160) but now I'm negative (1:80).


A positive ANA doesn't mean much except that you could have an autoimmune issue... or not.


I'm afraid i know nothing about polyps.


I can't remember if you had positive blood tests or not.  Did you suspect celiac or non-celiac gluten intolerance based on symptoms you were having?


Best wishes to you.


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I had a weak positive ANA about 3 or 4 years into my gluten-free journey. My doc said it was a Lupus marker. I was freaked!! She sent me to a rheumatologist. I saw him 3 times in 18 months... he took lots of blood and felt lots of my joints and found nothing unusual and let me go.


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I thought celiac, due to positive blood results, but the doctor today seemed to think I was in "normal" range. I'm learning igG results don't mean all that much, its the other tests, which were neg they care about in diagnosing. I am waiting on biopsy results to confirm or deny celiac.

I have a sister with hashimotos and a mom with half thyroid removed and positive autoimmune marker(not really sure what test she took to find out she had a genetic marker) . I also have a very "butterfly" like rash on my face that looks a lot like the lupus rash.

I'm 10 years in from my symptoms being "severe", and I keep getting borderline results back. It's very frustrating.

I also have colon cancer in my family so a polyp is scary!!


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Mayo has this to say about an elevated ANA:


"an ANA test detects antinuclear antibodies in your blood. Your immune
system normally makes antibodies to help you fight infection. In
contrast, antinuclear antibodies often attack your body's own tissues —
specifically targeting each cell's nucleus.

In most cases, a positive ANA test indicates that your immune system has
launched a misdirected attack on your own tissue — in other words, an
autoimmune reaction. But some people have positive ANA tests even when
they're healthy.

Your doctor may order an ANA test if he or she suspects you have an
autoimmune disease such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis or scleroderma."


I doubt that your polyp is causing any celiac-like symptoms.  Good luck on your pathology on that one :)


The path report on your endoscopy will be much awaited; I hope it gives some clearcut answers for you.   I am not sure if one of your blood tests was total serum IgA?  If that one was normal then I'm not sure of the significance of the high DGP IgG result.  They normally use the IgG if you do not make "normal" quantities of IgA.  Sorry I can't help you on that one.


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I thought celiac, due to positive blood results, but the doctor today seemed to think I was in "normal" range. I'm learning igG results don't mean all that much, its the other tests, which were neg they care about in diagnosing. I am waiting on biopsy results to confirm or deny celiac....

 Just remember that those IgG tests do mean something though, otherwise they wouldn't run the tests. There are quite a few members on this board that were diagnosed using the IgG tests.


 Best wishes.


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    •  Oh good luck with your challenge and I hope you're able to feel better soon!   Yes, I am well aware of Michael Marsh and his thoughts  and they are certainly in the back of my mind.  I was on gluten for 5 months when I had the most recent antibody testing. Admittedly my TTG was the highest I've ever seen it but it's still a 7 and the reference range goes up to 20.
    •  That is true most people on the board do refer for Endoscopy  and are responsible in their replies to people who are initially reaching out. But I did have experiences where some folks will tell people that  certain tests are only positive with celiac disease. Which is not the case, so I'm just reminding those folks. 
    • Yes!!!!  My best advice to expedite healing is to NOT eat out until you are feeling great and really think you have mastered the diet.  If you must eat out, use a site like "Find Me Gluten Free" and select only those restaurants reviewed by celiacs.  Otherwise pack your own food and eat at supermarkets.  I hope you feel better soon!  
    • Why?  Why bother to get tested?  A gluten challenge can be brutal and long (8 to 12 weeks for the blood test and 2 to 4 weeks for the endoscopy): http://www.cureceliacdisease.org/faq/what-is-a-gluten-challenge/ I just had anemia which prompted my doctor to run a celiac panel.  I waited 7 weeks for my endoscopy due to work constraints.  I ate gluten like crazy (I knew I had celiac disease in my heart).  At the end of those 7 weeks, I had all the classic gut symptoms which took over a year to resolve.  Even a glutening has triggered new  (I think) additional autoimmune issues.  I would urge you to to carefully consider the benefits of a challenge based on your current AI issues.  At least talk to a good doctor.   My hubby has been gluten-free for 16 years -- long  before my diagnosis and he does not know if he actually has celiac disease, but we know gluten makes him sick.  He chooses to never do a challenge.   As far as healing or seeing results.  It varies as we are all different.  My anemia, with supplements, resolved within three months but other issues took more than a year and I already had a good handle on the gluten free diet. Finally, reducing gluten is not an option for a celiac.  Anything over 20 parts per million can trigger a celiac disease flare-up for most celiacs. I hope this helps.  Just be sure you really research this throughly is my non-medical advice.    
    • People here are told to go to a gastroenterologist for an endoscopy if they show high on any one test. They are not told they have celiac. Weak high numbers can be other things, but strong high numbers are celiac most of the time. That's what my gastro told me. As nobody here is a doctor we can only give an opinion.
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