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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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'gluten-Free' Labeling Rules Head To White House For Usa

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At long last! :)


The petition is still open for signatures if you haven't signed it yet.  The new rules are not approved yet, but have moved from the FDA to the next stage.




An announcement of the rule being sent forward for review:




'Gluten-free' labeling rules head to White House               
                        By Megan R. Wilson                                                                                -
                        02/26/13 11:46 AM ET                    

New rules dictating what foods can be labeled “gluten free”
have arrived at the White House for final review, according to federal

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been
working on the labeling requirements for gluten-free foods since 2005.
The regulation has been named “economically significant,” meaning it has
a cost of $100 million or more on the economy.

On Monday, the rule headed to the White House’s Office of
Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA), which it will need to pass
through before being enacted.


“Establishing a definition of the term 'gluten-free' and uniform
conditions for its use in the labeling of foods is necessary to ensure
that individuals with celiac disease are not misled and are provided
with truthful and accurate information with respect to foods so
labeled,” FDA said in a 2011 re-opening of the proposal.

    In the rule, the FDA defines a product as “gluten free” if it does not
contain the following: wheat, rye, barley, or any hybrid of these
grains; ingredients such as wheat flour that have not been processed to
remove gluten; or any item made up of more than 20 parts per million of


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I was afraid of this.  It looks like they are going to go with the International Codex standards, and we are going to end up with imported "gluten free" foods made of codex wheat starch at 20ppm or less, theoretically, with it all being perfectly legal.  Are not these labels to be done on a voluntary basis by the manufacturers, so there is not going to be strict enforcement ?  This IS going to make people sick.  And they are going to call it an "improvement," to regress in this manner.  


Two things about the online petitions - one, it does not have the actual rule, just the plea to "finalize the rule, now."   This is like begging for a pig in a poke.   Secondly, the White House was annoyed with how many petitions they were getting, and having to address once they reached the required number of signatures threshold, so they moved the goal posts, and set a higher threshold of required signatures of of 100,000 people signing one,  before they will issue a response, now. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/01/16/white-house-petitions_n_2487541.html      So starting a new petition to ask that the American standard for labeling for gluten free require that any wheat, rye, barley sourced product note that it does contain it, even if it were made of codex wheat starch, it would have to say so, would now need a signing threshold 4 times as large to get a response. 


The rule also could potentially be ignoring the problem of GMO grains coming to the near future of mass human consumption, as it is not clear if the legal definition of a "hybrid grain" falls under the same category as a "genetically modified organism."  We all had better start thinking about this problem NOW and not later, because I see NO lobbyists, breeder-manufacturers, or advocates for GMO plant breeding-manufacturing-genetic manipulation willing to go on the record, and tell us just what types of grains they are planning to "modify" with other types of grains or their proteins, and crossing triticum family (wheat,rye,barley,spelt,etc) genes of gluten grains into our safe, gluten free ones, to give something like more drought tolerance, could be a disaster. 


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    • Hi,   my history is the following: I used to eat a lot of foods with gluten & cheese together. They would make me seriously happy and and I was extremely content just eating a pizza and bread with cheese and things like this... Now obviously I'd have cycles... where I eat tons of gluten/cheese foods in combination... feel super content and thats it... Then the effects would wear off and I had to start a diet.. where I'd do modified versions of fasting or so for a few weeks... During that phase I'd get very depressed... but after a few weeks of no-gluten... I'd eat bread with cheese again and I felt like I was in heaven. I'd get extremely high from this stuff... like seriously I'd feel amazing... (I guess it's the morphine like effects of this foods)  but after some when I hit age 22 or so I started to get serious trouble... ....   I started getting serious neurological issues from it... like I could't put my words together... I'd have paranoia & feel like everything is unreal... I've been diagnosed with numerus psychiatric issues since then... My main problem right now is that my brain isn't functioning... I can't comprehend what people are saying and when I want to say something my words don't come easily... Like if I am in a conversation for a longer time this issues is barely noticable at all... But if I wake up... and I try to talk... there's no way.. if I haven't talked for a while it's like you could ask me and I couldn't comprehend what you say and couldn't put my words together in the way I'd like to... I feel kinda stupid sometimes... because I know I'm rather smart but when I have a conversation my speech seems very unsophisticated... --- I tried to change my diet.. with varying success... like I would feel great in the morning and feel completely depressed in the evening for no apparent reason whatsoever... at all! And I feel I can attribute this to traces of gluten which feels like this:   ---- When I have traces of gluten inadvertently... I suddenly feel like everything is kind of unreal around me... I feel depressed in a "opiate withdrawal" kind of way... I don't know how to explain it... it's just painful in the sense that I can't just enjoy having a conversation... like I have a conversation but I don't feel "the thrill"... everything is totally bland and I just feel depressed in the background... like I don't want to do anything and no matter what I do.. it feels completely pointless because I can't comprehend why I suddenly feel this way...    And it's not like I feel this way 24/7... that's the thing... it comes and goes and comes and goes... sometimes I feel completely fine in the morning or even for 2 days or so.... and then I feel completely like s$#& and devoid off all satisfaction for 3 days where I feel I'm going completely crazy & I can't talk.. can't comprehend... feel super weird when talking to people... and then the next days I just feel suddenly "normal"... like this relaxed and easy-going feeling in your body and wanting to be social and to communicate and just have fun... but then... when I eat some food and I feel it has gluten.. it hits me in a subtle way... where I suddenly loose all joy in life for days... and then it just dissapears... I've been struggling with this for years now and I can't seem to comprehend or get on top of this issue... Do some of you guys have similar experiences?        
    • Having experienced autoimmune hives (not sure if celiac-related) daily for the last four months (now controlled by a cocktail of antihistamines, thankfully), I would be super diligent about my gluten-free diet if I had DH.  What do I mean?  Like Squirmingitch indicated -- no eating if you did not prepare it..  The itching can drive you crazy.  In my case, I never knew that you can get hives on the soles of your feet.   I hope you feel better soon.  
    • A celiac diagnosis is hard to absorb even for adults.  She is old enough to understand and she now knows that she is different (that's so hard when you just want to be like everyone else).  There is a grieving period that is normal.   Be patient.  If things do not improve, get her some help.  It might be better to hear it from another trusted adult than from Mom.  You are doing everything right.  I know you are loving her and being supportive.  Stay strong and do take some time for yourself, even if it is heading to the bookstore for a hour or so or taking a walk.   Within a few months, there should be some improvement.  Be sure she gets a follow-up test three months after her diagnosis and then another three months later.  Learn more: http://www.cureceliacdisease.org/faq/how-often-should-follow-up-testing-occur/ Hugs!  
    • Can you get her to drink Ensure high protein? I mix the vanilla one with my favorite chocolate drink so it tastes the way I like. What foods does she currently eat?  
    • I had the skin biopsy to confirm DH but they still wanted to do a endoscopy to see what was going on inside...they found some cells called Eosinophils that may or may not be related to Celiac and are going to follow up with another scope in eight weeks. Here's what my elbow looked like about eight weeks ago but much improved now.
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