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Stepdaughter And Constipation Issues

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I'm currently in the process of revamping our diets. I'm doing it slowly so that we can adjust without too much rebuttle from the four kids in our house, one of whom is autistic and eats constantly. 


Anyway, this post is about my step daughter. My husband and I got married in December and they moved in with me. SD has always had constipation issues. Complaining of stomach aches and not being able to have a bm.  My husband (single dad with full custody) solution and that of his grandparents was just to pump her full of apple juice. If she still had problems, they'd just give her more juice. Mind you her diet consisted of those damn kid cuisine fried chicken meals. I hate kid cuisine with a passion. I think it's total crap. That's beside the point. She was never made to eat the meal that was cooked and the grandparents who babysat her most of the time didn't make her eat vegetables. She would occasionally eat bananas and maybe some apples here and there. DH would feed her spaghettios most of the time he was responsible for her evening meal. 


So when they moved in I took it upon myself to determine the cause and eliminate this constipation issue she is having. I'm cooking wholesome meals with at least one vegetable. Limiting juice to once a day if that. Eliminating processed and prepackaged foods from our home. Providing fresh fruits and veggies for snacks and yogurt. We are not a gluten free home yet as I am getting ready for testing and I would like to have my biological children tested. I do cook gluten free. I eat it about once a day just so there is still some in my systerm. The kids still ingest gluten at school and at their visits to their other parents'. 


I've resorted to giving her a fiber supplement twice a day (generic of benefiber) to keep her pooping. It's working but if she misses it for a weekend while she's visiting she's constipated again. I really think we're just treating the symptom and not the cause. Someone suggested we try totally eliminating dairy from her diet. I do remember personally giving up dairy for a time period and instead of one bm a day I'd have 2 consistently. I'm wondering if this could be the culprit. 


Advice or suggestions? Are the fiber supplements a bad idea? 


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For my daughter, eliminating caffeine helped.  The caffeine was causing a problem of urinary irritation.  Then she wouldn't drink because it burned when she peed.  She was just short of dehydration and that caused constipation.  She stopped the caffeine and drank more water.  I have never allowed her more than one serving of juice per day and she didn't always have that.


My MIL can not eat dairy or bananas because they cause her to be constipated.  In my case, dairy gives me the big D.


We had a neighbor girl who had it and her Dr. said to give her a small amount of Kern's Aprictot Nectar.


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I had horrible issues with it until I got rid of dairy.  As soon as the gluten and dairy went away, so did the constipation.  Orange juice actually helps with it.  It draws water into the matter and helps it pass.  I have a big glass of OJ every morning when I get up!


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Has SD had a physical recently?  It would be nice to know that thyroid or anemia isn't an underlying cause.


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    • Makes me wonder when the FDA is going to call gluten an allergen...
    • http://www.newburnbakehouse.com/gluten-free-artisan-bread I had no idea they now have artisan breads and now I am upset because these look amazing.  Is it possible that people emigrate to other countries because of the bread?    The wraps they have are really, really good. They roll without splitting and cracking.  OMG...they even have crumpets.  I really may have to move there.......... http://www.justglutenfree.co.uk/#Section2 We bought this at Whole Foods in London and the bread is quite good.  It makes delicious toast!  The rolls are very good also.
    • I agree JMG, in fact I've never bothered with the prescription because I hoped by not having it I'd be saving the NHS some money.  I imagine this will put a burden on some people though. I can't say I've found a gluten free bread I really like yet in the UK, though, although there was a loaf at a wedding the other day that was as near to the real thing as I have tasted in years - but it wasn't clear where it came from (which is a bit of a worry, perhaps it was real bread after all!).   Do you have a favourite? I think Genius is probably my favourite, best toasted, but M&S produce a seeded loaf that actually  is so convincing that when my sister made a batch of cheese and pickle sarnies with it no-one noticed! I think the seeds were a distraction. I had some amazing artisan gluten-free focaccia once but no idea where that came from either - probably the real thing too! No wonder I've got 'gastritis'! I have considered buying a bread making machine but not because I'd make bread with it - what I really miss is those iced currant buns with cherries on the top.  
    • You have the best sense of humor! 
    • Hello folks.   I don't really know what to say, really. My anxiety is really up and down and I just feel a little ... Lost at the minute.   Well, here goes. I should be almost 2 months gluten free but I'm not, as a rice drink I was drinking was glutening me. Yeah, that annoyed me and messed me up a but. Well, lesson learned.  I'm coming up to just over two weeks gluten free but since being "gluten light," and now completely free, the weight just keeps coming off and its a bit concerning (although it does seem like its tapering off.) I only eat whole foods now that I prepare myself as I have a lot of other intolerances  - the usual suspects soy/egg/diary/corn - I also cannot handle fat well. I have seen some improvement, my BM are no longer pale and floating although I still have constipation. My headaches seem to have also cleared, which is a plus. Still fighting the fatigue though. Up and down days it seems, and my pharmacy doesn't have any folic acid which I am low in without lactose! They offered me a liquid solution chocked full of parabens, not too keen on it if I'm honest. The things I'm worrying about is the weight loss, and lingering nausea which comes and goes, and often swings between nausea and being ravenously hungry. I know this is a journey, has anyone else had a similar experience to mine? Also my personal products are all safe. Oh I'm a dude by the way. 26 from the U.K   Sorry for the ramble. Happy healing to everybody   R  
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