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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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What Vitamins Help With Celiac?

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About a year ago my GP said I was deficient in b12, D, and folic acid. He wanted me to have b12 shots. Never mentioned celiac to me although I had many symptoms and my gastro said I would feel better going gluten free which I have done. Now I am supposed to get glutened for a while in order to get an endoscopy which I don't want to go near gluten. In trying to read up on celiac I am learning many have vitamin deficiencies. Is anyone taking special or extra supplements that help? Currently I take women's gluten free multi vitamin gummies and a magnesium pill. I get my potassium with bananas and eat lots of chicken, eggs and beans for protein.


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I hope you won't think me flippant when I respond to your topic question with "Whatever you are deficient in."  Because it is true.  If you are not deficient in a vitamin, it is not going to help you.  You are deficient in B12, D and Folic acid, that we know of, but you may be deficient in others by now, too.  You need a full nutrient panel run, including all the vitamins, iron/ferritin, potassium, zinc, magnesium (sometimes it is not well absorbed).  Taking a multivitamin normally does not provide you with sufficient to refill your tank -- it just gets you to the next gas station -- and more is initially required, then you can go on a maintenance dose. :)   Usually, B12 can be rectified with a sublingual pill (be sure it is methylcobalamin).  Vit.A normally requires doses of 50,000 iu to start. 


Good luck with your testing.  You might want to have the nutrient panel run before you start supplementing so that you know what to pay particular attention to. :)


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Guess I will need more blood work again but I will do it. I do have the stick under your tongue b12 but I will get it all checked out.


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    • I will just share an experience I had..... I went to a steak house where there weren't a lot of safe options for me. So, I decided just to order a drink and eat later.  I asked the bar tender about how they made their margaritas - fresh lime juice, fresh orange juice and gluten free tequila. gluten-free all the way.  My husband went back to order for me and noticed that the bartender was juicing the limes and serving bread to the customers at the bar at the same time.  I would have totally drank that margarita had he not seen him doing that.  I decided to skip the margarita because of the high chance of CC
    • If you're going to continue to push for a diagnosis stay on gluten! A break could lead to a false negative. It's a lot harder to go off it and then go back on...   
    • I still prefer steaming, but I wash my white rice throughly.  I purchase California rice which has a lower level of arsenic.  Moderation is key to most everything!  😊
    • I eat pretty much grain free just fine, I eat fats instead. But on a side note I posted some specialty and grain free options as of late in the food alternative page where I list companies and food product alternatives. I honestly just welcomed bread back into my life, I found a company that makes grain free bread out of nut flours. Given you have to toast the dang bread to use it well but seems to work decently. Pasta there are carb free versions out there, and there are ones made with quinoa, buckwheat, or other grains, I even know one company that makes nut flour based ones. You can get these gluten-free options and avoid the rice. As to levels of arsenic they do test foods for these, and all should be safe, the trace amounts and the sheer amount you would have to eat to get effected is staggering, a bit of rice will not hurt you regardless if your concerned I know gluten-free watchdog does arsenic testing on products you could check and find the "safest ones" for your concerns.
    • I've forgotten them, just remember the good stuff. Weekends in Baja or Vegas or up Pacific highway to see the Redwoods and Frisco. Watching the sunrise at Mount Soledad and watching it drop into the Pacific in the evening. Carne Asada Burritos on Garnet* Solana beach ale* Gorgeous women entranced by my exotic accent, humboldt county weed, raves at the romper room, *1.99 are you out of your mind Denny Breakfasts, Christmas on the beach, *Beers in the gaslamp quarter. I need one of these                                      * which by the power of my imagination have magically become gluten free     AANNNYWAAY... Arsenic in rice. Yeah. 
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