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Medical Phobias- Face Your Fears

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Opa3    3

1) Needles (Belonephobia):

 I use LabCorp for bloodwork and never see the same person twice. Went today and it was more than a misquito bite pain. I used deep diaphragmatic breathing to beat this phobia.


2) Doctor's Office ( Iatrophobia):

Called white coat syndrome. Especially with  a new doctor. Higher blood pressure than normal? You get 140/70 and your labeled hypertensive.

I take my Bp daily and  show my results to the Dr. He quickly retracts his opinion. It's stranger to stranger warfare( even after a year) with some of these people.


3) Blood (Hemophobia): Not to much of a problem if in a vial. 


4) Anesthesia (Trypanophobia):  The risk is extremely low. At 67yo, went under for recent colonoscopy and endoscopy (Dec, 2012).  I'm still here. :)


The US Dept of Health & Human Services says men are 24% less likely than women are to see a doctor. Score one point for the ladies.

 Avoiding doctors will hurt your health today and in the future. 


What's your biggest  medical phobia?  Mine is needles(1).

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bartfull    565

Mine is doctors. I have seen too many family members killed by either wrong diagnoses, wrong medications, or too many conflicting medications and their side effects.


I also don't like hospitals. Not only are they full of doctoers, but a lot of the nurses and aides are incompetent. Last time I was at a hospital was with my friend Kelly who died of cancer. Took her in at 8 AM and told those in charge that it was time for a dressing change on her tumor. Went back at 8 PM and it STILL hadn't been changed. Oh, and while I was there an aide came to refill the H2O on her oxygen machine. She came back a few minutes later and said, "Oh no! I put the wrong liquid in!" She had put some CHEMICAL in instead of the water!


The time before that was to visit a friend who had been suffering for months with blood clots. She finally went to a different hospital and found out they had had her on a maintanence dose of Cumadin for all these months instead of a clot busting dose.


And of course now there is the risk of all these superbugs in hospitals because they don't wash their hands.


Nope. I don't like doctors and I don't like hospitals. If I break a leg i may go, but for illnesses, I'd rather take my chances on my own.

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Gemini    785

I totally agree with Bartfull.  My blood pressure goes up when I come near a doctor.....the old white coat syndrome.  I never, ever totally trust them except my thyroid doc but I have known her for 25 years and she is a gem.  Haven't met a PCP that I trust.  It all stems from being misdiagnosed by them for 30 years with regards to Celiac.  Too many laughed at me when I mentioned symptoms or told me to seek psychiatric help because there was nothing wrong with my stomach. They really don't like patients who know a lot and ask questions and don't just go along with what they say.  They push far too many meds and do far too many unneeded tests, instead of really listening to people to figure out the problem.  I wouldn't call it fear but disgust and distrust. I have seen them make bad mistakes with people that cost them a lot in health.


I don't think staying away from doctors when you are feeling well is a problem. If you have symptoms of something or are really sick, then that is when it is time to go and seek help but otherwise, I go as little as possible.  My family are always running off to one and they are all on meds and not as healthy as I am. Exercise and healthy eating go a long way to staying well. My grandparents generation didn't go to doctors that much and they all lived to be very old. The AMA have people convinced today that you can't get 10 miles down the road without monitoring by your doctor....I don't know when that happened but it's obnoxious.

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Adalaide    361

I am afraid of needles. Every time I have my blood drawn I sit there waiting, fine, until they are tying that thing on my arm. I'll start breathing really shallow and fast. Then they stick the needle in me and I just stop breathing. It isn't on purpose, it just happens. Eventually I suppose I start turning colors because I get told to breathe.


I do a similar thing with my blood pressure. They are obsessed with doing my blood pressure on my left arm. (Which would be the one that has begun to be affected by CRPS.) I start to be borderline hyperventilating before they even start. By the time the thing is at full pressure I usually start to hold my breath because it is the only thing stopping me from either crying, ripping that cursed thing off my arm or screaming at the nurse. This though isn't accidental, it is entirely intentional. I have vowed since the last time that I will never again have my blood pressure measured on my left arm. If they don't like that they can, in plain English, go pound sand.


I also hate doctors. This isn't a fear or phobia, I just plain hate them. I am quite sure that 97% (conservative estimate based on personal experience) of them are complete and utter morons and beyond incompetent and have no business having graduated medical school or practicing medicine. I suppose I don't just pin this on doctors, but on the medical profession as a whole. When my husband had surgery right after we were married he kept testing and testing and testing but no matter what he did or how much he corrected with insulin he kept coming up between 300 and 500 on his blood sugar. I asked several nurses throughout the afternoon if they were SURE that his IV was JUST a saline solution. They checked his chart and yup, that was it. One even checked the bag. Fed up I eventually got up and read the bag. It had *$#&@% glucose in it!!!! What kind of dips$#& puts a diabetic who is allowed solid foods on a glucose IV?! I'm just glad that we had told them up front that he would manage his own insulin while he was hospitalized. (He doesn't trust some moron to do it and I don't blame him.) We were billed for THEIR insulin which we straightened out later, but we were billed thousands of dollars for less than what uninsured at the pharmacy is a $300 vial. That is just the tip of the moronic doctor iceberg for me.

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IrishHeart    1,633

I'm with Barty, Gem and Addy--

Hospitals and  doctors. I lost respect for them. You all know my opinion of them, so I will not belabor it.

I do not have phobias about them, just a healthy disrespect.


I do admit...I have a "thing" about heights. I think it was because of the vertigo I had from celiac, maybe?






oh....and clowns...what's up with those??? :ph34r:

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Adalaide    361

I used to have a thing about heights. Then for a summer I lived with my dad on the farm as an adult and I had a choice between packing my few belongings and leaving and being homeless.... or painting the tin roofs. I painted. Every. Tin. Roof. On that farm. There were 4 in total. (I think, maybe it was 5.) That fixed my wagon right up. Besides, if we really face the truth of it, it isn't the being up high that is scary. Or the falling. It is the sudden stop at the bottom.  :lol: This is why I don't skydive. I am quite sure it is a blast... until your parachute doesn't open. I'm not even afraid of dying, I'm afraid of living through that. I still can't fathom why on earth someone would jump out of a perfectly good airplane. 

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    • Ok so is this really true?!?! Conventional? Remember, the fecal transplant was first described in the 1950s, but took decades to catch on as a conventional treatment for gut disorders, such as c-dif bacteria, partly because it was seen as crude and somehow objectionable. But it proved to work. Really well. So much so that it's now a fairly conventional treatment.
    • You are super sweet. I'm sorry your extended family isn't great about get togethers and cards. My family is the same. Once my parents died I don't have anyone who really cares about me except for my husband and kids. My parents started getting really weird about stuff as they got older, and my sisters are way older than me and we didn't grow up together, so we aren't close at all. In fact one sister hates me. They didn't even come to our parents funerals. Families pretty much suck so you gotta appreciate whatever you can put together for a support system. I come here every day looking for a smile or laugh, an encouraging word, or an opportunity to give advice. You guys are definitely part of my extended family   for what it's worth I would be up for secret santa.
    • Wow everyone my memory lane stuff just keeps popping up on this forum!!!! Thanks for sharing the post op and Audrey the pic. I had what looked like this on my inner left ankle in my late 20's!  It never got diagnosed at the time. I was seeing Dr's at time early pregnancy and then missed miscarriage.  dr's I had at the time I asked didn't know what it was. Period of time I had some of the worst headaches of my life etc. I didn't know if I had been bitten by a spider (brown recluse not in my area though) , the miscarriage, or picked up something from the hospital during my follow up miscarriage stuff-stirrup /ankle. I don't have a pic of it to share. Dr's didn't know, my mom a nurse didn't know , that left my husband who is a bit more holistic based and helped me on healing it  at home. I am really shocked to see see posts and all too often say wow! That's my .... from whatever decade  I'm newly recognized/diagnosed too so this was 15 years ago! wow if any one has any active pg I wish you comfort and swift healing . Been there but didn't have the puzzle piece until you gave it to me now. so many puzzle pieces....finally .....start making an image since I joined this forum.    
    • I can guarantee you that once you get your weight back up to normal, your period will come back.  You sound really malnourished and if your weight gets too low, your periods will stop.  Don't panic.......I was down to about 92-94 pounds at diagnosis so you will be able to heal if you do the diet correctly and don't cheat. Once you start to feel better and your other problems are under control , you will find it easy to stick to the diet. Nothing beats health!  Good luck to you!
    • As the other's have stated, you most certainly can go on to have additional AI diseases whether or not you are Celiac or NCGS.  Many AI diseases can be figured out without mainstream testing, as you know from your severe symptoms of Sjogren's.  I also have Sjogren's and knew that I did without any doubt because of the severity of my symptoms.  I was later tested with a new PCP and yes, they confirmed what I already knew.  Have you had the blood work for Sjogren's?  Not that it matters because you already know. As Sjogren's really has no treatment other than treating the symptoms, having a confirmed diagnosis doesn't always matter.  Just see the doctors you need to see for the specific problems you have stemming from it and that's all you can really do.  So far, it has worked for me.
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