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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Migraines And Sinus Headaches

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Smylinacha    2

Yesterday was my endoscopy. I was eating heavy gluten for a week and starting last Monday I have had migraines and sinus pressure really bad. Went off the gluten today. Whether I have celiac or not, I know I feel better gluten free. Just today my rashes disappeared. But the migraine and sinus pressure is still there.....to the point where I had to go to bed this afternoon, after doing a Nettie pot, taking a fioricet and ice packs. Just took my second fioricet now. Anyone with migraines and when will it subside? I don't remember having them this bad.Do I still have gluten in my system that has to leave? Last two plus months have been bliss with no headaches whatsoever until I glutened up this week. I am not talking a piece of bread a day, EVERY meal was loaded with gluten last week.

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EmiPark210    5

You probably still have gluten in your system, if headaches/migraines are one of your recognizable symptoms. It take most people a couple days to flush things out and be back to normal. For me it can be as little as 40 hours but up to 60ish until I stop feeling the effects of gluten. 


But do you know about your reaction to any sort of anesthesia? I remember from previous surgeries (4 in the past 4 years) that my body feels sore for a while after. Make sure you're drinking plenty of water. 


Hope it clears up soon. 

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Smylinacha    2

I have no reactions with anesthesia. Actually when I get put under they have to give me a lot to keep me under. After the twilight I left after my husband brought me home and went shopping. I am taking Musinex D right now which is helping. I am better today....stabbing migraine is just a dull ache now but I am irritable and depressed. Been sick 3 days of my 4 day weekend and the weather still sucks. When I eat gluten and don't feel well I want to pack my bags and get away. Guess I have more gluten in me that has to leave my system. My last day off tomorrow and I better feel better.

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    • I'm confused. You don't have celiac? Have you had a blood test or biopsy? Have you been diagnosed with DH?  What were you diagnosed with 9 years ago? If it was celiac or DH why have you only been gluten-free for 6 months? We need a better picture of what's going on here to help you more successfully.
    • Okay good point. I did not know that about ketosis. Thanks for educating me.  
    • Okay good point. I did not know that about ketosis. Thanks for educating me. 
    • Enzyme Latiglutenase improves symptoms in some celiac patients, but which ones? Enzymes have shown some promise for treating celiac symptoms, but so far none has to improve histology or symptoms in celiac patients. There are currently several efforts underway to develop successful commercial enzyme treatments for celiac disease. Efforts include looking at the digestive enzymes in plants, such as the papaya and star fruits, including such predatory plants, such as the pitcher plant. View the full article
    • I am confused too.  I appears that your blood panel was indeterminate, but that your NP had you on a grain free diet for five weeks prior.  You went back on gluten for two weeks (recommendation is 2 to 4) for the endoscopy.  Maybe it was not enough time for your antibodies to build up and start attacking your small intestine.   Doctors can not say for sure that two weeks is enough.  Probably for most, but maybe not all.  I say this because I never even test positively on the TTG and EMA EVER (but my biopsies proved otherwise and my anemia resolved forever on the gluten free diet).  The number of biopsies taken (6 or more recommended) and the location should be determined.  I would ask for all medical and lab reports.    I think a second GI consult might be prudent.   Your symptoms?  If you have celiac disease it can take a few MONTHS to feel better.  Why?  Most often mistakes are made in the diet.  It happens.  There is a steep learning curve.  It flat out just takes time to heal.  I think most members will tell you that healing does not happen that fast even though science tells us that villi regenerates in just a few days.   There is usually a lot of collateral damage. Finally, something is wrong.  Maybe it is NOT celiac disease.  I though for sure my niece had it, but Crohn's was found instead on a pill camera.  She had consulted with four GIs!!!!  Maybe it is NCGI which is determined after celiac disease has been ruled out.  Then a gluten-free diet is in order to resolve the NCGI (Non celiac gluten intolerance or whatever they are calling it now.   So, keep advocating for your health.
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