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Study For Vaccine.......help

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valeriek    0


I have not been on for a long time so I am hoping you all can help me.

I have a chance to do a study for a vaccine so I can eat normal again. I was diagnosed with blood and endoscopy. I really didn't have any symptoms. I found out by accident in 09 and have been gluten-free since.

Any way....this study is for a vaccine and I would have to eat gluten cookies every other day for 4 days, then get a vaccine. Thats pretty much the gist of it. ......I think. And I get $800.00 for doing it.

Can any one please tell me if this is a bad thing to do or safe or unsafe.

Thank you so much for reading.


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GottaSki    459

In my opinion - this is your call.

For me - there is no amount of money that will make me regularly consume gluten - hmmm - perhaps there is a figure - but I think it would involve three or more decimal places ;)

Edited to add: Unsafe gets my vote.

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Gemini    785

I agree with GottaSki.......I personally would not do it but I have horrible symptoms when glutened.  You have been gluten-free for a while so if you decided to take part in this, you might end up really sick because people tend to become more sensitive the longer they are gluten free.  You will be damaging your intestines to a point so please take that into consideration and don't do it just for the money.  If you do, I wish you the best of luck with everything!


I have one question for you.....do you think Celiacs do not eat normally?  ;):)

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Pegleg84    50

My vote would also be no, but it is up to you.

I'd be interested in seeing details of the study? Who is running it? What is the "vaccine" expected to do? (there's been plenty of debate over whether or not a true return to eating gluten is possible, even with drug treatment) Is the risk of weeks/months of being sick worth $800?

There's a lot of questions and a lot of risks there, so do make your choice carefully.

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I would want to know if it offers immunity from effects of eating gluten (unlikely) or what they expect the results to be for you. I would be extra wary if there was no follow up testing in the months after to establish if it has 'worked'. Would it be one off or need repeating? Are they early or late stage trials? How many humans have been tested, with what results? Will one group receive a placebo?

Sounds like you need to know a lot more before agreeing.

Would I do it? No chance.

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Ollie's Mom    29

Ummm... Why are you supposed to eat gluten, and THEN get the "vaccine"? How is that supposed to work? That's like getting the measles vaccine after you've already had the measles??

I wouldn't do it.

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kareng    1,992

I say go for it, if you want. Someone has to test new meds.

I would make sure you really understand what you must do and what the follow- up is. It sounds like you don't really know enough to make a good decision. I'm assuming its a reputable medical center conducting it? Make sure they will give you treatment, at no cost to you, if something goes wrong. What your compensation is if you want to stop. What possible side- effects they have identified, etc. There are actual legal protocols in the US for drug/ medical testing. It is irresponsible for them to accept you into a study with the understanding of the testing you have written here.

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    • Sometimes this happens, odd as it might be, you have to be eating gluten for the test first off daily. We call it a gluten challenge. Second some people due test negative on the blood test but can have celiac which is why we consider the endoscope and biopsy the golden standard. Also the gluten test back when you had it done previously was much less accurate then it is now days or at least it seems.  Do you have your numbers? We have had many cases where the doctor said it was negative...and the idiot could obviously not read the test cause when member posted their lab forms we can see it obviously positive. What ever the case we know what the issue is now and your on your way to getting better. Unlike most AI disease we know the cure and fix for celiac is a strict gluten free diet. So you can now begin you road to healing......and yeah I know that feeling of finding out the nerve issues....sadly nerve damage is VERY slow to heal unlike gut damage. But it has it's odd messed up benefits, I have most coordination back but it comes and goes in waves. Funny thing, I can grab stuff out of the oven or burn myself and the reaction to it delayed or non existent pain wise. So they do not bother me. I can cut my hand and go "oh look I should super glue that back together" without the pain, I just logically deal with it and do not have much panic or pain unless it is VERY deep.
    • This has been my life for the past three years! Oh man! I have had every muscle and nerve test known to man and...nothing. The doctors finally stopped trying and just referred me for cognitive behavior therapy.  I'm still confused about the negative blood test though?
    • Thank you @Megamaniac - I don't hear about chest tightness as a symptom of being glutened, so it's good to hear of someone else. My current symptoms aren't bad, just annoying. It's hard to tell if it's anxiety tightening my chest, or something else. But since it's only been happening since I ate that damn tortilla, my guess is it's gluten-related. My doctor made me have an echocardiogram and stress test to rule out cardiac issues before he would do the endoscopy (this was a couple of years ago). I learned that telling a doctor "my chest tightness gets worse when I walk up a hill" makes everything else grind to a hart until the heart gets checked out!
    • They use the same fryers for everything, so the fresh fried corn tortilla chips are gluten contaminated when they get dropped in the fryers.....
    • Yes, gluten ataxia is one form where it effects your brain and nervous system. I lose feelings in my hands and feet, have all kinds of muscle issues when even traces get introduced via CC or walking through the bakery section of the grocery store -_ - Last time I got glutened at a restaurant back in 2016 I got home and lost full motor control and collapsed on the floor and started vomiting unable to move my body.

      Your veggie issues made me think of a few other things. I can not eat those veggies in the produce section, they put some kind of veggie wax on them that makes me vomit no matter what, makes a waxy film in my stomach and they float.....I have to buy farmers market fresh, or canned no salt (del monte canned no salt spinach is my number 1 vitamin a and k staple in omelettes) Other members have issues with glyphosate and have to have organic produce that is not treated on the farm with these chemicals. Some members develop histamine response issues so foods are limited by histamine number and how they are prepared. Just a few things to consider. UPDATE I suggest supplementation to deal with those nerve issues. Celiac causes issues with b-vitamins, magnesium and a bunch of others. So supplementation works wonders. Here are my suggestions Liquid Health Stress & Energy + Liquid Health Neurological Support 1 tbsp each 3 times a day in a beverage like tea.] Either Doctors Best Magnesium or Natural Vitality Calm. If you have constipation issues calm is suggested. Note start off small dose like 1/4 tsp slowly raise the dose to the full amount. Some of use need more or less, depending on activity levels etc.
        Liquid Health Vitamin D drops might be needed, some of use have issues with this also.
        We suggest starting off eating whole foods only, dropping dairy and oats (some of us react to oats just like gluten). You can try introducing processed gluten free foods later.
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