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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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In N Out

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I know people have talked about In N Out before. I know the general consensus is that they are safe, maybe don't eat the grilled onions. I did contact them a while back about soy, just to make sure I could still eat there. I wanted to be sure what kind of oil they used in their fryers and what was in their shakes. Turns out I can still eat whatever I want there. :D (My issue with soy may differ mildly from yours, so your mileage may vary, I am not saying there is literally no soy in any products at all.)


So yesterday we were out running errands all afternoon and happened to be on coarse to drive by. I have been whining for weeks about how I want a burger and shake. So I whined again. This time it worked since we happened to be at the right end of town. I was so astounded by my experience that I had to share.


I ordered my burger, then my husband was ordering. Suddenly I was like omg, I forgot no condiments!!! So, I told her to make mine without any condiments. She was like okay.... you sure? So, while convinced that I will that "that look" that we all know, the one that says this lady is off her rocker, I just said I couldn't have them because they dip the spatula in the condiments then put them on the buns and it isn't safe for me. She was like oh, that isn't a big deal I can't have gluten either and I trained the whole store and they'll use squeeze bottles. She explained how she trained them not to screw up the grilled onions too and how they all thought she was crazy when she explained it to them. Kinda like how I thought she would look at me. :lol:


So, now I know that not only can I eat there, but I have a store in my city where someone who has celiac or some sort of gluten issue laid down the law on CC issues. How freaking cool is that? B)


(On a totally unrelated topic, she is also working on an online gluten-free bakery. When it opens I'm going to make sure everyone here knows about it. This girl really gets it.)





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That's awesome. We found a licorice store near us that has gluten free licorice, and makes their own gluten-free waffles, the grind their own flour! It's so nice when you find somewhere safe. We found a 100% gluten-free bakery, everything made from scratching their store, the look on my 4 yr olds face when I said pick what you want, of course being her she choose the cheese bread with extra cheese!


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Nice! Our local In n Out has never let me down either. I always get the sauce on the side in little packets just to be sure though. It's one of only two of three places where I know I can eat safely.


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    • Hi Jmg, Thanks for the upbeat reply and all the info! I'm gonna chase this up and either rule it in or rule or out. Unfortunately I've missed the boat as far as adding the celiac panels to blood test goes this time round as it's scheduled for early this Tue however! I have just gone and splashed out on the biocard home-test... I'm thinking trying it out will be beneficial either way as extra ammo before docs appointment.  Have you - or anyone else - much experience on the accuracy of such a test? My understanding is that they have generally good reviews but not sure I'm convinced. http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/540961 Jen
    • We've done bloodwork again, not everything is back yet, but so far all except for that same one are normal. 
    • I was wondering if anyone could assist me in sore throat remedies. Cough drops? Teas? I am gargling with salt water but wanted something else. Anything gluten free obviously. Thanks. 
    • Over the last 1.5 years I have had a rash that will not go away.  The rash is around the neck, hairline on the front of my head, the back of my scalp, elbows, knees, shins, parts of my ankle, and buttock.  The rash seem to get very itchy during the evening.  I did have a skin biopsy completed and blood tests last year and they came back negative.   I was on oral steroids when I had the test would this possible skew the results? Also its seems the body parts that are exposed to the sun seem to have the rash. Some Pictures
    • Yes the first has wheat gluten in the ingredients, the second via the wheat flour. Here in the UK manufacturers HAVE to highlight gluten sources. Check the ingredients and if WHEAT, BARLEY, or RYE are mentioned *usually highlighted, italicised or underlined, then you will know there's gluten. Most of iceland's processed foods will probably be gluten filled to be honest. Any breadcrumbed or battered foods for instance.  Ps, you and me both have another disease, the british one of apologising  You don't need to, you're very welcome here and all of your questions are valid and understandable. It's going to get better  
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