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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Hello - New Member Introduction

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Hello Forum Members,


I'd like to introduce myself... :)


I've been coming to the forum for about 2 months to learn about the tests.

I saw I wasn't the only one who was puzzled...thank you for all the information.

It is amazing how little doctors know in contrast to you all.


I don't know where to start but here it goes...  (sorry for the long intro)


As a kid I had the chronic D, I was underweight and sickly.

I had a colonoscopy at around 12 years old; the gastro-doctor found nothing.

In my 20's I controled the dreaded D by eating cheeze.

At 30 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.


In 2010 my fibromyalgia got really bad.

That year, I kept hearing on TV that the gluten free diet helped people with chronic pain and fatigue.

So in October 2010 I went gluten free.

Of course there was a learning curve of a few months.


After about 2 weeks of going gluten free my pain and fatigue vanished.

I was in hyper mode with insomnia, and I had so much energy that able to exercise and lose weight.


About a month after going gluten free, I went to see my doctor much thinner.

She didn't want me to get the Celiac blood tests but she told me to stay on the gluten free diet.

In retrospect this was the worse medical advice I received.


After seeing her,  I read 2 library books on Celiac and everything I read made sense from childhood D, having been underweight, dental enamel defects, and as an adult: broken foot bones, kidney stones, fatty liver, neurological problems, Lactose intolerance. :blink:


During my gluten free period of 2 years, my pain returned on and off and quite hard. At first I was was phoning companies to find out if they were putting gluten in their food but later I was eating only produce and cheeze, meat, eggs.

I got my carbs from rice and potatoes.

Then I noticed that beans and lentils gave me pain so that got me thinking.


The doctor that didn't want to test me for Celiac had moved and I found a better doctor by chance. Eventually the new doctor agreed to have me tested with a Celiac blood test or a food intolerance test.

But I procastinated another year as I was so afraid of even having even more pain if I returned to eating bread-gluten.


In December 2012 I did a tTG blood test - it was negative.


I did an IgG food intolerance panel in January 2013.

The IgG food intolerance test showed several foods that I was intolerant to such as Wheat (very high), Casein, Eggs, Peas and several others.


Months ago my doctor booked to see a gastroenterologist (which I'm seeing next week)  to check several issues as some auto immune problems are a reflection of what is happening in the gut.

While on the long waiting list, I continued to eat bread daily and with daily pain cranking up after January.

I stopped the eggs and the cheeze so the bread must be the cause of my pain.


I will need to see a Rheumatologist to re-evaluate my fibromyalgia as my PCP and an Internist suspects it developed into something worse but as others have said on this forum, I'd rather solve the problem by finding the food cause vs just taking pills.


I did the Celiac panel last week and got the disapointing results yesterday.

I'm listing the results below and I welcome some of your expert opinions...

Thank you for reading this far.




Gluten challenge:


October 2010 to November 2012            gluten free


November 6 to December 6 - 2012         about 4 slices of bread / daily

December and January                          2 slices daily

February                                                2 to 6 slices daily

March                                                     4 to 6 slices daily

up to April 18                                         10 slices daily                   


(yes I gained weight)




December 6 - 2012

                                                            result            reference range


Total IgA :                                             0.92              0.69  - 3.82   g/L


Tissue Transglutaminase IgA AB             1                  < 4.0 ku/L     negative

                                                                                     4 to 10 kU/L weak pos.

                                                                                     > 10 ku/L      positive




January 2013                    IgG food intolerance test:


Wheat                               59      (Elevated when >30 U/ml)




April 18 - 2013                  (done at a different lab than the first time)



                                                   result            reference range


Total IgA:                                     0.83              0.69  - 3.82 g/L      


Transglutaminase    IgA AB           2.2               < 10 U/mL

Deaminated Gliadin  IgA                0.6               < 10 U/mL

Deaminated Gliadin  IgG               2.5               < 10 U/mL




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Looks like you were eating plenty of gluten for 5 months.  You may have non-Celiac gluten intolerance if you have a good result off gluten.  Unfortunately, there are no medical tests for it.








"Can I be screened for non-celiac gluten sensitivity?

There are no tests to diagnose non-celiac gluten sensitivity at this time. Which means, no research has been through a scientific, evidence-based, peer-reviewed study that proves what some labs claim as a way to detect non-celiac gluten sensitivity"







"Can the Elisa IgG food panel detect gluten sensitivity?

No, it can’t. In fact, it can’t detect any form of food allergy or intolerance."


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I had good success with my Igg tests which I had recently.  I am eating only what tested negative too, and things I wasn't tested on.  For example,  I had never eaten and was never tested for lamb, so I took up eating that.  For 6 weeks, I am avoiding all food that I had a low level of  antibodies too.  After that I will add a food that I had a low level of intolerance to every four day and watch for any problems to appear.  There were foods I had more antibodies to and those I will be avoiding for longer, or never eating again.  Do you have such a plan for your food intolerance tests?


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Thank you for that information Kareng.

I was worried I hadn't eaten enough gluten as I was gluten free for 2 years and I never cheated.






Hello 1desperateladysaved,


Yes I'm quite happy about doing the IgG food intolerance test too.

There were foods that I liked and dreaded might turn up like eggs and cheeze.

Those are good gluten free snacks like we don’t have enough restrictions.

Cheeze was a handy protein snack when I'd go out.


Before the test I ate a bigger variety of foods to know which foods I can eat when the ones I regularly ate would test positive.


One that tested positive that I would never have guessed in a million years were peas.
The test was right about Red Kidney beans which became a staple months after I went gluten free and in retrospect were causing me a lot of fibro aching.

However the test says Lentils and Peanuts are ok and like you, I will have to retest those as they were a big suspect in the past.



The pamphlet that came with the test results said to cut out the positive foods for at least 3 months.

I ended up cutting out the cheeze and the eggs (my favourites).

And what a difference cutting out the cheeze makes… I can breathe at night.


Since cutting out those 2 big ones the pain isn't the same.

I'm still on the gluten-wheat and it's more my shoulders and arms that hurt.

Lower back and hips are less often.


The yellow zoned foods that I cheated with are oranges and purple cabbage.

Foods that I tested negative for but suspect and didn’t test properly are peanuts.


Right now my big concern is diagnosing the Celiacs vs gluten sensitivity.

When I cut out the wheat and gluten completely, I will be able to reintroduce them one per month starting with the peanuts, then the lentils seperatly.

Then the yellow zoned foods. I might test the eggs that are in the red zone.


Apparently some of these positive foods, if you eat it once a week, it's ok, just not everyday.

So if you eat lamb every day every week, you can end up intolerant to lamb too.


Good luck at finding the right foods that work for you.

Edited by Deaminated Marcus

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    • If eating carbs before bed this could be the issues, your system slows at night while you sleep, carb are processed more slowly going through your gut while your lying down. There is a chance your gut bacteria could be getting a bit more active and processing them, fermenting, or just breaking them down producing gas, enzymes, etc. Not moving so much in your sleep to keep stuff a bit more mobile could lead to irritation, gas bubbles, etc. NOTE this is all just guessing.  You could be snacking on something that contains gluten or is CCed. Or it could be something else, My suggestion is try fasting and sleeping or just having a bit of plain protein or a glass of almond milk before bed.  I personally take a protein powder before bed. Wish you luck.
    • Hi FBMB, Please join the club of people who didn't recover in 5 minutes.  We have a lot of members and they all pay dues!  Your dues are an extended course in patience.  Dues are paid daily for an indeterminate time. There was a study a while back of children on the gluten-free diet.  A good precentage of them had not totally healed after 18 months on the gluten-free diet.  Some had though.  Maybe some smart person will post a link to that study. I suggest you change your snacking habits.  Try something different to snack on.  I know I had trouble with popcorn early in the gluten-free diet.  It is hard to digest.  Whole corn is hard to digest for most people.  That's why they make hominy.  You may be able to eat popcorn later on.  Also consider what  you are eating at all times.  Your symptoms can be delayed by hours perhaps. Fairly often we compare the recovery process to a rollercoaster ride.  There can be ups and downs in an apparently illogical manner.   The good news is you really are sick, so you are not a hypchondriac anymore! Now lets see, you are eating cereal, which is a refined carb generally, and hard for our messed up guts and flora to handle.  What other processed foods are you eating?  If you put all the processed foods you are eating in a pile on the kitchen counter, is it bigger than the pile of whole foods you are eating? Recovery from celiac disease is all about diet, gut flora, and patience.   Maybe a few vitamins thrown in here and there.   The tricky things are additional food intolerances that might crop up.  They can be confusing and cause many symptoms themselves.  The way to find them is with an elimination diet.  Put on your thinking cap and start investigating your diet.  Remember processed foods are your enemy.
    • Hi guys! I messaged cyclinglady yesterday but thought of reaching out to all of you for some support. I'm almost 5 months into this thing. My stomach is better. I rarely feel bloated. I rarely have any stomach pain at all. It wasn't terrible before, but I definitely notice a difference now. I'm about 15 lbs lighter. I don't look pregnant when I go to bed. That said, I'm not 100% and I notice that I have good days and iffy days. For the past week or so I have noticed that my belly is kinda off in the mornings. Loose stool mostly. It's formed, but not ideal. But if I go in the afternoon it's usually totally fine. First I was panicked about refractory, but cyclinglady talked me off that cliff. My TTG-iga went from >100 to 12 in 2 months. But I was worried that somehow my body quit responding to my diet. But I think that's highly unlikely and that I'm being a little dramatic. I'm trying to figure out why my digestion seems wonky overnight. I snack at night. Gluten free but I do snack. Sometimes I'll have a bowl of cereal. Usually I have popcorn. And I'm wondering if the popcorn is doing it. Seems like a high fiber dinner or snack makes me funny. I don't know. Nothing seems consistent because it's on and off. is this normal? I expect to feel 100%. I feel 100% in the afternoon. But my overnight digestion isn't. Why? Am I still healing? Does it take a while? I went gluten free on November 8. Am I being too impatient? I'll have my TTG iga checked again in July and I'm not going sooner. I'm a hypochondriac (for real) and I don't need to go down that spiral again. Been there too many times. i would think if it were gluten or my celiac I would feel "off" all day, or i would experience loose stools at other times than just in the morning. And I don't. So maybe it's something I'm doing at night. I just can't figure out what because it's not consistent. And sometimes when I eat popcorn, for example, I'm ok. Then when I don't, I'm not. So strange.  Regardless, I'm frustrated.
    • and yes I i get my blood checked once a month  and it has been fine.. 
    • I have been on gluten free diet now for a year in april but still break out all the time..  so from what I am reading  you have to have Celiac to have DH correct . why are these drs telling me different ...  I dont know what to do
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